Friday, August 29, 2008

Vice President Palin? Now, That is REAL Change!

Conservatives and mainstream Republicans, one and all, received a pleasant surprise when Presidential hopeful John McCain announced his running mate this morning. Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is going to keep the hopes of a woman in the White House alive for voters in 2008. As for conservatives, worried about the auspices of an ultra-liberal like Barak Obama becoming our next President....

They’re beyond ecstatic,” said Ralph Reed, the former head of the Christian Coalition. “This is a home run. She is a reformer governor who is solidly pro-life and a person of deep Christian faith. And she is really one of the bright shining new stars in the Republican firmament.

The forty-four year old Palin is known to conservatives for choosing not to have an abortion after learning that she was carrying a child with Down syndrome. “It is almost impossible to exaggerate how important that is to the conservative faith community,” Mr. Reed said.

Ms. Palin, a former mayor of the small town of Wasilla, an Anchorage suburb, mother of five and one-time beauty pageant queen, first rose to prominence as a whistle-blower uncovering ethical misconduct in state government.

As she was introduced by Senator McCain this morning, Ms. Palin praised the achievement of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, who lost a long and bitter primary race against Senator Obama, saying that she had left “18 million cracks” in the highest glass ceiling in the land. Then, making an explicit appeal to Ms. Clinton’s disappointed supporters, she said, “It turns out that the women in America aren’t finished yet, and we can shatter that glass ceiling.

Personally, I'm glad to know that a true, pro-life Christian woman is going to be part of the Presidential election process. Her influence will be needed as our next President is sure to select at least two Supreme Court justices -- a decision that will positively or adversely affect every person in this nation. Vice President Palin? Now, that is REAL change!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sending the 'Very Best'? - Hallmark Introduces New Line of Cards for Gay Marriage

Hot on the heels of the California Supreme Court decision to allow same- sex "marriage," Hallmark Cards is cravenly introducing a new line of greetings cards celebrating "gay marriage." Playing it safe with generalized images such as two tuxedos and taglines like "one promise, two hearts," there is no mention of the words wedding or marriage. Hallmark can easily market the cards for civil unions and domestic partnerships should the California decision go against them and be overturned in November.

Hallmark prides itself on "quality, innovation and caring." A family-owned business since 1910, Hallmark has grown into the most recognized greeting card chain in the nation. For over 50 years, families have gathered to watch the award winning Hallmark Channel for quality movies based on American values and pro-family principles.

Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America (CWA), said, "Hallmark is jeopardizing its brand as a family-friendly company. Customers used to be able to trust Hallmark to produce quality products that were safe for all ages. Now parents will need to steer their kids from Hallmark's section of the greeting card aisle and away from its previously heartwarming movies for fear that they too will push homosexual messages."

Janice Crouse, Director and Senior Fellow of CWA's Beverly LaHaye Institute, said, "By latching onto the latest fad generated by the homosexual special interest groups, Hallmark is negating its image as a wholesome company that promotes American values and pro-family principles in its products. American businesses have a corporate responsibility to the public that buys their products. Instead of bolstering campaigns by special interest groups like the homosexual activists, corporations like Hallmark should be protecting American culture from those forces that would destroy the family and create a public environment that is detrimental to general well- being, especially children's well-being."

Concerned Women for America is the nation's largest public policy women's organization.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

National Black Pro-Life Union Calls Obama A Liar -- Has Proof!

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The following is submitted by Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-Life Union, commenting on Barack Obama's opposing the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.

There has been much talk about Barack Obama's vote against Illinois' Born Alive Infants Protection Act that would protect babies who survived abortion.

It's hard to believe that this man, who wants to hold the highest office in this land, would not only oppose legislation to protect children born alive, but would then lie about it for 4 years stating that he didn't oppose it.

For four years, Mr. Obama misrepresented his vote, saying that the bill he opposed in the Illinois State Senate was different from the bill that was passed by the U.S. Senate and signed into law by President Bush. However, the National Right to Life Committee has produced documents that confirm the two bills were exactly the same.

So, Mr. Obama lied...big time!

The identical legislation to protect babies who survive abortion was passed by the U.S. Senate overwhelmingly (before Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate) by a vote of 98-0, which means that even the most adamant pro-abortion Senators did not oppose it. Even NARAL was neutral on this bill, which goes to say that Barack Obama is far more extreme than anyone else on this issue.

Let's understand what opposing this important legislation means. Suppose that a woman goes to an abortion facility for an abortion and by some blessing the child survives--alive. Barack Obama has voted that the abortionist, medical staff, and anyone else in the room should stand by and watch the child die a horrible death -- gasping for air -- without lifting a finger to help him or her. There are also cases where completely delivered living babies were suffocated or strangled to death.

Barack Obama is an extremist who, in supporting what amounts to infanticide, would like to see all of us stand idle--twiddling our thumbs as unplanned children, who are born alive, die this terrible death.

We must realize this is definitely part of Mr. Obama's plan for America. But it is definitely not mine. In my America, all voices shout, "NO WE CAN'T!" "NO WE WON'T!"

The Sope-Bocks has reported before -- Barack Hussein Obama is THE MOST EXTREME LIBERAL Senator in the US Congress. It has been demonstrated MANY times that he is a liar and cannot be trusted. This is not a black and white thing. It's a character issue. It's an integrity issue. Barack Obama cannot be trusted with the White House, near-future Supreme Court Justice nominations nor with the nuclear codes. He is NOT a trustworthy man -- nor is his wife, Michelle, a person of high character (as heard in her "Claire Huxstable" speech at the Democratic National Convention).

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama is destroying the work of Dr. King!

Finally, a black pastor who is not suckered by Barack Hussein Obama. That is not a racist statement, but one of my own observation. I've seen so very few blacks who dare challenge the direction in which Barack Obama will take our country.

The Reverend James Manning is calling on a boycott of CNN, Oprah Winfrey, the NY Times, ABC, CBS and NBC. He is also calling blacks to stop all giving to the NAACP -- singularly because it supports fascists -- in the form of Barack Obama. Reverend Manning is serious -- and makes some excellent points. Listen to his words with an open mind! If you believe his calls for boycott will awaken the black community, then please pass a link to the website (or this blog post) along. If I say something against Obama, I'm called a bigot. But, if someone respected in the black community, such as Reverend Manning, says the same thing -- he is heard. So, let him be heard!

"Obama is destroying the work of Dr. King!"
YouTube Video on the website:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bigfoot Hoaxsters Can't Be Found -- Just Like the "Real" Bigfoot

As predicted on The Sope-Bocks and other blogs, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer of and Bigfoot Global LLC are officially in hot water for his part in the Georgia Bigfoot hoax. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports,

The two Atlanta men who stood up at a news conference in California last week and tried to convince the world they had found Bigfoot now apparently can’t be located — just like the real Bigfoot.

Searching for Bigfoot Inc., the California outfit that paid an undisclosed sum to Whitton and Dyer for rights to their story and their find, says the pair checked out of the hotel where they had been put up over the weekend.

According to a news release on Searching for Bigfoot’s Web site, the whole scam unraveled when a block of ice containing the “body” melted over the weekend. Whitton and Dyer later confessed that it was just a costume, according to the release.

Why the two Georgians contrived the cross-country con isn’t clear. What is certain is that Whitton, 28, on medical leave after being shot in the wrist by a robbery suspect earlier this year, won’t be going back to work at the Clayton County Police Department.

As soon as he heard Whitton’s Bigfoot was a big fake, “I terminated him,” said Police Chief Jeffrey Turner said Tuesday. “He’s disgraced himself, he’s an embarrassment to the Clayton County Police Department, his credibility and integrity as an officer is gone, and I have no use for him,” Turner said. “His behavior is unbecoming of that of a police officer.

This turn of events from hero to someone who defrauds a nation is just baffling. I don’t know how he got from one point to the other,” Turner said. The chief said he wants to send Whitton his termination paperwork and get his uniforms back. However, he said, “We haven’t been able to get in touch with him.

Chief Turner did the right thing in firing Matthew Whitton. Now, I wonder about the consequences that will be levied on Big Foot Towing and Auto Wholesale Ga. (Rick Dyer's car & parts sales business). Only time will tell. Keep an eye out for orange jumpsuits in this pair's future.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Georgia Bigfoot Really a Hoax -- Gorilla Suit

The Sope-Bocks predicted (on Sunday) that 14 minutes of Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer's "15 minutes of fame" were over. Today, we found out that all fifteen minutes of fame for the two hoaxsters are over. Well, except for the possible photos of them in orange jumpsuits, flip-flops and shackles.

The website, owned by Bigfoot hunter Tom Biscardi, today carried the words of Steve Kulls, who is apparently the Executive Director of something called Mr. Kulls was invited to be a witness to the thawing of the captured cadaver. In the end, the Georgia Bigfoot turned out to be a gorilla suit -- pretty much a Halloween costume.

Personally, I'm not altogether sure that Mr. Biscardi isn't complicit in the hoax. However, I have no proof of that theory.

Mr. Kulls said, "The motives behind this fraud are still unknown at this time. It is still unclear why Whitton who, being a police officer for the Clayton County Police Department in Georgia got up before the world and lied and was complicit in a scheme to defraud in a felonious manner."

Of course, now legal action is threatened. There appears to have been money given to Dyer and Whitton in exchange for the Bigfoot corpse -- um, gorilla suit. Presumably, the backyard freezer was part of the deal, too.

According to Mr. Kulls, "At this time, the victim of this series of deceptions, Searching for Bigfoot, Inc. [Tom Biscardi], is seeking justice for themselves and for all the people who were deceived by this deception. Due to this event, peoples lives have been disrupted... Let us all try to be mindful of such."

It's not clear what actually made the gorilla suit goons come clean. My guess is that websites like BFRO and blogs such as, Bigfoot Researchers' Lunch Club & The Sope-Bocks pulled the rug (pun intended) out from under their rhetoric. They really had no choice but to admit their lies.

I don't wish anyone harm, but I do hope that Matthew Whitton's supervisor on the Clayton County police force asks for his resignation. He has proven himself unfit to be a law enforcement officer. As for Rick Dyer, his business has sketchy reputation -- and he is likely in for some rough times due to his part in the lies regarding the Georgia Bigfoot.

Lastly, I hope no one actually remitted payment to Bigfoot Global LLC for the promised Bigfoot expeditions. If so, those customers are probably never going to see their $499.00 again. It's gonna be used to post bond.

Unless there is some other compelling reason to continue this story, The Sope-Bocks has finished reporting this story. It's time to get back to things that really matter to all of us.
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Georgia Bigfoot Update... Nada

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Looks like there's nothing new to report in the Georgia Bigfoot investigation. It seems that Matthew Whitton, Rick Dyer and Tom Biscardi disappeared after their so-called press conference Friday afternoon.

Their 15 minutes of fame are just about over. ... aside from the arrest warrants and court proceedings that may be to come.

Matthew Whitton is probably updating his resume because his law enforcement career is likely over. Who's gonna take him seriously? Can you see him testifying for LE in a court case? Ha!

Ric Dyer (or is it Rick) might need to rethink his career choice, too. Selling used cars and parts is a rather shaky business, in the area of integrity, already. Who's gonna believe anything he has to say about all those cars & parts he sells online?

I wonder how long it will take after a lawsuit or criminal charges are filed -- for the two to turn on each other and the real story comes out. My guess, less than 15 minutes.

One thing I found early on, but never dug deeper, nor reported on, is Ric's YouTube channel. Even though one fan of the so-called Rickmat calls me an idiot for mentioning the contradictions in their YT videos, the evidence of lies in their recent past has spilled over into any serious claims they have for a Bigfoot sighting -- or the corspe in the freezer. At this point, the only reason to believe the owners of Bigfoot Global LLC have a real Bigfoot body is because they said so. The so-called "evidence" is non-existent, at this point.

Maybe we should wait, and reserve judement, until Tom Biscardi assembles "a team of scientists including a molecular biologist, an anthropologist, a paleontologist and other scientists" and the necropsy is complete. BTW, I wonder how many weeks it takes to assemble a team of scientists. After all, Biscardi has supposedly known about the Bigfoot for a couple of weeks now, right? Of course... they have to fly in from Russia. My bad. Oh, and the film team needs to arrive from Arizona before they can start.

In the meantime, how about getting the other five or so people who've seen the Bigfoot carcass to step out and provide some credibility to the claims? Why? Cuz that's not gonna happen. No one with a real life and job is going to risk their career and reputation to back Rick Dyer and Matt Whitton (who is also somehow named Gary Parker).

The VERY least they could do is have a decent photographer take a few pictures of the body and release those. While there would continue to be a lot of disbelief, clear and properly lighted photos would greatly help their case. OR, they could release the entire video of the Bigfoot who "paralleled" them in the forest. But, that's not going to happen either. Why? Because you can't take a convincing picture of a Halloween costume, a rug or a mask.

Yep, the clock is ticking... and it looks like 14 minutes of their 15 of minutes of fame are over.

Friday, August 15, 2008

New Photos of the Georgia Bigfoot - Enhanced

Enhanced photos of the Georgia BigfootJust wanted to offer enhanced versions of the new Georgia Bigfoot photos. These will help you see the details better than the originals posted earlier. The changes are not meant to aid in disproving or proving the claims of Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer. They are only to help you see details of the reported Bigfoot better.Georgia Bigfoot photosFor the record, the original photos are from the AP, courtesy of, the website of Thomas Biscardi.

Georgia Bigfoot mouth shot

New Photos of the Georgia Bigfoot

Bigfoot - also known as Sasquatch in Canada, the Yeti in Asia, Mapinguari in the Amazon, and Yowie in Australia - is a humanoid creature said to wander the wooded wilds of the Pacific Northwest.

According to Matt Whitton, Rick Dyer and Tom Biscardi, what you see here is proof positive that Bigfoot exists -- and they (yes, at least three) live in the mountains of northern Georgia. According to their YouTube videos, they will even take you to "find a live one" (if you have $499.00 and a weekend to spare).

The first was reportedly taken by Whitton or Dyer as they were dragging the 500lb corpse of a dead male Bigfoot out of the woods. It's supposed to show a sasquatch following the small group in the forest. The second picture shows what Biscardi called a closeup of the mouth of the deceased Bigfoot. All of the photos show a copyright for, Tom Biscardi's website.

I've given some time to investigating Matthew Whitton and Ric Dyer, their claims, their business and other associations. At this point, NOTHING gives me much faith in their "evidence". Then again, they "have the body" -- and I have not seen it "in person". So, I guess we'll have to wait for the second series of DNA results, the autopsy (which is promised for next) and the results of the Russian scientists' reports.

Photos by

Tom Biscardi at the Georgia Bigfoot Press Conference

The following is a transcript excerpt of Tom Biscardi's comments from the press conference.

After Whitton was asked about pictures not being released, Tom Biscardi takes over and says, "To their surprise, I've got those photographs here for you guys today. And I will disperse one to each for you. ... We also have one of the body where the tongue and the teeth are up close, so it will prove to you people that this is not a mask."

In his next statements, Biscardi claimed that Whitton and Dyer had reluctantly agreed to pass the photos out to reporters -- adding they (plural -- meaning, Biscardi, Whitton and Dyer) were going to offer the photos (plural) to everyone in the room.

QUESTION: If they had photos to hand out to a gaggle of reporters, how is the statement, "To their surprise I've go those photographs..." a true statement?

Anyway, Tom Biscardi did show and hand out two photos. One can be seen below. Both shots are reportedly far from sharp or high resolution. The second pic is a still shot of what Biscardi claimed is the supposed live creatures following the hikers. I'm trying to get copies of those photos now.

DNA Evidence:
A second round of DNA testing on the remains of a 7-foot-7, 500 pound man-ape they allege to have stumbled upon while hiking in North Georgia is still being completed, they said. Of three samples in a preliminary DNA test, one came back inconclusive, one contained traces of human DNA and one had traces of opossum DNA — probably from something the creature ate, they said.

The Sope-Bocks is on the trail of the Georgia Bigfoot...

Screencaps courtesy of
Photo by AP/Margot

"Interview" with Matthew Whitton of Bigfoot Global LLC - Part Deux

Matthew Whitton"Interview" Part Deux:
The following is a transcript excerpt of Matt Whitton's comments from the press conference -- and my follow-up questions and comments (if I was there):

Matt Whitton:
"...Tom Biscardi and his team and maybe search, at a later date, for some more."
SB: Matt, are you not already selling Bigfoot expeditions on your website? Did you not already report that your next expedition is sold out -- and that it sold out in just two days? Didn't you say the next open expedition is in September? [Reviews video yet again] Yep, that's what you said Matt. Hmm....

Matt Whitton: "At the time we were not looking for a Bigfoot. That's the interesting thing... We wouldn't know what we were doing, if we did it."
SB: Now, that's the first thing you've said that I can believe and righteously quote. Thank you.

Matt Whitton: "Like I said, we were hiking in the woods, deep in the woods. It was actually laying next to a stream... The first thing that pops into your head is, 'Bigfoot" and then you take a step back and you think, you know, that can't be... cuz I didn't believe in Bigfoot at the time."
SB: Mr. Whitton, Matt, Gary... um, haven't you said numerous times that YOU are a Bigfoot tracker -- with years of experience and tens of thousands of dollars invested in hunting Bigfoot? Are you now to have us believe that you have been spending money, investing time and hunting something you never believed in before you found one laying on the forest floor? That's incredible!

Matt Whitton: "I've seen the films and I've seen things on television before, so you have to come to terms with it and realize that you've got something special. And, that's what is was."
SB: So, what you're saying is that you've never actually hunted nor tracked Bigfoot before. In fact, you've never even been out in the woods to look for Bigfoot before? You only watched TV in regards to your knowledge of Bigfoot? Is that what you're telling us now Matt?

Reporter: Are you worried that [the species is going to be in trouble now]?
Matt Whitton: "That's why I'm not revealin' the location. We have no intentions of revealing that to the public. Om, I'm sure north Georgia is gonna be pretty busy right now, as a whole ... my intention with this is to protect the species."
SB: Gary... um, Matt. What is your real name anyway? Oh well, on with the question... Previously, you stated that you didn't reveal the location of your find so that other hunters wouldn't move in on your territory. Have you now become more conservation minded -- in favor of protecting the species and observing these creatures in their natural habitat. No wait. I answered my own question -- or actually you did. You're on record as saying you plan to use a take-down dog to capture and subdue another Bigfoot and then bring it in alive. So, how is it that not revealing the location is going to protect the species? I'm really confused.

When asked if he and Dyer have pictures of the Georgia Bigfoot that were alive, Whitton replied, "Yes, they have been filmed as well ... In the future will be released... some of the most clear footage... it's not blurry footage that you see on these other...ah...shows."


"Interview" with Matthew Whitton of Bigfoot Global LLC

If The Sope-Bocks blogger was at the Palo Alto news conference with hoaxsters... I mean hunters Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, I would love to interview them. The following are transcript excerpts of Whitton's comments from the press conference -- and my follow-up questions and comments (if I was there):

Matt Whitton: "We were not originally Bigfoot hunters."
SB: Wait Matt! Didn't you AND Ric both say you've been hunting Bigfoot "for years"?!? [Reviews video] Yep, your YouTube video has it. So, which is the lie Matt?

Matt Whitton: "We are now the best Bigfoot trackers in the world ."
SB: I know. Your tan cap says so. And we all know that hat philosophy is reliable -- and that what YOU say is reliable, too.

Matt Whitton: "We had just decided we were gonna get away for awhile. We were gonna go up into the north Georgia mountains..."
SB: What? I thought you said that you were contacted by a man from northern Georgia, who had seen a Bigfoot. You know, it was reported on your tip line at Remember your YouTube video? [Reviews video again] Yep, that's what you said was the basis for discovering Bigfoot. That tip and your keen approach to tracking Bigfoot (sometime from a tree limb, with a nylon rope).

Matt Whitton: "We were camping deep in the woods... We stumbled upon this creature... a stroke of luck, I can tell you that."
Matt, Matt... um Gary... yeah, um didn't you say that you are the best Bigfoot trackers in the world? Not even two minutes ago? So how is it that you were camping and "stumbled" upon this creature -- not tracking Bigfoot, but taking a weekend off and going camping? I'd like to know how that works. Could you elaborate?

Matt Whitton: "Ric went back and got a truck... and some help... and we got it outta there."
SB: Not being an outdoorsman, camping enthusiast or experienced Bigfoot hunter such as yourself, I'm curious. Does everyone go "deep into the woods" driving a Cadillac STS, Mercedes C230 or Dodge Caravan? I would have thought that camping "deep in the woods" of the north Georgia mountains would kinda require use of a four-wheel drive truck. Haven't I seen Mr. Dyer driving a Nissan 4x4? Didn't you guys purchase a $38,000 tow truck for your Bigfoot hunting business? Am I missing something?

Reporter: Do you know how the animal died?
Matt Whitton: "I do not."
SB: Matt, didn't at least two of your YouTube videos strongly infer that you did indeed know how "the animal" died? There was a hunter and a 30.06 involved. Don't you remember showing us a bullet?

Reporter: Can you tell us about the DNA evidence...?
Matt Whitton: "Well, we're waitin' on that to come back... I guess Tom has it back. As far as I know, it's gonna come back as a... what it looks like to me is a human, ape-type creature. ... It's definitely something we've never seen before. So, it should come back as something like that."
SB: So, Matt -- you're a DNA expert as well as the best Bigfoot tracker in the world? I am impressed. Your vast knowledge of all animal species and the fact that you can see this is "definitely something we've never seen before" lends further credibility to your claims. Um, when did you say we will get to see the body?

Whitton goes on to say three other Bigfoot were "paralleling" them as they recovered the 500lb male Bigfoot corpse from the forest. "It's like they didn't want to be seen. We'd hear a crunch in the leaves or something and we would see them. They were aware of us. They didn't try to attack us or anything."
According to Whitton, the "scientific community" is going to do an autopsy on the beast.


Georgia Bigfoot Press Conference

The Georgia Bigfoot press conference supposed to take place at 3:00pm EST. WSB radio had announced they would carry the press conference live. It's now 3:30pm. And WSB radio is reporting LIVE on the press conference:
Matt Whitton: "We were hiking in the woods... it was actually laying next to a stream." The reporter says Whitton and others "photographed the body". They will supposedly reveal photos to reporters at the press conference. We'll see.
BTW, 28 year old Whitton and his partner, 31 year old Ric Dyer, are telling reporters they have turned the corpse in the freezer over to Tom Biscardi, who now has it in an undisclosed location. Biscardi has reportedly said he is having DNA tests run, as well as two Russian scientists performing tests on the Bigfoot body. All of the tests and examinations are reportedly being filmed -- possibly by Scott Davis of Arizona.

The Sope-Bocks will be updated as soon as more information is available.

Georgia Bigfoot - Questions About The Freezer Photo

UPDATED: 3:23 pm on 08.15.08
Answers, if any, will be added as info is received
I've been looking at the supposed body of a Bigfoot, as seen in a chest freezer, offered by Matt Whitton and Ric Dyer of and Bigfoot Global LLC. Overlooking the lies already told - Dr. Paul Van Buren; buying a tow truck for $38000 (see my previous post); Whitton saying he was shot by a fellon; etc... Overlooking the questions that still loom about the business ventures of Whitton and Dyer. The only evidence the public has at this point, is the photo. So, let's examine the photo and the story behind it.

Matt Gary Whitton and Ric(k)Dyer claim a man (who is on probation or parole) was illegally hunting in the mountains of northern Georgia, when he happened upon a Bigfoot. That man shot the Bigfoot with a 30-06 rifle. Apparently, the bigfoot died of a single GSW. Whitton and Dyer -- who are the best Bigfoot trackers in the world, according to their own testimony -- hiked into the mountains and located the body of a Bigfoot.
They decided to take it out of woods, so Ric Dyer dragged (his wording, not mine) the 7' 7", 500 lb corpse through the underbrush, bushes and between trees -- out to their vehicle. He then loaded it into the vehicle and transported it more than 1.5 hours back to an undisclosed location near his home in Ellenwood/Forest Park, Georgia.

The 500 lb corpse was then placed into a normal-size chest freezer, which was kept outside in the hot, humid Georgia air. All the while, Matt Whitton could not have been much help as he was shot in the wrist, with his service revolver, during a struggle with a suspect. His arm is in a cast-like device that would preclude him from any heavy lifting or prolonged tugging.

Next, Whitton and Dyer claim the freezer where the Bigfoot carcass is stored broke down. Tom Biscardi says it's because the freezer was a frost-free model and Whitton-Dyer were trying to fill the chest with water to cover the body and freeze it. [Reasonable story] They further claim that the photo was taken after ice was placed on the body -- and then melted away. So, here we are at the photo of the Bigfoot corpse, lying in a chest freezer.

1) A 7' 7" human-like body would not fit in a normal-size chest freezer without significant bending/flexing of the limbs. The "body" shown in the photo seems to be stretched out from the neck to the waist. I used the garden hose as a known point of reference. At the largest, the hose is 2" in diameter. Counting hose widths from the far end to the center lock opening, I counted around 28". That would make the freezer, at largest, around six feet in length. A 19.7 cu ft chest freezer has an approximate length of 61", while a 21.7 cu ft chest freezer has a length of around 64". Either is long enough, but neither is wide enough -- at ~30" -- to hold the shoulders of a 7' 7" beast without the shoulders being extremely torqued to one side or the other. As you can see from the red lines in the photo above, this isn't the case. If the body doesn't fit, you must admit (to the hoax).
2) No hands or wrists are seen in the photo, yet shoulders and at least the arms appear to be visible along the torso. Why is that? Furthermore, the dimensions of what appear to be arms (shown in red above) don't match with the length of the freezer as compared to the reported height of the monster.
3) Although the body was supposedly covered in water, there is no visible evidence of blood, either in the freezer tub, on the lip of the chest freezer or on the ground just outside the freezer. I would expect some blood to be present from the exit wound of a 30-06 that leaves intestines hanging from the gut.
4) Speaking of intestines -- the entrails sitting on the carcass don't seem to protrude from a wound. In order for the small intestine (that couldn't be the colon) to hang outside the body, there would be a gapping exit wound. Where is it?
5) Speaking of things hanging out -- the tongue is odd looking to me. If Whitton and Dyer did fake Bigfoot, it was a smart idea to have a tongue hanging out. I'll give 'em that much. But, the tongue just doesn't look right. It looks like a cow tongue. I would expect that the tongue of a dead "animal" of 500 pounds would be thicker. I also can't see how it would stick straight out of the mouth, centered and clasp gently by the teeth. Most dead animals I've seen, with tongues hanging out, have the tongue hanging to one side or the other.
6) And the teeth... the photo makes them look very straight and uniform. Although some mammals have fairly straight teeth, the teeth of the Georgia Bigfoot look almost "manufactured".
7) Have you ever seen the fur of a wild animal after it's been wet? It lays down, pretty much in place. The fur or hair on Whitton and Dyer's yeti seems to be knotted and matty looking. Dragging the carcass through the forest could have done this, BUT why would Rick Dyer have dragged the body face down? How else could the fur end up looking like a plastic-backed rug that has been threw the washer and dryer?
8) Furthermore, there are no visible twigs, sticks or underbrush on the visible surface of the fur. Wouldn't an animal that had fallen dead on the floor of the forest, then been dragged out of the underbrush, have at least small bits of pine needles, trigs or sticks on it? You say the water washed it away? If the body wasn't repositioned in the freezer, then any debris would have "pooled" at the midsection of the corpse as the water drained from the freezer. Nope, nothing visible there, either.
9) If they have video and multiple photos of live Bigfoot, why would Ric Dyer and Matthew Whitton post a single photo of a dead Bigfoot stuffed in a freezer? Why not go ahead and release at least one photo of one of the live ones they claim to have seen while recovering the corpse of this one?
10) A smaller question -- with more weight to it... Who helped Rick Dyer move the Bigfoot body, load it into the car/truck, unload it and place it in the freezer? And, why hasn't he come forward?
Answer: Ric Dyer "claimed it took six men a day and a half to drag the body out."

I'm sure there are plenty more questions to be asked, but I'll leave it for now. After all, I have to microwave some popcorn and pour myself a big mug of root beer. The press conference that will "shock the world" begins in less than 30 minutes!

The Sope-Bocks will be updated as soon as the press conference is over...

Bigfoot Global LLC - Bigfoot Expeditions... or Wrecker Service?

This post is not offered to cast any doubt on
Rick Dyer's business (or his family business).

It is simply more evidence that proves a connection between Bigfoot Global LLC and Big Foot Towing, most likely owned or run by Ric Dyer's family in Ellenwood or Forest Park, Ga. As some folks have challenged the connection between the two, I felt compelled to show further evidence.

It seems the someone from the business that owns is also very active on the CraigList. The phone number used for some of their sales is the same as the one posted on as the reservations line for Matt Whitton and Ric Dyer's $499.00 weekend Bigfoot Expeditions. You know, the one that sold out in two days. Don't worry, though. If you don't need a tow truck, they can set you up with reservations for their September weekend expedition into the mountains of northern Georgia -- for $499.00 per person.

Here are a couple more items that may be evidence of the connection -- lest someone think the phone number was transferred from one business to another:
  • The green Caddy STS seen in the video from 8/14/08 was being offered on Craiglist in this ad -- with the same 864 phone number.
I bet I'm wasting my time with all this investigation, though. My guess is -- as the clock ticks towards 12:00 noon PST, Whitton and Dyer will come out with a story that Bigfoot's body has been stolen -- complete with pictures of a busted door, ransacked storage room and blood trail. The DNA samples and the resulting "evidence" will fade into the ether and Tom Biscardi will be the spokesman at the very short press conference (if it even occurs).

BUT, there's still hope! Bigfoot Global LLC and Biscardi will gladly take $499.00 -- and then haul you out to the woods for the weekend, so that you can search for the other three Bigfoot they saw while Rick Dyer was dragging a 500 lb dead weight corpse of a 7' 7" male Bigfoot through the underbrush of a north Georgia mountain. Uh, huh! Wink, nudge. Sure thing...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bigfoot Global LLC really Big Foot Towing Company?

UPDATED: 11:40am 08/15/08
I conducted further research on the website and other data on Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer. Guess what I found?

Bigfoot seems to be a theme for Whitton and/or Dyer. One of their families, most likely Rick Dyer's, works at or owns Big Foot Towing in Forest Park or Ellenwood, Ga. In fact, a tow truck with the name Big Foot Towing and what appears to be the same number where they take reservations for their Bigfoot expeditions was for sale on Craiglist not too long ago. Furthermore, the green Caddy Ric drives in one YouTube video is the same one being sold in this ad -- posted with the same 770-864-xxxx phone number.

Lest Matt Whitton turn his teddy bear's wrath on me in the next YouTube video, here is proof of the connection to Bigfoot Global LLC -- from their website's source HTML:

'keywords' content='BIGFOOT , GEORGIA , TOURS ,EXPEDITIONS, sasquatch, missing link, Yeti, Yetti, Big Foot merchandise and shirts'
'description' content='BIGFOOT Expeditions into the mountains, foot hills and swamps of the South eEastern US. BIG FOOT TIP LINE! and ACCESSORIES. RESERVATIONS 770-864-4949

It's funny how Matthew Whitton claims (at 7:24 in this video) that they "go all out with this business" as he implies they have purchased a tow truck "in case we get on something big we can't haul off ourselves". Yeah, borrowing the Dyer's tow truck and going down the road from the trailer park to film a YouTube video is really going "all out".

At 2 minutes, 56 seconds in this YouTube video, they flash the text, "Having to buy a tow truck $38000". Um, is this yet another lie?!? If not, why pay $38,000 for a tow truck when you have one for sale on Craiglist for $8,000.00?!? - Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer

Matthew Whitton (who calls himself Matt Gary Whitton) and Ric Dyer are the two guys who say they have the corpse of a Georgia Bigfoot in a freezer. Their story seems to be falling apart as fast as they can tell it. Bloggers have ripped their YouTube videos -- exposing one hoax and making suggestions of a larger, more criminal intent.

In an attempt to bolster credibility, the owners of Bigfoot Global LLC, a company that offers weekend expeditions to search for Bigfoot, have the testimony of the man who supposedly shot a Bigfoot (or Yeti) in the mountains of North Georgia. The video is amateurish, at best, and downright silly at worst. However, it does add to the intrigue and mystery of why two guys who are/were making an honest living would want to end up behind bars or on the wrong end of a civil lawsuit.

When outed for lying about a scientist who they claimed flew to Georgia to review the Bigfoot body, Whitton was rather indignate towards those who caught him. He and Dyer also act surprised that people were able to track down their parents and coworkers' information. How hard can that be when one of them is seen squatting behind his personal vehicle with the license plate in plain view? [See it at 9:52 on this video.] Doing a whois on shows Whitton's address (that's South Ave, not Sout Ave) -- and a phone number. The whois query also yields Dyer's email address. It doesn't take a genius to hunt down other personal info from a license plate and/or domain registration. DOH! Are we sure these two guys work(ed) in law enforcement?

Frankly, I think the following statement from Carmine Thomas Biscardi's website suggests the root of this story: "Currently, Tom Biscardi and his Searching for Bigfoot Team, in conjunction with Bigfoot Global LLC., are preparing to capture another of these creatures alive. That expedition will start very soon. The dates and the locations are being kept confidential." ...unless you have FIVE-HUNDRED bucks and want to pay to go see a "Bigfoot" -- with Biscardi, Whitton and Dyer as your leaders. After all, why else would they attempt such a hoax? If you want to follow the story, there's supposed to be a private press conference tomorrow:

Time: From 12Noon-1:00pm
Place: Cabana Hotel-Palo Alto, 4290 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, California 94306

My guess is they will show some so-called evidence tomorrow, claim the body has been stolen or compromised and then setup a fee-based Bigfoot hunting expedition for the public. After all, they claim saw three or more "live ones" the day they found the body.

Personally, I wouldn't trust one red cent to these three -- nor would I trust a single word they say. If I'm wrong, then I'll gladly (and publicly) admit it. BTW, the real Dr. Paul Van Buren called. He wants his brown shag rug and Halloween mask back. Matt and Rick, you can keep the entrails and cow tongue.

Another oddly humorous FWIW item: claims to have the exclusive copyright on the photos from Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer -- yet the website shows an unregistered version of the photos. All the while Biscardi posts numerous warnings to everyone regarding his copyright all over his website. Isn't it ironic, dontcha think?

The reason I posted the photo here is that it is now in the public domain, having been shown on a free, public news channel - FoxNews. The Anomalist has a great article on this story, too. Check it out!

Is Bigfoot in a Georgia Man's Freezer?

Edited: 08/20/08
bigfootpolice is not Whitton's YouTube account
In case you haven't heard the latest controversy over Bigfoot, a couple of guys down near Forest Park, Georgia say they have the body of a male Bigfoot. Loren Coleman's Cryptomundo and Thomas Biscardi's both have pictures and other information from the story, so I won't rehash it here. Besides, the photos' owners are already talking about suing people who use their copyrighted pics. Anyway, some of the mass media has also picked up the story. Even ran an article today.

Let me state the following at the outset, since money is likely the whole reason this story is making the rounds anyway... Matthew Whitton (AKA Gary Parker) and Ric Dyer -- one a smalltown police officer and the other a former prison guard -- own a website called, along with Bigfoot Global LLC, a Bigfoot expedition company. With their dog, Deuce, they claim to be "the world's best Bigfoot hunters".

Forteans researching the topic of Bigfoot, Yeti or Sasquatch need to know these guys, who say they found the dead male specimen of an ape-like creature, are... well, let's just say they seem to be a few fries short of a happy meal. Under the production credits of M&R Films, here is a video they posted on YouTube. Believe me, it's strange... and in the end appears to be little more than a backwoods macho advertisement for their website,

[NOTE: was registered on June 16 of this year.] Isn't it odd that a world reknown Bigfoot tracker would not have a website setup until right around the time he supposedly finds a Bigfoot dead in the woods of north Georgia?

ASIDE: Isn't it interesting that these two goof balls call Tom Biscardi (who makes some of his living off Bigfoot hunting) the one person whom they would allow to see the body -- when they claim to be the best Bigfoot hunters in the world? If they are the best, why do they need Biscardi? Their reputation and the "corpse in the freezer" should be definitive proof.

It seems that some other skeptics have had a go at the two via comments on YouTube, email and even phone calls. But why wouldn't people be skeptical? After all, they tried to pull a hoax by depicting Matt Whitton's brother as a scientist who had flown in from Texas to examine the Bigfoot body. They called him Dr. Paul Van Buren, which is NOT his name. His real name is Martin "Marty" Whitton. He's a photographer -- who actually does live in Texas.

Fortunately, real investigators took mere hours to prove that "Dr. Van Buren" was Whitton's brother. Within a couple of days, Whitton posted another YouTube video admitting the hoax. The odd thing is that Whitton and Dyer never really apologize for lying. All the while, they continually call those who found them out losers, etc. -- many for not posting their real names on YouTube.

In the same YouTube video, these two "Bigfoot trackers" take issue with competing Bigfoot hunters -- including bad mouthing them, their businesses and their websites. In a desperate attempt at humor, Whitton and Dyer use a teddy bear to talk trash with some bravado. WEIRD!