Friday, March 31, 2006

TOPIC: Poet, 7, Sets Off Racial Controversy
Original article by Adrienne Mand Lewin

A 7-year-old New York poet has fired up adults following a racially charged performance at a middle school. Autum Ashante, who is home-schooled and lives with her father in Mount Vernon, was invited by a music teacher to present her poetry during a Black History Month program at Peekskill Middle School on Feb. 28. She has written her own poetry and performed in front of audiences since she was four.

Before reciting a poem, Ashante asked only the black students in the audience to stand and recite with her the "Black Child's Pledge" by the Black Panther Party's Shirley Williams. It begins, "I pledge allegiance to my black people. I pledge to develop my mind and body to the greatest extent possible. I will learn all that I can in order to give my best to my people in their struggle for liberation."

Ashante then presented her poem "White Nationalism Put U In Bondage," which rails against Christopher Columbus, J.P. Morgan and Charles Darwin: "White nationalism is what put you in bondage. Pirate and vampires like Columbus, Morgan and Darwin... Black lands taken from your hands, by vampires with no remorse," the poem states. "They took the gold, the wisdom and all of the storytellers. They took the black women, with the black man weak."

Inappropriate Actions?
The conflict began when the school district apologized for the performance in phone messages left for parents, which upset others who believed Ashante had a right to express herself. Some thought it was her tone that riled the audience. "Someone so angry, the way she presented it, which acting-wise is what she did, but the way it was perceived, a lot of people took offense to it probably," said Mel Bolden, who invited Ashante to perform.

"We live in a culturally diverse community," said parent Chantell Peeples, "and I think she certainly added an element to a black history program that was maybe a little different, but I think it was certainly well received. As a parent, I wasn't upset at all."

But Peekskill City School District Superintendent Judith Johnson told ABC News it was Ashante's actions — not her words — that the principal apologized for.
[WHY her actions?! The words are extremely offensive.]

"She's not been banned. She's not been censored," Johnson said, adding, "She came to an assembly and faced a culturally diverse group of kids and asked the black kids to stand and recite a pledge. … Everybody, black and white, was pretty upset by it."
[What!?! If a WHITE kid had had white students stand up and recite some sort of white-biased pledge, she would have been snatched out of the classroom before she could utter a single word of her poem. IF, for some reason, this theoretical white child was allowed to recite a racially-biased poem, she would be banned from the school, her parents would be on the receiving end of death threats and the school would be raising hell about the problem. WHY isn't this being done regarding the poison bias of this young black bigot?!?]

She said that students complained to the school's principal after the assembly. "Kids were coming into his office very, very upset that somebody would do that in a school where we never, never divide by color."
[Well, at least the KIDS get it. The school administration and PARENTS should take a listen!]

The phone messages to parents said the school apologized if their children were offended by the behavior. "No one knew that she was going to do this," Johnson said. "If this were a classroom and there was an opportunity for discussion and dialogue, it would not be an issue."
[Why not an issue? A classroom setting in middle school is NOT the place for bigotry and racially discriminatory speech to occur.]

Ashante has received support from the Rev. Al Sharpton and New York City Councilman Charles Barron, a former Black Panther.
[Who'da thunk it? Al "the Charlatan" Sharpton makes his living claiming white people discriminate against blacks. Yet, he claims to be a civil rights leader for all. Wonder where his sensibilities went when this little bigot got up and spoke racial discrimination against whites?]

Hot Speech
...For her part, Ashante, who has performed on Showtime at the Apollo and HBO's Def Poetry Jam, said she would like to present her poems around the world, adding that she's concerned about the reaction to her work.

"I feel confused and a little saddened about what it might do to my career," she said. "They are just making a big fuss about a poem."
[Aw, we're SOOO sorry that this might hurt her career. That's right, folks. She wasn't worried about hurting people's feelings or the venom in her speech -- only that the flack might hurt her ability to make money for this kind of garbage. Don't we feel sorry for her, and her father? NOT!]

Her father, Batin Ashante, said he is "really, really proud of her... I will encourage her to continue to do what she does and not to be offensive," he said, "not to be rude."
[Um, Mr. Ashante, allowing your daughter to stand up in a "culturally diverse" group of students, single out black kids for a pledge to being black, then spewing hate speech at whites IS RUDE and OFFENSIVE. But, I bet you'll stay proud of your little meal ticket as long as she's making money for you. Right? DISGUSTING!]

ABC News' New York affiliate WABC-TV contributed to this report.
[And the Sope-Bocks author contributed the orange text, emphasis, formatting for a couple of paragraphs and corrections to incorrect grammar from the original article.]

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

TOPIC: Why is anyone still using Internet Explorer?
Linux Watch article by -- Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
Published: Mar. 27, 2006

OK, how many times must Internet Explorer be ripped open like a hot 16-year old in a summer slasher movie before people finally get it: IE is not safe. Period. End of Statement. I don't care if you only run it around the Web on Sundays and to the nicest sites. If you run IE, you're just asking to me slammed by worms, bots, adware, and every other kind of malware on the planet. No, it doesn't matter that you're using XP SP2 and you've downloaded all the patches. The only version that appears to be immune is IE7 beta-2. [And it has even been found to have security flaws]

Take the IE code execution hole discovered by Secunia Research a few days ago. Microsoft admits that it's there. That's big of them. Malicious hackers have already been using the hole via hijacked Web servers over the weekend to launch attacks.

While Microsoft insists that, "So far we're still seeing only limited attacks," eWEEK, one of Linux-Watch's sister publications, has seen seen a list of more than 20 unique domains and 100 unique URLs hosting exploits using the hole. These, in turn, are infecting systems with SDbot, a virulent family of backdoor programs that give hackers complete ownership of your computers. With SDbot, attackers can control your computer by sending commands via IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channels. In the past, it's been used to seed botnets and plant keystroke loggers for identity theft attacks.

Of course, there may be many other backdoor programs being planted by crackers. The hole can be used for many purposes. It's just that SDbot infections are the only ones we know about so far. This particular attack works by playing games with the "createTextRange()" call usually used with radio button controls in Active Scripting. If you turn off Active Scripting, you'll lock out attacks based on it. Of course, some sites that have been designed with IE in mind won't work right.

Still, which would you rather have? A safe system that won't work with some Websites, or a compromised system? I know which way I'd go. I use Firefox. It's open source, but what's much more important than that is that it's safer, much safer than Internet Explorer.
What I want to know is why any of you are still using Internet Explorer? I mean how many attacks does it take?

OK, so some of you are experts at securing IE and you wouldn't be caught dead with Active Scripting on in the first place. What about your fellow employees, though? Are they all so clever? What about your husband at home? Your kids? Your mom and dad? Is everyone you know and care about dedicated enough to read Secunia and SANS ISC (Internet Storm Center) every day? Clever enough to stay one step ahead of crackers who are now attacking holes on the very day that they're discovered?

I make my living from riding the bleeding edge of technology, and I don't think I can do it. The government sure the heck can't do it. And, I have my doubts about businesses as well. Let's not even talk about the state of insecurity of most home computers.

Here's the simple truth: Even if you don't believe in Linux, open-source, and all that jazz, no one who knows anything about computer security can believe that IE has been, is now, or is likely to be secure anytime soon. Firefox is simply the better choice.

Is Firefox perfect? Completely secure? Heck no! Death and taxes are the only things you can really be sure of. But, an unattended copy of Firefox is still a lot more secure than even a constantly watched and updated copy of IE. If you care about your security, about the security of any of your friends, family, or co-workers, it's time to switch to Firefox.

Oh, and that IE hole? As I write this, on the afternoon of the 27th of March, there is no patch for it. Microsoft assures us, though, that there will be one by April 11th at the latest.
Comforting, isn't it? -- Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

{Emphasis, color, paragraph formatting and [] added by Charlie}

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

TOPIC: Web Sites Exploiting IE Flaw; Microsoft Working On Fix
There are reports that web sites are already exploiting the Internet Explorer TextRange () flaw to install spyware on vulnerable computers. As of Monday morning, more than 200 such sites have been detected. The flaw exists in IE 6 and IE 7 beta 2; this marks the third IE vulnerability disclosed in one week. Microsoft is developing a fix. Users are advised to disable Active Scripting in IE.

Monday, March 27, 2006

TOPIC: Tanya Kach Disappearance Case...
More information is surfacing on the 1996 disappearance (and 2006 re-appearance) of McKeesport, PA. resident Tanya Kach. It seems that Kach was actually a runaway -- not a victim of abduction or captivity. Contrary to her first statements, Kach has now admitted the following: "Kach said she skipped her eighth grade class one day at Cornell Middle School and that [Thomas] Hose kissed her in the stairwell. The two secretly began dating, she said, and Kach agreed to run away from home and live with him at his parents' Soles Street home."1
She and Mr. Hose had a consensual sexual relationship going -- even when she was 14 years old. Now, another person is involved in the legal proceedings related to the case. A hairdresser [see my comments from March 23rd] by the name of Judith Clara Sokol is in jail awaiting her day in court.
Judith Sokol supposedly allowed Kach & Hose to have sex inside her home for about a month after Kach ran away from home. Also, Sokol is accused of cutting and dying Kach's hair in an effort to disguise Kach so local citizens wouldn't recognize her.
There's still more to be told in this case -- GUARANTEED! Tanya Kach is NOT telling the whole truth. I'm still convinced she is lying -- even though the hair and nails clue has been pretty much explained now. BTW, Thomas Hose should be tried for sex crimes against an underage girl. However, I don't think he's the only one at fault here. I believe the judge knows that, too. Why else did he make such a small bail ($10,000) and allow Hose to be on house arrest? Tanya Kach is still hiding something -- and, it's called "the truth".

Sunday, March 26, 2006

QOTD: One must also accept that one has 'uncreative' moments. The more honestly one can accept that, the quicker these moments will pass. -- Etty Hillesum

Saturday, March 25, 2006

BlogOfTheDay: Camera Toss
This blog shows you what happens when you toss a camera into the air, while it is taking a picture. There are some AWESOME pictures on this blog! As a longtime photobug, I view the blog with a bit of skepticism -- as in the possibility of "staged" pictures that might not be as random as one would expect when tossing a camera into free space. Anyway, the blog is well worth checking out on a regular basis!

Friday, March 24, 2006

TOPIC: Man Fined and Sentenced to Court Supervision for Wireless Piggybacking
David M. Kauchak has been fined US$250 and sentenced to one year of court supervision for accessing another person's wireless network without permission. Kauchak was arrested after he was seen sitting in his parked car with his computer.
Sources: TechWeb,,
I know of some people who "piggyback" on others' wireless networks without any fear of being punished. Perhaps the ruling in this case will help them change their minds concerning engaging in such activity. I wonder how this will also affect friends who allow a piggyback connection once they are angry with each other, or no longer friends. ???

Thursday, March 23, 2006

TOPIC: Tanya Nicole Kach -- "Abducted lovely" or "Altogether a liar"?
You've probably heard the story "Woman Missing For 10 Years Allegedly Held In House" told by Pittsburgh, PA area news stations and media outlets. As the story goes, a 14 year old girl was supposedly abducted and kept "prisoner" in a home just two miles from where she grew up - for ten years.
After watching several interviews from WTAE-TV4 and KDKA with the now 24 year old woman, I was immediately suspicious. If she was such a prisoner, verbally abused and sexaully assaulted, why then has her hair been freshly (and professionally) tinted? Why are her nails professionally manicured? Unless those things were done in the past TWO days (since she was supposedly freed by police), I sincerely believe the woman is lying. A man who abuses a woman with a tight schedule including a 2:00pm daily curfew would not allow her to have her hair and nails professionally pampered. She also claims to have been kept in the man's upstairs bedroom up until the past ten months.
Furthermore, she claims she didn't know where her parents were. Wasn't she bright enough to pick up a phonebook and open it to her surname? Her father lives two miles from where she claims she was held hostage. Also, she has fairly good vocabulary. If she was kept in the house for all these years, with little to no contact with anyone else, she would not have this type of vocabulary.
Tanya Kach, or Nikki Allen, is - in my opinion - altogether a liar. She sounds more like a jilted lover who is trying to get 15 minutes of fame in the limelight. Read more at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review website... and then decide for yourself.

TOPIC: The case against Darryl Littlejohn...
Darryl Littlejohn pleaded not guilty at his arraignment earlier this afternoon. He was charged with various accounts of sexual assault, murder in the 1st degree and two counts of murder in the second degree (in case the premeditated murder rap doesn't stick). The NY grand jury declined to charge him with rape, since forensic evidence could not definitively pin him to the sexual assault, sources said.
"I'm truly sorry what happened to this young lady, but they have the wrong person," Littlejohn told WCBS/Channel 2 News in a jailhouse interview. "I'm a likely suspect because I have a criminal background and I wasn't supposed to be working there." Littlejohn also stated, "Once I am exonerated, it will be very difficult for me to go anywhere without being recognized. My face, my name, are all over the place." Personally, I don't think Littlejohn has much to worry about. He will likely NEVER walk the streets of this country free again.

The Boston Herald placed an article regarding the case against Darryl Littlejohn on their website earlier today. The paraphrased version is:
"Darryl Littlejohn’s own mother helped build the criminal case that led to his indictment on murder charges, officials say. Littlejohn told detectives that he could not have been the sadistic killer who raped and killed 24-year-old Boston Latin graduate Imette St. Guillen because he was visiting his mother in a nursing home on Feb. 25, the day St. Guillen was brutally murdered. 'Witnesses do not support that alibi,' Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told the Herald today. 'There was no record of him being there. No witnesses were able to place him there.'
His own mother shooting down his alibi is just one small component in the criminal case against Littlejohn, a career criminal, that was detailed by Kelly and Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes at a press conference this morning at the DA’s office. At 2 p.m. today Littlejohn is expected to be formally charged with two counts of murder in the second degree, and one count of murder in the first degree, along with four counts of rape, including rape in the first degree, criminal sexual attack, sex abuse and aggravated rape at Brooklyn Superior Court, Hynes said.
In addition to the DNA allegedly found in a blood smear on plastic ties that bound St. Guillen’s hands behind her back, and carpet threads recovered from the brown packing tape wrapped around St. Guillen’s entire face, detectives also say they discovered 'rabbit and mink hair' matching the collars of two of Littlejohn’s coats with Imette’s body."
The New York Post also has a good article, with some background and timeline information regarding the gruesome circumstances of Imette St. Guillen's rape and murder.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

TOPIC: Darryl Littlejohn has been indicted in the rape & murder of Imette St. Guillen!
Original post: 2:45pm
FoxNews has just reported that Darryl Littlejohn has been indicted, by a grand jury in New York City, for the February 25th rape and murder of 24 year old graduate sutdent Imette Saint Guillen. From the just released report, there is speculation that police are still looking for a possible second culprit. I'll have more information later!

Update: 3:00pm

Michelle McPhee of the Boston Herald filed the following report at 1:32pm today,
"Darryl Littlejohn, the Manhattan bouncer whose DNA allegedly was found on plastic straps used to bind Imette St. Guillen’s wrists, was indicted today on charges of murdering the Boston native. Littlejohn, 41, will be arrested at Riker’s Island tonight where he is being held on probation violations, sources tell the Herald today. He will then be booked and fingerprinted at the 75th Precinct in Brooklyn, not far from the deserted area where St. Guillen’s body was found Feb. 25.
St. Guillen’s family is en route to New York City to be present at tomorrow’s arraignment of Littlejohn. New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is also expected to hold a press conference tomorrow. St. Guillen, 24, was last seen alive standing outside The Falls on Lafayette Street in Manhattan’s Soho section after one of the bar’s owners, Danny Dorrian, told Littlejohn to toss her out at 4 a.m. Her naked, brutalized body was found nearly 17 hours later. She had been sexually tortured and strangled to death.
Police said Littlejohn’s DNA was found on the blood-stained ties around St. Guillen’s hands — providing the “transfer of evidence” investigators were hoping to obtain. The theory, detectives explained, is that a killer leaves something behind at every crime scene and takes something
with him."
Update: 3:10pm
The New York Daily News is reporting that Imette St. Guillen's family is travelling from Boston to attend an expected arraignment of suspect Darryl Littlejohn tomorrow. A grand jury was seated last week after DNA test results provided evidence from the ties used to bind St. Guillen's hands behind her back. The DNA found on the ties matches Darryl Littlejohn, the bouncer police have long called the prime suspect.
For a week now, the grand jury has heard from the city medical examiner, NYPD crime scene investigators and a renowned forensics expert on hairs and fibers that could further link Littlejohn to the crime, sources said. They also heard expert testimony from a DNA expert about matches between Littlejohn and blood found on ties that bound her, sources said. Another witness testified about Littlejohn's cell phone records and "pings" from his phone that tracked the suspect from his Jamaica home to where St. Guillen's body was dumped, a source said.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

OnThisDay: I'm starting another recurring theme for the Sope-Bocks. It will feature special events that occurred on certain days in history. The events will generally be little-known, but very important events that occurred throughout the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Let's start the feature with these tidbits:

March 21, 1924 - Mass Investors Trust becomes 1st mutual fund set up in US.
March 21, 1947 - President Truman signs Executive Order 9835 requiring all federal employees to have allegiance to the United States. [I wish that EO was still enforced!]
March 21,
1961 - The Beatles' 1st appearance -- at the Cavern Club
March 21, 1965 - Martin Luther King Jr begins march from Selma to Montgomery, AL.

I hope you enjoy this new feature of the Sope-Bocks blog!

Monday, March 20, 2006

BlogOfTheDay: Monkey Bites
I don't care for a lot of the content on -- primarily because it's such liberalism hogwash. However, a blog hosted on Wired has caught my eye. It's called "Monkey Bites" and it is written by Michael Calore. I have no idea who Mr. Calore is, but I enjoy the news and tidbits on the Monkey Bites blog. Take my advice and check it out. Just ignore the few ads and liberal rhetoric on the sidebars. Link:

Sunday, March 19, 2006

QOTD: Let us so live that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry. -- Mark Twain

Saturday, March 18, 2006

TOPIC: Darryl Littlejohn - Is he Imette St. Guillen's killer?
A lawyer for the prime suspect in the brutal slaying of a Manhattan graduate student said recent setbacks for the NYPD raised the specter that cops have fingered the wrong man. "The more time that goes by, the more doubt there is that they have the right guy," said lawyer Kevin O'Donnell.1

ABC's Good Morning America recently reported, "The evidence against Littlejohn seems staggering, but there are factors that seem to suggest that Littlejohn is not the killer. Law enforcement sources say not all of the DNA evidence is a match. Semen on the blanket used to wrap St. Guillen does not match Littlejohn's, and samples from the victim's fingernails are also not a match."
So, is Littlejohn part of a pair of rapists and murderers? Is someone else entirely to blame? Or, are investigators assuming too much about non-related evidence. For instance, semen on a blanket that could have been used at a hotel or in the basement of a popular pub, could be from anyone doing pretty much anything. It does not have to be related to Littlejohn or St. Guillen. I admit that the evidence from beneath Imette's fingernails was expected to match her killer. Weird.

On the opposing side is a tiny device (among other things) that can track anyone who owns one to within 1,000 feet. The NY Daily News' article, "No one saw the fiend who dumped Imette St. Guillen's body by the muddy shoulder of a dead-end Brooklyn road. But a tall, blue electronic sentinel stands just around the bend — and sources say it puts prime suspect Darryl Littlejohn at the scene about 2 1/2 hours before St. Guillen's corpse was found. The NYPD traced Littlejohn to that lonely corner of East New York, off the Belt Parkway, by tracing the invisible "pings" that his T-Mobile cell phone sent to the antenna-studded tower, sources said.
The big, blue tower apparently took notice that Littlejohn's cell phone was nearby, even though he wasn't making a call — and it stored that information, which was later retrieved from T-Mobile by cops. 'It's a way to track people that is stronger than relying on witnesses,' a police source said. The Daily News found the tower, about four blocks from where St. Guillen was discovered, and at least a dozen more along the 5.7-mile stretch between the site and Littlejohn's Queens home.
On Sunday, as he revealed blood evidence allegedly tying Littlejohn to the slaying, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said cell phone records helped nail down the suspect's whereabouts. But he was careful not to say they were records of actual calls. 'There is telephone evidence, telephone records, that put the telephone that Mr. Littlejohn had in his possession in the vicinity, the immediate vicinity, of where the body was located — and also the route to that location,' Kelly said."
So, who did it?!? My money is still on Darryl Littlejohn... and maybe some other employee of The Falls bar. Should the police go back and officially question Danny Dorrian? You betcha! I still believe that lowlife knows more than he has told.

Friday, March 17, 2006

TOPIC: The truth about Saint Patrick's Day...
If you ask people who Saint Patrick was, you're likely to hear that he was an Irishman who chased the snakes out of Ireland. It may surprise you to learn that the real Saint Patrick was not actually Irish—yet his robust faith changed the Emerald Isle forever.
Patrick was born in Roman Britain to a middle-class family in about A.D. 390. When Patrick was a teenager, marauding Irish raiders attacked his home. Patrick was captured, taken to Ireland, and sold to an Irish king, who put him to work as a shepherd.
In his excellent book, How the Irish Saved Civilization, Thomas Cahill describes the life Patrick lived. Cahill writes, "The work of such slave-shepherds was bitterly isolated, months at a time spent alone in the hills." Patrick had been raised in a Christian home, but he didn't really believe in God. But now—hungry, lonely, frightened, and bitterly cold—Patrick began seeking out a relationship with his heavenly Father. As he wrote in his Confessions, "I would pray constantly during the daylight hours" and "the love of God . . . surrounded me more and more."
Six years after his capture, God spoke to Patrick in a dream, saying, "Your hungers are rewarded. You are going home. Look—your ship is ready." What a startling command! If he obeyed, Patrick would become a fugitive slave, constantly in danger of capture and punishment. But he did obey—and God protected him. The young slave walked nearly two hundred miles to the Irish coast. There he boarded a waiting ship and traveled back to Britain and his family.
But, as you might expect, Patrick was a different person now, and the restless young man could not settle back into his old life. Eventually, Patrick recognized that God was calling him to enter a monastery. In time, he was ordained as a priest, then as a bishop. Finally—thirty years after God had led Patrick away from Ireland—He called him back to the Emerald Isle as a missionary.
The Irish of the fifth century were a pagan, violent, and barbaric people. Human sacrifice was commonplace. Patrick understood the danger and wrote: "I am ready to be murdered, betrayed, enslaved—whatever may come my way."
Cahill notes that Patrick's love for the Irish "shines through his writings . . . He [worried] constantly for his people, not just for their spiritual but for their physical welfare." Through Patrick, God converted thousands. Cahill writes, "Only this former slave had the right instincts to impart to the Irish a New Story, one that made sense of all their old stories and brought them a peace they had never known before." Because of Patrick, a warrior people "lay down the swords of battle, flung away the knives of sacrifice, and cast away the chains of slavery."
As it is with many Christian holidays, Saint Patrick's Day has lost much of its original meaning. Instead of settling for parades, cardboard leprechauns, and "the wearing of the green," we ought to recover our Christian heritage, celebrate the great evangelist, and teach our kids about this Christian hero.
Saint Patrick didn't chase the snakes out of Ireland, as many believe. Instead, the Lord used him to bring into Ireland a sturdy faith in the one true God—and to forever transform the Irish people.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

TOPIC: March Madness...
Every year, about this time, sports nuts go crazy over basketball. Thankfully, I'm not hooked on b-ball to that extent. However, the NCAA tourney is worth wasting a few hours in front of the tube. If life is too hectic, too serious or otherwise too totally consuming, take a break and enjoy the "March madness". It's a fun distraction from real life. GO TARHEELS!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

TOPIC: These perverts should be hung by their toenails!
I get so disgusted with humanity at times. Our greed, pride and... let's just call it what it is -- our SIN is appalling. Today, I ran across an article regarding child pornography and an arrest made in my home state of North Carolina.
The investigation began when an Edmonton woman overheard two children talking and reported their conversation to police, said Det. Randy Wickens of the city's Internet Child Exploitation unit. That led to an arrest in Edmonton in May 2005. The man, whose name has been banned from publication, was sentenced to 14 years in prison. A second arrest in Edmonton, Alberta in January, netted Carl Edmond Trevleaven, a 49-year-old married father. Treleaven told police he looked at violent child porn so he wouldn't hurt anybody and "to make the feelings go away". He was arrested in his home on Jan. 26, 2006.
From there, authorities say the investigation branched out to include hundreds of participants in the Internet chat room, which transmitted live shots of child molestation and facilitated trading of thousands of child porn pictures. Upon the arrests, officers discovered more than 90 people were waiting to download images from the chat room and, within 40 minutes, another 20 people had connected to the server. The victims are children ranging in age from approximately 18-months to 11 years of age. Thankfully, most of the children have been identified -- and are hopefully now protected from any further abuse.
Today, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the Justice Department announced the results of a 10-month investigation. Here is the local WCNC article written by Andre Dykes:
"A Charlotte man faces felony third degree sexual exploitation of a minor charges after Charlotte-Mecklenburg police did some 'cyber' detective work to track him down. Kenneth Mark Fisher, 45, [pictured above right] was arrested Monday when detectives served a warrant on his home at 8727 Tamarron Drive in south Charlotte [Landen Meadows]. The investigation into Fisher was multi-state and international. The warrant states that in chat sessions with undercover officers Fisher expressed his attraction to young children.
Police said Fisher chatted under the screen name 'LordNewbie' and other names like 'Kip,' 'Zeb' and 'Newbie.' Police tracked Fisher through his IP address. Officers seized his computer and drives that he had at the home. In additional chat sessions the warrant said Fisher told detectives about a seven-year-old girl that he had 'access' to. The warrant said that Fisher had not touched her yet, but planned to this summer when he was supposed to do more babysitting for the girl’s parents.
Police said Fisher also bragged about having molested a toddler. The warrant also said Fisher allowed undercover officers to access pictures on a secured site. The site contained 32 photos, 18 of which depicted child pornography, the warrant said. Police said the photos were of girls between the ages of three and 11-years-old and police said the girls appeared to be engaged in sexual activity.
On March 6, police arrested another person from Michigan who was involved in the investigation. During their interrogation, the suspect told police that he had received photos from Fisher. Fisher appeared in court Wednesday morning."
This despicable individual, along with twenty-six others, used a website called "Kiddypics & Kiddyvids" to distribute child sexual molestation pictures and videos. The Justice Department said the site's "host" was Royal Raymond Weller (49) of 1897 Madison Street, Apt. E73 [Hunterchase Apts.], Clarksville, Tennessee. Weller, who went by the screen name G.O.D., was arrested March 6, 2006.
The "administrators" identified in the indictments are Jason Carter Wilson (49) of Milton, Florida; Michael T. Burns (45) of Reno, Nevada; Kenneth Mark Fisher (45) of Charlotte, North Carolina; Marcel Deslauriers of Longueuil, Quebec; and Mill Park of Victoria, Australia. One pedophile, Brian A. Annoreno of Bartlett, Illinois, (yes, I'm glad to provide the names and addresses of these creeps!) provided live "molestation on demand" webcasting. BTW, someone with the same name posted a request to adopt any child (age, sex, race didn't matter) on an adoption forum a few years back. I wonder why he wanted to adopt a child. ???

These perverts should be hung up by their toenails -- and so should groups such as NAMBLA and the Human Rights Campaign. NAMBLA is the extreme homosexual group that promotes sex between grown men and young children. HRC is another homosexual activist group that promotes NAMBLA's agenda, plus sadistic sex (among other perversions). DISGUSTING!

I realize that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but Kenneth Fisher and Raymond Weller have already proven their guilt, so I don't mind exposing them, their addresses and other information to everyone. If I can find pictures of the others, I'll gladly post those as well.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

TOPIC: Darryl Littlejohn: "What's all the fuss about?"
Murray Weiss, of the New York Post, should win a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of this case. His latest article in the POST covers Darryl Littlejohn's reaction to the slain student's disappearance:
"What's 'all the fuss' about, a steely cool Darryl Littlejohn told a patron of The Falls bar in the days just after another patron, Imette St. Guillen, was found brutally slain. Littlejohn icily told a regular at the SoHo gin mill where he worked that he was surprised at the level of interest in the case. He also didn't bat an eyelash when detectives grilled him about his whereabouts the morning St. Guillen disappeared. Seasoned investigators believe the ice in Littlejohn's veins is a sign of the prime suspect's overwhelming confidence that he has effectively covered his tracks, sources said.
In a new development, sources say Littlejohn worked for a bail-enforcement company in Passaic, N.J., and believe he could have gotten a bulletproof vest, badge and clothing there.An official with the outfit - the U.S. Recovery Bureau - said Littlejohn had taken a 30-hour course for a bail-enforcement license at a school it runs in Brooklyn."
This guy is going to be a tough nut to crack. Unfortunately, his attorney has taken the wrong tact -- way outside of his mandate. [See the Sope-Bocks post from 02/06/06] Mr. O'Donnell, Littlejohn's attorney, is already trying to make his client out as a victim by creating media sound bytes to accuse the police and press of using Darryl Littlejohn as a scapegoat.
A defense attorney's ONE and ONLY mandate is to make sure his client gets a fair trial. If this guy works diligently to get Littlejohn off by claiming a tainted jury, prejudiced venue or some other slimeball lawyer trick, HE should spend the remainder of his miserable life in jail -- with a lifesize poster of Imette St. Guillen in his cell -- being forced to look at her in life and in death. This kind of B.S. is why I can't stand 99% of lawyers in this country. They act like pure scumbags who will do anything to either take snatch greedily from citizens or get lowlifes like one Darryl Littlejohn off when guilt is more than obvious. Yea, I know -- I could blame the system. But I don't blame up the food chain. I blame the guys who are working hard to screw real victims out of justice. Enough of my soapbox rants... See ya tomorrow!

Monday, March 13, 2006

First, my apologies for not posting much over the past few days. I've been somewhat out of the loop on this story. However, I didn't want to simply drop it without any follow-up. Here's the latest from today's news...

TOPIC: Imette St. Guillen murder: An indictment should be handed down by tomorrow...

At right is Darryl Littlejohn's dark blue Dodge Ram 250 van. It is theorized that this is the van in which Littlejohn drove Imette St. Guillen away from The Falls bar. However, sources say witnesses place a tan or gray minivan near the spot where St. Guillen's body was found the next day. Littlejohn (or his mother) also own a tan/gray Ford Windstar minivan. That van is the one from which the back seat was removed from Littlejohn's home. Question -- Did Darryl Littlejohn use BOTH vans in the commission of the crime?
[The picture was taken by WABC-7 on March 7th, the night the van was towed to a police garage to collect DNA evidence in the St. Guillen rape/murder case.]

This afternoon, WABC-7 ( is reporting,
"Prosecutors in Brooklyn believe there is now enough evidence in this case to seek an indictment. The grand jury could begin hearing evidence as early as this afternoon. After two weeks of round-the-clock detective work and painstaking laboratory analysis, police say there is a direct link between the suspect and the crime. Traces of blood from Darryl Littlejohn were found on plastic ties that were used by the killer to bind the hands of Imette Saint Guillen.
Raymond Kelly, Police Commissioner: 'We're talking about the certainty of one in a trillion, so it is a very important piece of evidence for us.' The commissioner revealed that the suspect's cell phone records not only place him at or near where the body was found but essentially trace a direct route to the location.
ABC News has has learned that animal hairs found on the blanket used to wrap the victim have been traced directly to Darryl Littlejohn's cat. The commissioner said there is other evidence that links Littlejohn to other crimes, including ABC News has learned, a DNA connection to at least one unsolved rape case."

As for scumbag liar Dan Dorrian, one of The Falls' owners... The Boston Herald has this to say, "'Dan Dorrian is a dirtbag,” retired NYPD lieutenant Joe Cardinale told me last night. Cardinale is now a private investigator who volunteered to personally safeguard the St. Guillen family when they travel to New York City for Littlejohn’s arraignment. 'Him not talking possibly prevented crucial evidence to be recovered. The fact that he would only talk with a lawyer shows what kind of coward he really is.'" You can imagine the Dorrians should brace themselves for another lawsuit (Jennifer Levin's family sued them in the Preppie Killer case), only this one might be filed from Boston.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

TOPIC: More witnesses in St. Guillen slaying?
A homeless man who was sleeping in a park across from The Falls has told cops he saw [Darryl] Littlejohn drive a blue van up to the bar, go inside and then lead [Imette] St. Guillen out and into the vehicle. That account contradicts Littlejohn's claim to cops that he last saw her at the bar.1
Police are now reportedly questioning a second homeless person, who claims he saw Imette Saint Guillen leave a Soho bar on February 25th, the night she was raped and strangled. According to published reports, both witnesses say they saw Darryl Littlejohn drive Saint Guillen away from the Falls bar, where he worked as a bouncer.2
Although there has been a significant amount of circumstantial evidence implicating Littlejohn, until now, investigators had been stymied in physically linking him to the crime. DNA from the blood found on the plastic ties used to bind Imette St. Guillen as she was raped and murdered matched a DNA sample that Darryl Littlejohn had to submit to authorities as part of his parole agreement two years ago on an armed-robbery rap.
"It's a very important piece of evidence for us," [Police Commissioner] Kelly said. Still, "there is a lot more forensic work to be done in this case," he said. "We have a lot of materials to be examined both by our laboratory and the Medical Examiner's Office."3

Saturday, March 11, 2006

BlogOfTheDay: Bill Atkinson Nature Photography
This site is not a blog, but it is definitely worth mentioning. Bill Atkinson's photography is... in a word -- AWESOME! If you enjoy gorgeous nature photography, you'll love this website. FWIW, I aspire to be as good as Mr. Atkinson... one day. :-)

Friday, March 10, 2006

TOPIC: The Torn-Up Credit Card Application...
Do you receive credit card invitations in the mail? So do I. Well, an enterprising guy named Rob received an application from Chase... and wrote:
"I get a heck of a lot of credit card applications in the mail. A bunch for Visa, quite a few from Mastercard and tons of them from American Express. I almost always tear them in half and throw them away. Sometimes, if I am feeling particularly paranoid, I'll tear them into little bitty pieces.
Is that good enough? Could a determined and dexterous criminal gather all the bits, tape them together and apply for a card in my name? Would a credit card company balk when confronted with an obviously resurrected application?"

Very enlightening website! I have one thing to add -- that goes a step further towards protection...
I remove the personally identifiable information (pre-printed) from the application. That part is shredded, then the remainder of the application is thrown away in the rubbish cab. I toss out the shredded material once every two to three months. The regular trash is hauled to the dump weekly. There is virtually no way anyone could piece together a credit card application from the mail when handled this way.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

TOPIC: "They have their man," News reports say of Darryl Littlejohn...

~ Update: 3:45pm ~
FoxNews is reporting that law enforcement officers are NOT going to charge Darryl Littlejohn with Imette St. Guillen's murder -- for the time being. They are trying to tie him to other criminal activity. They have him on parole/probation violation charges, so as I wrote yesterday -- police and the FBI have time to work on evidence for the rape/murder charges. A Boston Herald article from earlier today states,
"Yesterday a Japanese woman picked Littlejohn from a photo array as the man who, posing as a federal agent, kidnapped her in Queens, raped her, wiped her body with disinfectant swabs and dropped her off late last year, sources told the Herald. Sources say similar disinfectant swabs were seized from Littlejohn’s Queens lair.
Although he is being held on parole violations, NYPD detectives plan to charge Littlejohn today with the rape of the Japanese woman. They also hope to charge him with the rape of a 19-year old woman who was handcuffed and thrown into the back of a blue van near the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens at about 4:30 a.m. Oct. 29.
"The victim (of the second rape) states that she was approached by a (man) dressed in a blue uniform who demanded identification,” according to an NYPD incident report. “The suspect then handcuffed the victim and put her into the back of a two-tone blue van.”
Long Island cops meanwhile are eyeing him in connection with the November rape of an Elmont woman, said Detective Lt. Kevin Smith of the Nassau County police.

~ Update: 12:30pm ~
As I type, NYC police are transferring Darryl Littlejohn to another precinct in order to place him in a line-up. He is being closely investigated in at least three New York metro area rape cases. [You can read more about the details in yesterday's post.]
In the meantime, news reports are surfacing that state forensics experts are saying carpet fibers from Littlejohn's flat in Queens match fibers found on Imette St. Guillen's face (under the tape). This means that the probability is quite high that Imette St. Guillen was physically in Littlejohn's home. In the defense's favor, the fibers could have been transferred from the home on Littlejohn's clothes, then onto St. Guillen when he escorted her from the bar. IMO, this is highly unlikely, but I'm sure such an argument will be made by Littlejohn's attorney.
Police have not yet charged Darryl Littlejohn with Imette St. Guillen's rape and murder primarily because they don't have much more than a lot of circumstantial evidence. They do believe the tan/gray Ford Windstar van is the "dumping vehicle" -- but tests have not yet matched DNA or other evidence. Law enforcement officials are waiting for additional DNA test results to be returned from forensics labs before proceeding with the case.
Even if he is not indicted for St. Guillen's murder, it looks like Darryl Littlejohn will be incarcerated for some sort of crime -- parole violation (curfew, weapons, etc); impersonating a law enforcement officer; sexual assault/rape -- something. His days of being free to roam the streets of New York are likely over. If he is really the lowlife he is made out to be, I am personally very glad he ended up being investigated.

Romans 8:28 tells us that "ALL things work to the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose." I don't know Imette's beliefs, but I do know that many people have been praying for the family, for the city and for the police to catch the scumbag who killed Imette. The good of this can be that some people re-examine how they live their lives; their decisions and their habits. Good could also come from getting a really bad guy off the streets forever. The inner workings of some businesses' shady dealings could be exposed. So many good things *could* come from this. I know that at least part of "the good" will come to fruition. Imette's earthly life was not lost in vain. Thank God for that fact.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

TOPIC: Ongoing investigation into St. Guillen murder...

~ Update: 1:30pm ~
The Boston Herald has also been unbelievably forthcoming in its investigation and reporting of the St. Guillen murder. Various reporters have been in constant contact with law enforcement officials. Today's report says [paraphrased],
“'There is a serial rapist posing as a federal agent, grabbing women, who has struck at least three times' in the New York City area, an official source said yesterday. Littlejohn has been known to impersonate law enforcement. He has a van. 'We are taking a very close look at those cases,' the source said. Several of Littlejohn’s Queens neighbors described the ex-con as a strange man who was often spotted wearing black jackets with the word 'Marshal emblazoned on the back. He was also seen sporting a badge around his neck.

In the three attacks, the rapist identified himself as an immigration officer before pulling the women into the van and throwing a blanket over their heads so they could not identify him, the sources said. He then drove to an underground garage, where the women were raped and sexually assaulted. Two of the three unsolved rapes that preceded St. Guillen’s assault and murder occurred around Forest Hills, Queens. Another took place in Long Island. All took place between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.

No DNA evidence was recovered from the three attacks. The victims told investigators their attacker wiped them down after the rape with some sort of disinfectant swabs, the police sources said. Investigators who searched Littlejohn’s residence in Queens from Monday evening into yesterday morning recovered alcohol swabs and plastic ties in his home, the sources said.

The NYPD has also recovered a resume that Littlejohn gave to The Falls that stated he worked for a 'federal fugitive recovery team' as a federal marshal, sources said. Co-workers at The Falls said Littlejohn came to work several times wearing a gun and bulletproof vest, in violation of his parole.

Littlejohn said he let friends use the van in New Jersey but did not recall who those friends were or where they lived, sources said." Emphasis was added by me.
Isn't it interesting, the more we learn about Darryl Littlejohn, the less he sounds like a guy who was trying to get himself together and "relax and take care of his children". He sounds more and more like a psycho who has a major fixation with authority, control/power and how he could use that control over people (specifically women). Posing as a law enforcement officer; wearing police garb; sporting a handgun... all signs of a fixation with law enforcement and/or power.

~ Update: 12:15pm ~

Murray Weiss of The New York Post has done an excellent job of covering this case. His lastest article states what I told Sope-Bocks readers earlier today,
"The cops' focus on Darryl Littlejohn in the brutal sex attacks surfaced after one shaken victim watched the past day's TV footage of investigators searching the bouncer's blue minivan parked in his driveway - and phoned police to tell them it appeared to be the vehicle in which she was raped, sources said.The woman was attacked in Queens late last year, part of an apparent pattern of at least three rapes in which the victims all gave similar descriptions of their attacker. A second rape also occurred in Queens, and the third took place in Nassau County, the sources said.
Investigators yesterday continued combing the hardened criminal's Queens home for clues as they try to build a case against him. Their latest haul included bags marked with blaring orange 'Biohazard' stickers and stuffed with such items as military green pants, a black wool hat and Timberland boots. They also towed away the minivan in Littlejohn's driveway - a dark-blue Dodge Ram 250.
In addition to that van, probers focused on his Ford Windstar, parked two blocks from the house, which matches a description of a vehicle spotted near where St. Guillen's body was dumped. The van was missing a row of seats, and cops yesterday removed a similar row of seats from Littlejohn's house."

WABC 7 adds, "According to published reports, police are now also looking at Littlejohn as a possible suspect in a series of rapes in Queens and Long Island. All three women say their attacker posed as a federal agent. Although Littlejohn was placed in a lineup he was not picked out."

This case is getting deeper and deeper. And although I'm glad to help in solving the case, I HATE it that some of my conjecture and suggestions have been correct -- because that means there is much more to find before they solve all of the crimes this perp has commited. I suspect the police and FBI will soon connect Littlejohn to at least a couple more unsolved rape/murder cases within the New York metro area.

Folks, I'm trying to keep "my game face on" and continue to work on clues, connections and reporting information to the blogosphere. However, inside I'm ANGRY! Why? Primarily because Imette St. Guillen's life could have been spared IF the management and employees of The Falls had been just a little bit diligent in looking out for their patrons. As the NY Daily News puts it, "Police sources said the investigation had been hobbled by the selfish actions of Manhattan barkeep Daniel Dorrian - whose brother Michael owns The Falls, a Lafayette St. pub where St. Guillen was last seen alive. 'He's a man with no conscience whatsoever,' a police source said of Dorrian. Dorrian first told cops St. Guillen left the pub alone around its 4 a.m. closing time. He changed his story over last weekend, telling cops he had ordered Littlejohn to escort a drunken St. Guillen out of the bar, sources said. Dorrian and other employees also finally told cops they heard St. Guillen and Littlejohn arguing after the two left the bar through a secret side exit. 'They heard yelling. More angry yelling, not fear,' a source said. 'No one called out for help or said they were being attacked.'
Think about it -- Imette could have been saved (whether Littlejohn is her killer or not) by someone taking a look outside when they heard the scream right after she left the bar. Just a little bit of responsibility for their fellow human being could have saved this poor, young girl from rape, torture and a horrific death (not to mention all her family/friends have been through). Thankfully, I am not God, nor do I make the decisions of ultimate justice. If I was, Danny and Michael Dorrian would be in a "world of hurt" right now.
OK, back to my "game face"... enough soapbox shouting...

~ Initial post: 9:15am ~
I have learned this morning that police are not only looking for clues that connect Darryl Littlejohn to Imette St. Guillen's murder, but also to other unsolved sexual crimes in the Manhattan/Queens areas. That move makes sense -- as many criminal profilers have said that the torture, rape and murder of St. Guillen is likely NOT the perp's first crime of this nature.
Not tooting my own horn, but the national news has now picked up on the Littlejohn alias to comic book connection I first mentioned on this blog a couple of days ago (then subsequently removed -- only to bring it back yesterday). I wonder if comic book efficionados can help us investigate whether or not there is really anything to be gleaned from the character names and the "personalities" of Darryl Littlejohn. I still believe police should look into the alias connection with porno movies -- as discovered by Steve Huff and shadowraiths.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

~ Update: 9:30pm ~
I am researching in an attempt to locate video evidence of Imette's St. Guillen's attacker -- using webcams, traffic cams and security cameras around Manhattan, Queens, the Belt Parkway and Brooklyn. Since I am not a New Yorker, and know little about the city, I have questions that readers may be able to assist with.

1) Are there traffic cams with archives at ANY of the following intersections?
Lafayette St. & Kenmare
Delancey & Bowery
Delancey & Allen
Williamsburg Pkwy & Pitt St
Williamsburg Pkwy & I-278 interchange
I-495 & Grand Central Pkwy E interchange
Grand Central Pkwy E & Jackie Robinson Pkwy
I-678 & ramp to Kennedy Airport
Springfield & Belt Pkwy E interchange
Belt Parkway E/W & Van Wyck Expy
Belt Pkwy W & Nassau Expy interchange

2) Are there image archives from the website's Queens Midtown Tunnel traffic cam that might be available for early morning Saturday, Feb. 25th?

3) Does the Aqueduct Racetrack have cameras trained on the Belt Parkway West? If so, were they active this past Saturday afternoon during the horse races? If so, can one clearly see the Belt from these cams?

TOPIC: Does an ex-con hold the missing pieces to the "Mummy Maniac" puzzle?

~ Update: 9:15pm ~
The police and FBI have time on their side now. Darryl Littlejohn, the prime suspect in the rape and torture death of Imette St. Guillen is sitting in a Rikers Island prison cell. Law enforcement officials have an open invitation to search his employer's business site, his home -- and by now -- his personal vehicle (found 2-3 blocks from his home). He could sit in jail, at their disposal, for up to 90 days before being given a parole hearing regarding his curfew violation (which he admitted to). Police also have a license tag associated with the tan Ford Windstar van (which supposedly belongs to Littlejohn or his mother). There could be additional DMV charges pending. Yep, law enforcement can sit back and let Littlejohn (aka Jonathan Blaze) sweat a bit.
My bet is they have several other "smaller" pieces of evidence, but nothing that says 100% Darryl Littlejohn and Imette St. Guillen were in the same place, at the same time (other than The Falls bar where he worked). Police removed the back seat of his van from the home earlier today. Tests will be run on everything they find on/in that seat.

[ASIDE: I was appalled at the careless way police were loading the minivan's rear bench seat into the patrol cruiser. It could be contaminated with other fibers, etc. ~or~ vital evidence could blow or shake off of the seat as it being hauled down the highway in the trunk of the cruiser. Careless -- and that will cost the police once Littlejohn's defense attorney gets a hold of the news footage. I sincerely hope the key evidence doesn't come from that seat. If it does, they may loose the case on a technicality.] Photo by WABC-7Online

DNA test results are imminent. If the skin fragments we have heard were under Imette's broken fingernails match Littlejohn's DNA, he will definitely be indicted for kidnapping, rape and murder. I'm also guessing his attorney is working on a potential plea bargain deal in the background. Only time will tell what comes of this case... but, then again, time is on the side of law enforcement right now.

~ Update: 8:55pm ~
Regarding Darryl Littlejohn (shown above in a 2003 mugshot using alias Jonathan Blaze), ABCNews is reporting,
"Police said that while several pieces of evidence pointed to Littlejohn, they did not, as of this afternoon, have enough pieces in place to ask the district attorney to charge him with the crime. This has been a frustration to detectives for several days now. Police placed him under surveillance for two days before bringing him in and holding him for questioning. During that time they obtained a DNA sample from an item he left behind while out in public, police sources said.
So late Monday evening, the New York State Department of Parole was notified and early this morning the 41-year-old ex-con was removed from the police station and taken back to jail on a parole violation — his second in a long, violent record of criminal convictions that date back to when he was eighteen."

~ Update: 4:15pm ~
Revised: 8:30pm - Added map links
My theory:
It was closing time -- around 4:00am. Imette got a little upset because she was being asked to leave The Falls, but wasn't able to finish her last drink. She was a bit intoxicated and possibly got a little loud with a waitress. The manager told the bouncer to get her out because the bar was closing. She protested as the bouncer escorted her out the door and someone closed the gate behind them. Since they had been chatting earlier in the evening, she quickly calmed down. He got into his vehicle and they chatted a bit, with her standing on the sidewalk. He offered her a ride home as there may not have been any cabs around. She was at ease, so she agreed -- and that decision sealed her fate.
Littlejohn, a parolee, may have made advances. St. Guillen may have been willing -or- she may have protested. He took her to his home in Queens. Whether she was willing or not, his rage ensued for some reason. Early on, he chopped off her hair as she fought back - scratching and scraping. But, he was going to be in control. He beat her in the face and chest -- and choked her, but not to the point of death. He raped and sodomized her -- all the while growing more and more angry. All those women in his life who had rejected him... His mother... All of that time spent in jail without the company of a female companion... VENGEFUL RAGE! Imette was still trying to scream and struggle, so he shoved a sock down her throat and taped her face up. At some point during the assault, she suffocated and died.
When the reality of what he had done started to set in, he knew he would spend the rest of his life in jail, if caught. So, he planned a strategy -- and mutilated her genitalia in an attempt to destroy "evidence". He used objects to rape and sodomize her bruised, lifeless body. Then, he wrapped her up in a blanket and drove to "the killing fields" of Brooklyn to dump her body. Either someone saw him-or- he had an accomplice. One or the other made the call to police from the Lindenwood Diner at 8:23pm.

BTW, other websites are now picking up on my report of the comic book names... and starting to include it in their coverage. Maybe I'm not crazy after all.

A detective told a FoxNews correspondent that police are "80% certain" that have Imette's killer in custody -- and that man is Darryl Littlejohn. Law enforcement officials told FoxNews they would have already charged Littlejohn if he had the scratches they would expect to find on the killer. This leads me to wonder if Littlejohn had an accomplice OR, if possibly they have the wrong guy (however far-fetched that idea might be). I am more and more convinced that Littlejohn is the killer -- and that someone close to him knows about it.

~ Update: 2:50pm ~
You might think I'm crazy, but I've been googling the aliases (for three days now) that Darryl Littlejohn has used over the years. It seems that Darryl Banks, Johnny Blaze and John Handsome all have connections to comic books. Have I lost my mind?!?
Another alias name, Derek Hansen, was a short story writer. The only reference I've found that makes sense for Damon Wells was a psycho killer who murdered a young brown-haired woman in Santa Clara, CA. in 1984.

~ Update: 2:20pm ~
Investigators looking for forensic evidence in the slaying of Imette St. Guillen scoured the basement flat of parolee Darryl Littlejohn - taking away the rear seat from his personal van. So,why is Littlejohn the focus of the rape and murder investigation? According to Tom Hays of the AP, "...the bar's owner [actually co-owner, John Kekalos of The Falls bar] and his lawyer came forward late last week saying he had ordered the bouncer, a 41-year-old parolee with an extensive criminal record, to toss her [Imette St. Guillen] out when she complained she wasn't being allowed to finish a drink, the official said. The owner said he later overheard 'some sort of arguing and a commotion' as the bouncer took her outside, the official said."3 Another version of the story is that the bouncer escorted the young patron out the side door (through a hallway). Employees heard and argument in the hallway, then a muffled scream.
The bouncer admitted he was talking to St. Guillen, and that he escorted her from the bar. Littlejohn told police Imette told him she was going to be an FBI agent. He reportedly told her that he had been a US Marshal. However, he says he left her on the street and never saw her again.
Darryl Littlejohn showed up for work the next evening -- with a visible scratch on his neck. To my knowledge, he has not given any plausible explanation for the scratch. Three days after her body was found, Littlejohn popped up at work again - this time on his day off - and was intently inquiring about the missing woman, the sources said.4 As a matter of record, Littlejohn's cell phone was recorded by his carrier as being around his home at 5:00pm the day St. Guillen was reported missing. The phone was also recorded as being within a mile of the dumping point around 6:00pm (initially incorrectly reported as 6:00AM). Remember, police were alerted to the presence of St. Guillen's body at 8:23pm that same night.
he search warrant executed on Littlejohn's home yesterday didn't include the van - sans license plates - parked in his Jamaica driveway. "He is a suspect," a detective close to the case said early this morning. "He is our only suspect."2

A NYC blogger, who used to work as an administrative assistant for a New York night club, writes, "I guess I could see how a small bar might not spend the time and resources to do background checks on employees. But The Falls is not a small 'one-off' bar; rather it's part of a chain-of-sorts that includes Dorrian's, Barna and The Falls. To me, this gives The Falls' owners little excuse for not checking out their employees pre-hiring." I have to agree. In the end, Michael "Jack" Dorrian and company will bear some liability in this matter -- whether or not Darryl Littlejohn is the murderer.

~ Update: 11:15am ~
FoxNews is reporting that The Falls co-owner & head chef, Danny Dorrian has changed his story. He originally told police Imette took a piece of paper from her purse, looked at it and then left the bar around 4:00am. Now, he says Imette St. Guillen and Darryl Littlejohn actually argued as she was escorted from The Falls by Littlejohn. Employees are now saying that the manager/owner told Littlejohn to "get her out of the building" because St. Guillen was "so drunk". FoxNews also says the owner (not known if the person is Michael Dorrian or John Kekalos) now states employees heard a muffled scream right after the bar closed the night Imette St. Guillen disappeared. The employees didn't pay much attention to the scream, according to statements attributed to "the owner". [The NY Post is credited with breaking this portion of the story.]

Forty-one year old (born 11/11/64), 5'7" Darryl Littlejohn has a 25-year criminal record, including prior felonies. He was denied parole in 2004 -- with the NY State Parole Board saying he was "a menace to society". However, parole was somehow granted two months later. I have not been able to ascertain how long Littlejohn has been employed by The Falls pub. Incidentally, Littlejohn is currently being held on a parole violation -- his curfew is 9:00pm, but he worked at The Falls until 4:00am each night.
WHAT is going on with this bar and the people who work there? Personally, I don't put much trust in any statements coming from Michael Dorrian, Danny Dorrian, John Kekalos or their employees. They have lied to police more than once already. Unfortunately, this fact could cloud the issue and hinder law enforcement efforts to solve this bizarre murder.

A Falls waitress told Clint Van Zandt of MSNBC (who walked Imette's last steps) that last call comes shortly after 3:30 a.m., “and at 4 a.m. we throw everyone out.Dr. Van Zandt asks other good questions:
"Why would her [Imette's] murderer intentionally dispose of clothing and personal items, seemingly to frustrate efforts to identify her body, yet leave her by the side of a road and under the only street light? Only a few feet beyond where she was found was a slight but weeded incline, leading to an estuary below, and nearby, was tall grass. This would have been an obvious way to conceal her body... Police are still attempting to identify the anonymous caller who somehow had a reason to go down this lonely road and see a bedspread rolled up, lying alongside the road. Was the caller Imette’s killer, and if so, why did he want her body to be found?" 1

~ Update: 9:15am ~
CBS2 (KUTV) reports this morning, "An ex-con who works as a bouncer in New York City may hold key clues to the murder mystery surrounding the death of a graduate student. Police have been holding him now for more than a day but have not made an arrest.
This morning police are still questioning the bouncer who worked a SoHo bar where student Imette St. Guillen was last seen alive. Investigators are calling him a 'a person of interest' and he has not been charged.
Investigators spent at least six hours at the home where the bar employee lives with search warrants for the first floor, the basement and the driveway. ... Crime scene investigators seemed to pay particular attention to the driveway of the man's home. They were looking for different types of samples, blood and hair, and different types of things that they listed on there. There were a number of items on there - like 12 or 13 items." I've also learned that the back seat of Darryl Littlejohn's tan Ford minivan has been removed by forensics investigators. Police sources were careful to say that they are "covering the bases" right now -- and that the van is not necessarily the place where any crime took place.
Eyewitness News Reporter Nina Pineda (WABC 7) adds, "... police sources tell us he [Littlejohn] clammed up after so much questioning. And sources say he has hired a lawyer and the FBI is here [75th Precinct]. "
NOTE: It is VERY important to note that Darryl Littlejohn has NOT been charged in the death of Imette St. Guillen. The news media, the Sope-Bocks blog (along with many others) are speculating and discussing theories. The man is innocent until he (or someone else) confesses or is proven guilty. Let's not have a media trial and conviction. We do not yet know who raped and murdered Imette. All we know is what police sources are telling us -- and what conclusions we can draw from that information.
WABC reports Maureen Saint Guillen, Victim's Mother: "I think the New York Police Department are doing a terriffic job. The comfort comes really from the support I've been receiving from people everywhere. I was amazed by the outpouring of love and caring that people have shown me and I think that right now I'm in a state of shock. Plus I have to tell you that I've kept it totally separate. I haven't read any papers, I haven't watched any news reports. I don't know all details of it and that's the only way I'm functioning right now."

~ Initial post: 12:15am ~
The NY Times is now reporting "According to a law enforcement official, who requested anonymity because the investigation is continuing, a witness has said that the bouncer, identified by his aunt as Darryl Littlejohn, had been asked to show Ms. St. Guillen out of the bar about 4 that morning because it was closing."
We've also been told Ms. Guillen was noticably drunk; and that Littlejohn was asked by management to take her outside.

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