Friday, August 15, 2008

Bigfoot Global LLC - Bigfoot Expeditions... or Wrecker Service?

This post is not offered to cast any doubt on
Rick Dyer's business (or his family business).

It is simply more evidence that proves a connection between Bigfoot Global LLC and Big Foot Towing, most likely owned or run by Ric Dyer's family in Ellenwood or Forest Park, Ga. As some folks have challenged the connection between the two, I felt compelled to show further evidence.

It seems the someone from the business that owns is also very active on the CraigList. The phone number used for some of their sales is the same as the one posted on as the reservations line for Matt Whitton and Ric Dyer's $499.00 weekend Bigfoot Expeditions. You know, the one that sold out in two days. Don't worry, though. If you don't need a tow truck, they can set you up with reservations for their September weekend expedition into the mountains of northern Georgia -- for $499.00 per person.

Here are a couple more items that may be evidence of the connection -- lest someone think the phone number was transferred from one business to another:
  • The green Caddy STS seen in the video from 8/14/08 was being offered on Craiglist in this ad -- with the same 864 phone number.
I bet I'm wasting my time with all this investigation, though. My guess is -- as the clock ticks towards 12:00 noon PST, Whitton and Dyer will come out with a story that Bigfoot's body has been stolen -- complete with pictures of a busted door, ransacked storage room and blood trail. The DNA samples and the resulting "evidence" will fade into the ether and Tom Biscardi will be the spokesman at the very short press conference (if it even occurs).

BUT, there's still hope! Bigfoot Global LLC and Biscardi will gladly take $499.00 -- and then haul you out to the woods for the weekend, so that you can search for the other three Bigfoot they saw while Rick Dyer was dragging a 500 lb dead weight corpse of a 7' 7" male Bigfoot through the underbrush of a north Georgia mountain. Uh, huh! Wink, nudge. Sure thing...

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