Sunday, November 30, 2008

More Pro-Life Censorship -- At a Catholic University

Twice in two weeks, pro-life advertisements from Human Life Alliance have been denied access to college students -- this time at Gonzaga University. "We're saddened to learn Gonzaga University, a Catholic school, has refused to accept 'We Know Better Now,' our pro-life advertising supplement for 'The Gonzaga Bulletin,'" said Joe Langfeld, Deputy Director for Human Life Alliance. "As a non-profit organization dedicated to educating students on the humanity of the pre-born child and gruesome realities of abortion we use college newspapers to reach 19- 24 year-olds who are the number one age group of abortion participants."

When asked to run the advertising supplement, officials from "The Gonzaga Bulletin" rejected the inserts stating, "There are articles in the insertion that cast a negative light on various organizations or individuals. While these statements may be true, we simply cannot insert them in our paper per our advertising policies."

"Of course some statements in our publication are objectionable to 'various organizations or individuals.' We present documented truth about the largest abortion chain in the nation, Planned Parenthood, and its founder Margaret Sanger," noted Langfeld. "The business of abortion is ugly and we think college and university students have a right to read the facts from someone other then abortion providers."

The Gonzaga denial comes on the heels of another rejection at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA last week. "Fortunately, there's good news to report from Allegheny. After phone calls, emails and a visit form a local HLA supporter, student editors have agreed to insert 'We Know Better Now' in the January 19, 2009 issue of 'The Campus' student newspaper", Langfeld said. "We're thrilled these students have communicated with HLA and agreed to give us a voice on their campus."

More information about Human Life Alliance and "We Know Better Now" is available at

Thursday, November 27, 2008


The Sope-Bocks wishes you and yours a blessed and wonderful holiday...



Allegheny College Violates Their Mission Statement

It's time to tell Allegheny College that their censorship is not only irresponsible, but violates the tone and verbage of their Mission Statement. That statement reads:

Allegheny’s undergraduate residential education prepares young adults for successful, meaningful lives by promoting students’ intellectual, moral, and social development and encouraging personal and civic responsibility. Allegheny's faculty and staff combine high academic standards and a commitment to the exchange of knowledge with a supportive approach to learning. Graduates are equipped to think critically and creatively, write clearly, speak persuasively, and meet challenges in a diverse, interconnected world.

What a load of crap!
Censoring the "exchange of knowledge" regarding abortion is not, in any way, promoting "moral and personal responsibility". Also, how can a student be taught to "think critically" when the idea that abortion is fine, well & good is the only idea openly expressed -- and all competing ideas are censored?!?

I truly hope that the Allegheny Christian Outreach, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Ford Chapel Deacons, Hillel, Newman Organization, Islamic Awareness Society, and Sojourners Christian Fellowship are all "raising Cain" with the staff of The Campus for not only censoring the literature offered by Human Life Alliance, but also for STEALING their money.

I would encourage everyone to contact Allegheny College to complain about the censorship and theft. There are also a few other people who need to be contacted regarding this issue:
  • Gretchen Symons, Director of Student Activities:
  • Kate Gullatta, Assistant Director of Student Activities:
  • Barb Steadman, Director of Public Affairs:
  • Penny Frank, Assistant Director of Public Affairs:
  • Thomas Hughes, Editor of The Campus newspaper:

Censorship of Pro-Life Information Begins on Pennsylvania Campus

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Officials at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania refuse to run an advertising supplement on abortion in the student newspaper, "The Campus." The 12-page advertising supplement "We Know Better Now," sponsored by Human Life Alliance, provides detailed information on pregnancy and the impact of abortions on student's lives.

"Our goal is to provide information on the humanity of the pre-born child and gruesome realities of abortion," stated Jo Tolck, executive director for Human Life Alliance. At Allegheny College, officials for "The Campus" had already accepted payment for the November 13 edition when a local supporter noticed it did not appear in the paper. "We were shocked the paper would take the money, have us ship 1500 copies of 'We Know Better Now' and then refuse to run the advertisement," said Tolck. "Newspapers have a right to reject advertisements, but Allegheny College student newspaper officials had ready accepted the ad., scheduled a run date and received both the supplements and payment."

Human Life Alliance has not received any communication from Allegheny College newspaper staff since they were notified of the rejection. "We contacted the newspaper upon learning that our insert didn't make it into 'The Campus' and were told our advertisement was too controversial--even after they had accepted the advertising fee," Tolck said. "The Campus" staff have been unresponsive to Human Life Alliance's request to clarify the situation. "At this point, they can't even find the advertising supplements and we have the tracking information confirming delivery," said Tolck. "We see this type of censorship all the time. It's a shame that on a college campus some individuals still oppose free and open discussion of issues relevant to students."

More information about Human Life Alliance and "We Know Better Now" is available at

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Child Sexual Exploitation in U.S. and Canada in Global Spotlight

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Creating safe havens for trafficked children in the U.S. and increasing legal enforcement against child sex tourism in Canada should be two of the highest priorities for policies in North America to protect children from sexual exploitation, according to a report published jointly by Canadian and U.S. non-governmental organizations (NGOs) this month.

The report is being submitted to the World Congress III Against Sexual Exploitation of Adolescents and Children - a major international conference taking place in Rio de Janiero, Brazil next week. While the report found many important steps have already been taken in Canada and the U.S. to confront child sexual exploitation, notably the passage of strong laws in both countries, it also highlights gaps that must be filled. "One of the major gaps in Canada highlighted in this report is our very weak and ineffective sex offender registry", says Rosalind Prober, President of Beyond Borders. "If we are serious about child protection, this registry needs an immediate upgrade." The Canadian federal law that makes sexually exploiting a child in another country a crime punishable in Canada was found to not be adequately enforced. "In Canada, the lack of legal action against child sex tourism is the most glaring law enforcement gap," states the report. "While child trafficking is beginning to be recognized in Canada with several recent prosecutions, there remains significant room for further enforcement action against traffickers and commercial child sex abusers." According to Benjamin Perrin, Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, "Canada convicted just one of its child sex tourists in the decade after promising to crack down on them in 1996 at the First World Congress Against Sexual Exploitation of Children."

In the U.S. commercially sexually exploited children are too often arrested instead of offered assistance and protection, because there are so few shelters equipped to care for their special needs. "Police officers are really in a bind in most cities. Girls as young as 12 years old are rescued from their pimps, but there are so few places to bring them. They end up in jail, with a criminal record. This has to stop," says Carol Smolenski, Executive Director of ECPAT-USA. "It is a tragedy that a child who is prostituted in American almost always goes to jail for the crime that is committed against her, while her trafficker is sometimes punished and her buyer rarely faces any punishment at all," said Shared Hope International President and Founder Linda Smith.

Other recommendations that emerged from the meeting include:
  • creating a national plan of action in the United States
  • developing Child Advocacy Centers in Canada
  • focusing on prevention in both countries.
The full report can be read at:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

President-elect Obama Reveals His Position as 'The Abortion President'

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On Sunday, transition advisors to the President-elect have revealed a potential list of executive orders that Mr. Obama would reverse once he became President. They include reversing a provision barring international organizations that receive American aid from counseling about the availability of abortions and reversing President Bush's ban of federal funds for embryonic stem cell research.

The Christian Defense Coalition, along with other faith organizations, warned that if Barack Obama were elected he would be the "most radical pro-abortion President" in American history. The reversing of these executive orders would offend millions of Americans in the faith community and betrays President-elect Obama's public statements about building bridges of unity with differing groups and being a President that respects faith and social justice.

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, comments,
"It was with a profound sense of disappointment that I heard President-elect Obama's transition advisors publicly talking about reversing some life affirming executive orders once he becomes President. If Mr. Obama reverses the 'Mexico City Policy,' which forbids groups that receive American aid from counseling women about the availability of abortion, it would greatly increase abortions around the world. It would also create a scenario in which American evangelicals and Catholics would be paying for abortion referrals through their tax dollars.
If President-elect Obama reverses this policy, it would show a complete and blatant disregard for the faith values of millions of American Christians as well as expanding the violence and tragedy of abortion worldwide. America should be exporting justice and human rights not brutality and violence.
Mahoney further questions, Is this what President-elect Obama means by hope and change? By reversing the ban on federal funds being used for embryonic stem cell research, Mr. Obama again shows a lack of respect for social justice and the deeply held beliefs of millions in the faith community. Embryonic stem cell research is the tragic destroying of human life and with modern breakthroughs in stem cell research is no longer needed.

We invite President-elect Obama to step into the world of modern medical technology and move away from archaic barbaric medical practices. We warned America that if Barck Obama were elected he would be 'The Abortion President.' Sadly, that appears to be the case. Since these decisions have not been made, we invite the faith community and all people of good will to pray that President-elect Obama will embrace a culture of life and stand for social justice and equality for all. We also invite the pro-life community to come to Washington, D.C. on January 21-24, 2009 to be part of 'The Birmingham Letter Project' in which people will be able to participate in a prayerful and prophetic witness for life.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Bright Side of President Obama

Conceding defeat of conservative values in lieu of extreme liberalism is not an easy thing to do. But, it's clear this morning that Democrats and liberals (assuming there is a difference) have been given the majority of power across the political spectrum. So, let's try to look for a bright side...
  1. A black man has become president of the United States of America. Just 50 years ago, the black man was still being subjected to clear-cut discrimination in many areas of life.
  2. There will be kids in the White House. We haven't, as a country, had multiple young children in the Rose Garden since the Kennedy presidency.
  3. The President and Congress cannot blame each other for partisan politics. Democrats have a clear majority in the House of Representatives, the Senate -- and now a Democratic President.
On a lighter, more humorous note, it would have been awesome having a hot looking First Lady, a hot "First Daughter" and a hotter Vice President. Oh well, it's early and the day talking heads haven't gotten started yet this morning.

I'm sure there are bright sides to an Obama presidency -- though I could come up with only three so far. I'll truthfully try to think of more. Your "bright side" comments are welcome -- but let's keep it apolitical. 

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

It's a Dark Day in America - Socialism Wins the White House

President Obama the SocialistIn my opinion, it's a very dark day in America. With the majority of Electoral College votes being called for Barack Obama, it looks like socialism, liberalism and extremism will win the White House. Right now, Fox News Channel and NBC both show: Obama = 220 / McCain = 138.

For the record, I could care less what color Barack Obama's skin is. What I do care about is his record -- and he is clearly the most liberal Senator in recent history. He has sold the American people a lie -- that he is moderate, non-partisan and prepared for the Oval Office. As much as I hate that innocent citizens will suffer, the vindictive side of me hopes we (America) gets what we deserve for voting socialism into the White House.

I have to give 'em this much -- The Democrats and liberals (assuming there is a difference) did their job. They got the vote out -- and seem to have won many key elections across America. Unfortunately, the trend is pretty clear that Barack Obama will win the presidency. Just thinking about the bitchy attitude of Michelle Obama as our First Lady makes me want to puke. Sorry, but that's how I feel about her. And then there's the incredulous Joe Biden as Vice President. Where has integrity in the highest echelons of our government gone?

In my state, it looks like John McCain won the electoral vote, Kay Hagan (D) has beat Lady Dole and Beverly Perdue (D) will be our next governor (beating Pat McCrory). 

It's 10:45pm ET here in North Carolina. I don't see any big surprises coming, so it's time for bed. Before I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord our country to keep. We're going to need it!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Teen Pregnancy Linked to Watching Sexy TV Shows

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Groundbreaking research suggests that pregnancy rates are much higher among teens who watch a lot of TV with sexual dialogue and behavior than among those who have tamer viewing tastes.

"Sex and the City," anyone? That was one of the shows used in the research. The new study is the first to link those viewing habits with teen pregnancy, said lead author Anita Chandra, a Rand Corp. behavioral scientist. Teens who watched the raciest shows were twice as likely to become pregnant over the next three years as those who watched few such programs.

Previous research by some of the same scientists had already found that watching lots of sex on TV can influence teens to have sex at earlier ages. Shows that highlight only the positive aspects of sexual behavior without the risks can lead teens to have unprotected sex "before they're ready to make responsible and informed decisions," Chandra said.

The study was released today in the November issue of Pediatrics. It involved 2,003 12- to 17-year-old girls and boys nationwide questioned by telephone about their TV viewing habits in 2001. Teens were re-interviewed twice, the last time in 2004, and asked about pregnancy. Among girls, 58 became pregnant during the follow-up, and among boys, 33 said they had gotten a girl pregnant.

Participants were asked how often they watched any of more than 20 TV shows popular among teens at the time or which were found to have lots of sexual content. The programs included "Sex and the City," "That '70s Show" and "Friends." Pregnancies were twice as common among those who said they watched such shows regularly, compared with teens who said they hardly ever saw them. There were more pregnancies among the oldest teens interviewed, but the rate of pregnancy remained consistent across all age groups among those who watched the racy programs.

Chandra said TV-watching was strongly connected with teen pregnancy even when other factors were considered, including grades, family structure and parents' education level. But the study didn't adequately address other issues, such as self-esteem, family values and income, contends Elizabeth Schroeder, executive director of Answer, a teen sex education program based at Rutgers University. "The media does have an impact, but we don't know the full extent of it because there are so many other factors," Schroeder said.

But Bill Albert, chief program officer at the nonprofit National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, praised the study and said it "catches up with common sense."

"Media helps shape the social script for teenagers. Most parents know that. This is just good research to confirm that," Albert said. Still, U.S. teen pregnancies were on a 15-year decline until a 3 percent rise in 2006, the latest data available. Experts think that could be just be a statistical blip. And Albert noted that the downward trend occurred as TV shows were becoming more sexualized, confirming that "it's not the only influence."

Psychologist David Walsh, president of the National Institute on Media and the Family, cited data suggesting only about 19 percent of American teens say they can talk openly with a trusted adult about sex. With many schools not offering sex education, that leaves the media to serve as a sex educator, he said. "For a kid who no one's talking to about sex, and then he watches sitcoms on TV where sex is presented as this is what the cool people do," the outcome is obvious, Walsh said. The message to parents is to talk to their kids about sex long before children are teens. Parents also should be watching what their kids watch and helping filter messages sex-filled shows are sending, he said.