Sunday, August 17, 2008

Georgia Bigfoot Update... Nada

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Looks like there's nothing new to report in the Georgia Bigfoot investigation. It seems that Matthew Whitton, Rick Dyer and Tom Biscardi disappeared after their so-called press conference Friday afternoon.

Their 15 minutes of fame are just about over. ... aside from the arrest warrants and court proceedings that may be to come.

Matthew Whitton is probably updating his resume because his law enforcement career is likely over. Who's gonna take him seriously? Can you see him testifying for LE in a court case? Ha!

Ric Dyer (or is it Rick) might need to rethink his career choice, too. Selling used cars and parts is a rather shaky business, in the area of integrity, already. Who's gonna believe anything he has to say about all those cars & parts he sells online?

I wonder how long it will take after a lawsuit or criminal charges are filed -- for the two to turn on each other and the real story comes out. My guess, less than 15 minutes.

One thing I found early on, but never dug deeper, nor reported on, is Ric's YouTube channel. Even though one fan of the so-called Rickmat calls me an idiot for mentioning the contradictions in their YT videos, the evidence of lies in their recent past has spilled over into any serious claims they have for a Bigfoot sighting -- or the corspe in the freezer. At this point, the only reason to believe the owners of Bigfoot Global LLC have a real Bigfoot body is because they said so. The so-called "evidence" is non-existent, at this point.

Maybe we should wait, and reserve judement, until Tom Biscardi assembles "a team of scientists including a molecular biologist, an anthropologist, a paleontologist and other scientists" and the necropsy is complete. BTW, I wonder how many weeks it takes to assemble a team of scientists. After all, Biscardi has supposedly known about the Bigfoot for a couple of weeks now, right? Of course... they have to fly in from Russia. My bad. Oh, and the film team needs to arrive from Arizona before they can start.

In the meantime, how about getting the other five or so people who've seen the Bigfoot carcass to step out and provide some credibility to the claims? Why? Cuz that's not gonna happen. No one with a real life and job is going to risk their career and reputation to back Rick Dyer and Matt Whitton (who is also somehow named Gary Parker).

The VERY least they could do is have a decent photographer take a few pictures of the body and release those. While there would continue to be a lot of disbelief, clear and properly lighted photos would greatly help their case. OR, they could release the entire video of the Bigfoot who "paralleled" them in the forest. But, that's not going to happen either. Why? Because you can't take a convincing picture of a Halloween costume, a rug or a mask.

Yep, the clock is ticking... and it looks like 14 minutes of their 15 of minutes of fame are over.


Epic Gilgamesh said...

Great stuff Charlie, we just added a post that should send some traffic your way! From all of us at (Bigfoot Researcher's Lunch Club) we salute you!

Charlie said...

THANKS for the link -- and for your work. Glad to know the blogosphere cracked the case -- and forced those clowns to admit the hoax. Now, I'm waiting for the lawsuits to start...