Friday, August 15, 2008

"Interview" with Matthew Whitton of Bigfoot Global LLC - Part Deux

Matthew Whitton"Interview" Part Deux:
The following is a transcript excerpt of Matt Whitton's comments from the press conference -- and my follow-up questions and comments (if I was there):

Matt Whitton:
"...Tom Biscardi and his team and maybe search, at a later date, for some more."
SB: Matt, are you not already selling Bigfoot expeditions on your website? Did you not already report that your next expedition is sold out -- and that it sold out in just two days? Didn't you say the next open expedition is in September? [Reviews video yet again] Yep, that's what you said Matt. Hmm....

Matt Whitton: "At the time we were not looking for a Bigfoot. That's the interesting thing... We wouldn't know what we were doing, if we did it."
SB: Now, that's the first thing you've said that I can believe and righteously quote. Thank you.

Matt Whitton: "Like I said, we were hiking in the woods, deep in the woods. It was actually laying next to a stream... The first thing that pops into your head is, 'Bigfoot" and then you take a step back and you think, you know, that can't be... cuz I didn't believe in Bigfoot at the time."
SB: Mr. Whitton, Matt, Gary... um, haven't you said numerous times that YOU are a Bigfoot tracker -- with years of experience and tens of thousands of dollars invested in hunting Bigfoot? Are you now to have us believe that you have been spending money, investing time and hunting something you never believed in before you found one laying on the forest floor? That's incredible!

Matt Whitton: "I've seen the films and I've seen things on television before, so you have to come to terms with it and realize that you've got something special. And, that's what is was."
SB: So, what you're saying is that you've never actually hunted nor tracked Bigfoot before. In fact, you've never even been out in the woods to look for Bigfoot before? You only watched TV in regards to your knowledge of Bigfoot? Is that what you're telling us now Matt?

Reporter: Are you worried that [the species is going to be in trouble now]?
Matt Whitton: "That's why I'm not revealin' the location. We have no intentions of revealing that to the public. Om, I'm sure north Georgia is gonna be pretty busy right now, as a whole ... my intention with this is to protect the species."
SB: Gary... um, Matt. What is your real name anyway? Oh well, on with the question... Previously, you stated that you didn't reveal the location of your find so that other hunters wouldn't move in on your territory. Have you now become more conservation minded -- in favor of protecting the species and observing these creatures in their natural habitat. No wait. I answered my own question -- or actually you did. You're on record as saying you plan to use a take-down dog to capture and subdue another Bigfoot and then bring it in alive. So, how is it that not revealing the location is going to protect the species? I'm really confused.

When asked if he and Dyer have pictures of the Georgia Bigfoot that were alive, Whitton replied, "Yes, they have been filmed as well ... In the future will be released... some of the most clear footage... it's not blurry footage that you see on these other...ah...shows."


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Anonymous said...

SB you are an idiot. Why the hostility? You continue to reference the youtube videos, when it has been stated at the press conference that those videos were just a spoof and they were having some fun, and in those videos he does still say that they have the body. I cant say that I believe them for sure, time will tell.