Friday, August 15, 2008

New Photos of the Georgia Bigfoot

Bigfoot - also known as Sasquatch in Canada, the Yeti in Asia, Mapinguari in the Amazon, and Yowie in Australia - is a humanoid creature said to wander the wooded wilds of the Pacific Northwest.

According to Matt Whitton, Rick Dyer and Tom Biscardi, what you see here is proof positive that Bigfoot exists -- and they (yes, at least three) live in the mountains of northern Georgia. According to their YouTube videos, they will even take you to "find a live one" (if you have $499.00 and a weekend to spare).

The first was reportedly taken by Whitton or Dyer as they were dragging the 500lb corpse of a dead male Bigfoot out of the woods. It's supposed to show a sasquatch following the small group in the forest. The second picture shows what Biscardi called a closeup of the mouth of the deceased Bigfoot. All of the photos show a copyright for, Tom Biscardi's website.

I've given some time to investigating Matthew Whitton and Ric Dyer, their claims, their business and other associations. At this point, NOTHING gives me much faith in their "evidence". Then again, they "have the body" -- and I have not seen it "in person". So, I guess we'll have to wait for the second series of DNA results, the autopsy (which is promised for next) and the results of the Russian scientists' reports.

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