Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bigfoot Global LLC really Big Foot Towing Company?

UPDATED: 11:40am 08/15/08
I conducted further research on the website and other data on Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer. Guess what I found?

Bigfoot seems to be a theme for Whitton and/or Dyer. One of their families, most likely Rick Dyer's, works at or owns Big Foot Towing in Forest Park or Ellenwood, Ga. In fact, a tow truck with the name Big Foot Towing and what appears to be the same number where they take reservations for their Bigfoot expeditions was for sale on Craiglist not too long ago. Furthermore, the green Caddy Ric drives in one YouTube video is the same one being sold in this ad -- posted with the same 770-864-xxxx phone number.

Lest Matt Whitton turn his teddy bear's wrath on me in the next YouTube video, here is proof of the connection to Bigfoot Global LLC -- from their website's source HTML:

'keywords' content='BIGFOOT , GEORGIA , TOURS ,EXPEDITIONS, sasquatch, missing link, Yeti, Yetti, Big Foot merchandise and shirts'
'description' content='BIGFOOT Expeditions into the mountains, foot hills and swamps of the South eEastern US. BIG FOOT TIP LINE! and ACCESSORIES. RESERVATIONS 770-864-4949

It's funny how Matthew Whitton claims (at 7:24 in this video) that they "go all out with this business" as he implies they have purchased a tow truck "in case we get on something big we can't haul off ourselves". Yeah, borrowing the Dyer's tow truck and going down the road from the trailer park to film a YouTube video is really going "all out".

At 2 minutes, 56 seconds in this YouTube video, they flash the text, "Having to buy a tow truck $38000". Um, is this yet another lie?!? If not, why pay $38,000 for a tow truck when you have one for sale on Craiglist for $8,000.00?!?


Alien Contactee said...

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I think they shot him and are putting it off on some parolee stranger. Where does the bullet come into play originally and how do they just accidentally run into the guy who shot him.

If this is not a hoax and if that is a human with hypertrichosis, they're up a creek without a paddle because someone is looking at murder now.

At this point they would want it to be a hoax. lol It's all so fishy.

I was half asleep when I read your comment last night and only skimmed it. I had been up since 3am the previous night. Went to bed at 2am last night so was up 23 hours.

This all will get real interesting now.


Chubbles said...

great post. Can it be determined when Bigfoot Towing started as a business- they now claim that they had no interest in bigfoot until they found the body. Thus starting the website and the claims of the "best" after they found the body on or after the early June date they cant remember exactly. If the towing company predates the find by any amount of time it shows they have had a bf obsession for some time.

Alien Contactee said...

I honestly believe now that it's all a big scam by the boys.

I just can't see anything coming out of it. The DNA came back bad and they're saying that it must have not been handled properly. To have opossum blood mixed with human blood tells me that they thought they could snow a geneticist. It's almost a comedy act now.

They won't tell anyone where the body is now either, which is also suspicious. Time will tell.