Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is Bigfoot in a Georgia Man's Freezer?

Edited: 08/20/08
bigfootpolice is not Whitton's YouTube account
In case you haven't heard the latest controversy over Bigfoot, a couple of guys down near Forest Park, Georgia say they have the body of a male Bigfoot. Loren Coleman's Cryptomundo and Thomas Biscardi's both have pictures and other information from the story, so I won't rehash it here. Besides, the photos' owners are already talking about suing people who use their copyrighted pics. Anyway, some of the mass media has also picked up the story. Even ran an article today.

Let me state the following at the outset, since money is likely the whole reason this story is making the rounds anyway... Matthew Whitton (AKA Gary Parker) and Ric Dyer -- one a smalltown police officer and the other a former prison guard -- own a website called, along with Bigfoot Global LLC, a Bigfoot expedition company. With their dog, Deuce, they claim to be "the world's best Bigfoot hunters".

Forteans researching the topic of Bigfoot, Yeti or Sasquatch need to know these guys, who say they found the dead male specimen of an ape-like creature, are... well, let's just say they seem to be a few fries short of a happy meal. Under the production credits of M&R Films, here is a video they posted on YouTube. Believe me, it's strange... and in the end appears to be little more than a backwoods macho advertisement for their website,

[NOTE: was registered on June 16 of this year.] Isn't it odd that a world reknown Bigfoot tracker would not have a website setup until right around the time he supposedly finds a Bigfoot dead in the woods of north Georgia?

ASIDE: Isn't it interesting that these two goof balls call Tom Biscardi (who makes some of his living off Bigfoot hunting) the one person whom they would allow to see the body -- when they claim to be the best Bigfoot hunters in the world? If they are the best, why do they need Biscardi? Their reputation and the "corpse in the freezer" should be definitive proof.

It seems that some other skeptics have had a go at the two via comments on YouTube, email and even phone calls. But why wouldn't people be skeptical? After all, they tried to pull a hoax by depicting Matt Whitton's brother as a scientist who had flown in from Texas to examine the Bigfoot body. They called him Dr. Paul Van Buren, which is NOT his name. His real name is Martin "Marty" Whitton. He's a photographer -- who actually does live in Texas.

Fortunately, real investigators took mere hours to prove that "Dr. Van Buren" was Whitton's brother. Within a couple of days, Whitton posted another YouTube video admitting the hoax. The odd thing is that Whitton and Dyer never really apologize for lying. All the while, they continually call those who found them out losers, etc. -- many for not posting their real names on YouTube.

In the same YouTube video, these two "Bigfoot trackers" take issue with competing Bigfoot hunters -- including bad mouthing them, their businesses and their websites. In a desperate attempt at humor, Whitton and Dyer use a teddy bear to talk trash with some bravado. WEIRD!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think the guy or gal who calls himself 'bigfootpolice' on youtube and Matt are the same. I've been watching most of this saga unfold since the beginning and 'bigfootpolice' didn't come onto the scene until the original posts by 'rdyer' dissapeared. Just a thought...