Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama is destroying the work of Dr. King!

Finally, a black pastor who is not suckered by Barack Hussein Obama. That is not a racist statement, but one of my own observation. I've seen so very few blacks who dare challenge the direction in which Barack Obama will take our country.

The Reverend James Manning is calling on a boycott of CNN, Oprah Winfrey, the NY Times, ABC, CBS and NBC. He is also calling blacks to stop all giving to the NAACP -- singularly because it supports fascists -- in the form of Barack Obama. Reverend Manning is serious -- and makes some excellent points. Listen to his words with an open mind! If you believe his calls for boycott will awaken the black community, then please pass a link to the website (or this blog post) along. If I say something against Obama, I'm called a bigot. But, if someone respected in the black community, such as Reverend Manning, says the same thing -- he is heard. So, let him be heard!

"Obama is destroying the work of Dr. King!"
YouTube Video on the website:

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