Friday, August 15, 2008

Georgia Bigfoot - Questions About The Freezer Photo

UPDATED: 3:23 pm on 08.15.08
Answers, if any, will be added as info is received
I've been looking at the supposed body of a Bigfoot, as seen in a chest freezer, offered by Matt Whitton and Ric Dyer of and Bigfoot Global LLC. Overlooking the lies already told - Dr. Paul Van Buren; buying a tow truck for $38000 (see my previous post); Whitton saying he was shot by a fellon; etc... Overlooking the questions that still loom about the business ventures of Whitton and Dyer. The only evidence the public has at this point, is the photo. So, let's examine the photo and the story behind it.

Matt Gary Whitton and Ric(k)Dyer claim a man (who is on probation or parole) was illegally hunting in the mountains of northern Georgia, when he happened upon a Bigfoot. That man shot the Bigfoot with a 30-06 rifle. Apparently, the bigfoot died of a single GSW. Whitton and Dyer -- who are the best Bigfoot trackers in the world, according to their own testimony -- hiked into the mountains and located the body of a Bigfoot.
They decided to take it out of woods, so Ric Dyer dragged (his wording, not mine) the 7' 7", 500 lb corpse through the underbrush, bushes and between trees -- out to their vehicle. He then loaded it into the vehicle and transported it more than 1.5 hours back to an undisclosed location near his home in Ellenwood/Forest Park, Georgia.

The 500 lb corpse was then placed into a normal-size chest freezer, which was kept outside in the hot, humid Georgia air. All the while, Matt Whitton could not have been much help as he was shot in the wrist, with his service revolver, during a struggle with a suspect. His arm is in a cast-like device that would preclude him from any heavy lifting or prolonged tugging.

Next, Whitton and Dyer claim the freezer where the Bigfoot carcass is stored broke down. Tom Biscardi says it's because the freezer was a frost-free model and Whitton-Dyer were trying to fill the chest with water to cover the body and freeze it. [Reasonable story] They further claim that the photo was taken after ice was placed on the body -- and then melted away. So, here we are at the photo of the Bigfoot corpse, lying in a chest freezer.

1) A 7' 7" human-like body would not fit in a normal-size chest freezer without significant bending/flexing of the limbs. The "body" shown in the photo seems to be stretched out from the neck to the waist. I used the garden hose as a known point of reference. At the largest, the hose is 2" in diameter. Counting hose widths from the far end to the center lock opening, I counted around 28". That would make the freezer, at largest, around six feet in length. A 19.7 cu ft chest freezer has an approximate length of 61", while a 21.7 cu ft chest freezer has a length of around 64". Either is long enough, but neither is wide enough -- at ~30" -- to hold the shoulders of a 7' 7" beast without the shoulders being extremely torqued to one side or the other. As you can see from the red lines in the photo above, this isn't the case. If the body doesn't fit, you must admit (to the hoax).
2) No hands or wrists are seen in the photo, yet shoulders and at least the arms appear to be visible along the torso. Why is that? Furthermore, the dimensions of what appear to be arms (shown in red above) don't match with the length of the freezer as compared to the reported height of the monster.
3) Although the body was supposedly covered in water, there is no visible evidence of blood, either in the freezer tub, on the lip of the chest freezer or on the ground just outside the freezer. I would expect some blood to be present from the exit wound of a 30-06 that leaves intestines hanging from the gut.
4) Speaking of intestines -- the entrails sitting on the carcass don't seem to protrude from a wound. In order for the small intestine (that couldn't be the colon) to hang outside the body, there would be a gapping exit wound. Where is it?
5) Speaking of things hanging out -- the tongue is odd looking to me. If Whitton and Dyer did fake Bigfoot, it was a smart idea to have a tongue hanging out. I'll give 'em that much. But, the tongue just doesn't look right. It looks like a cow tongue. I would expect that the tongue of a dead "animal" of 500 pounds would be thicker. I also can't see how it would stick straight out of the mouth, centered and clasp gently by the teeth. Most dead animals I've seen, with tongues hanging out, have the tongue hanging to one side or the other.
6) And the teeth... the photo makes them look very straight and uniform. Although some mammals have fairly straight teeth, the teeth of the Georgia Bigfoot look almost "manufactured".
7) Have you ever seen the fur of a wild animal after it's been wet? It lays down, pretty much in place. The fur or hair on Whitton and Dyer's yeti seems to be knotted and matty looking. Dragging the carcass through the forest could have done this, BUT why would Rick Dyer have dragged the body face down? How else could the fur end up looking like a plastic-backed rug that has been threw the washer and dryer?
8) Furthermore, there are no visible twigs, sticks or underbrush on the visible surface of the fur. Wouldn't an animal that had fallen dead on the floor of the forest, then been dragged out of the underbrush, have at least small bits of pine needles, trigs or sticks on it? You say the water washed it away? If the body wasn't repositioned in the freezer, then any debris would have "pooled" at the midsection of the corpse as the water drained from the freezer. Nope, nothing visible there, either.
9) If they have video and multiple photos of live Bigfoot, why would Ric Dyer and Matthew Whitton post a single photo of a dead Bigfoot stuffed in a freezer? Why not go ahead and release at least one photo of one of the live ones they claim to have seen while recovering the corpse of this one?
10) A smaller question -- with more weight to it... Who helped Rick Dyer move the Bigfoot body, load it into the car/truck, unload it and place it in the freezer? And, why hasn't he come forward?
Answer: Ric Dyer "claimed it took six men a day and a half to drag the body out."

I'm sure there are plenty more questions to be asked, but I'll leave it for now. After all, I have to microwave some popcorn and pour myself a big mug of root beer. The press conference that will "shock the world" begins in less than 30 minutes!

The Sope-Bocks will be updated as soon as the press conference is over...


Anonymous said...

why are you breaking ur head over a hoax??

Charlie said...

Frankly, I enjoy exposing things like this. I don't mind spending a few hours tracking down the truth. I have nothing personal against any of these guys. If it turns out to be real, I'll be a fan. If not, then I helped expose the truth. It's as simple as that. :-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Personally, I have enjoyed reading your take on this. I am one of the ones that Want to believe. But after watching the Youtube videos and reading this all screams hoax to why do I still want to believe? ;) No, seriously, I think your site is awesome and I will continue to come back to see what else you've posted. Thanks!

Charlie said...

THANKS for the compliment. I hope the information I dig up ends up helping the truth become known. That's my only goal. I'm not a Bigfoot enthusiast -- just someone seeking the truth.
Feel free to pass along a link to The Sope-Bocks blog. I don't make money from the blog, so there's not a "commercial" motive to wanting more hits. I just like seeing the numbers on my Analytics page.