Wednesday, March 15, 2006

TOPIC: These perverts should be hung by their toenails!
I get so disgusted with humanity at times. Our greed, pride and... let's just call it what it is -- our SIN is appalling. Today, I ran across an article regarding child pornography and an arrest made in my home state of North Carolina.
The investigation began when an Edmonton woman overheard two children talking and reported their conversation to police, said Det. Randy Wickens of the city's Internet Child Exploitation unit. That led to an arrest in Edmonton in May 2005. The man, whose name has been banned from publication, was sentenced to 14 years in prison. A second arrest in Edmonton, Alberta in January, netted Carl Edmond Trevleaven, a 49-year-old married father. Treleaven told police he looked at violent child porn so he wouldn't hurt anybody and "to make the feelings go away". He was arrested in his home on Jan. 26, 2006.
From there, authorities say the investigation branched out to include hundreds of participants in the Internet chat room, which transmitted live shots of child molestation and facilitated trading of thousands of child porn pictures. Upon the arrests, officers discovered more than 90 people were waiting to download images from the chat room and, within 40 minutes, another 20 people had connected to the server. The victims are children ranging in age from approximately 18-months to 11 years of age. Thankfully, most of the children have been identified -- and are hopefully now protected from any further abuse.
Today, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and the Justice Department announced the results of a 10-month investigation. Here is the local WCNC article written by Andre Dykes:
"A Charlotte man faces felony third degree sexual exploitation of a minor charges after Charlotte-Mecklenburg police did some 'cyber' detective work to track him down. Kenneth Mark Fisher, 45, [pictured above right] was arrested Monday when detectives served a warrant on his home at 8727 Tamarron Drive in south Charlotte [Landen Meadows]. The investigation into Fisher was multi-state and international. The warrant states that in chat sessions with undercover officers Fisher expressed his attraction to young children.
Police said Fisher chatted under the screen name 'LordNewbie' and other names like 'Kip,' 'Zeb' and 'Newbie.' Police tracked Fisher through his IP address. Officers seized his computer and drives that he had at the home. In additional chat sessions the warrant said Fisher told detectives about a seven-year-old girl that he had 'access' to. The warrant said that Fisher had not touched her yet, but planned to this summer when he was supposed to do more babysitting for the girl’s parents.
Police said Fisher also bragged about having molested a toddler. The warrant also said Fisher allowed undercover officers to access pictures on a secured site. The site contained 32 photos, 18 of which depicted child pornography, the warrant said. Police said the photos were of girls between the ages of three and 11-years-old and police said the girls appeared to be engaged in sexual activity.
On March 6, police arrested another person from Michigan who was involved in the investigation. During their interrogation, the suspect told police that he had received photos from Fisher. Fisher appeared in court Wednesday morning."
This despicable individual, along with twenty-six others, used a website called "Kiddypics & Kiddyvids" to distribute child sexual molestation pictures and videos. The Justice Department said the site's "host" was Royal Raymond Weller (49) of 1897 Madison Street, Apt. E73 [Hunterchase Apts.], Clarksville, Tennessee. Weller, who went by the screen name G.O.D., was arrested March 6, 2006.
The "administrators" identified in the indictments are Jason Carter Wilson (49) of Milton, Florida; Michael T. Burns (45) of Reno, Nevada; Kenneth Mark Fisher (45) of Charlotte, North Carolina; Marcel Deslauriers of Longueuil, Quebec; and Mill Park of Victoria, Australia. One pedophile, Brian A. Annoreno of Bartlett, Illinois, (yes, I'm glad to provide the names and addresses of these creeps!) provided live "molestation on demand" webcasting. BTW, someone with the same name posted a request to adopt any child (age, sex, race didn't matter) on an adoption forum a few years back. I wonder why he wanted to adopt a child. ???

These perverts should be hung up by their toenails -- and so should groups such as NAMBLA and the Human Rights Campaign. NAMBLA is the extreme homosexual group that promotes sex between grown men and young children. HRC is another homosexual activist group that promotes NAMBLA's agenda, plus sadistic sex (among other perversions). DISGUSTING!

I realize that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but Kenneth Fisher and Raymond Weller have already proven their guilt, so I don't mind exposing them, their addresses and other information to everyone. If I can find pictures of the others, I'll gladly post those as well.

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