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TOPIC: Ongoing investigation into St. Guillen murder...

~ Update: 1:30pm ~
The Boston Herald has also been unbelievably forthcoming in its investigation and reporting of the St. Guillen murder. Various reporters have been in constant contact with law enforcement officials. Today's report says [paraphrased],
“'There is a serial rapist posing as a federal agent, grabbing women, who has struck at least three times' in the New York City area, an official source said yesterday. Littlejohn has been known to impersonate law enforcement. He has a van. 'We are taking a very close look at those cases,' the source said. Several of Littlejohn’s Queens neighbors described the ex-con as a strange man who was often spotted wearing black jackets with the word 'Marshal emblazoned on the back. He was also seen sporting a badge around his neck.

In the three attacks, the rapist identified himself as an immigration officer before pulling the women into the van and throwing a blanket over their heads so they could not identify him, the sources said. He then drove to an underground garage, where the women were raped and sexually assaulted. Two of the three unsolved rapes that preceded St. Guillen’s assault and murder occurred around Forest Hills, Queens. Another took place in Long Island. All took place between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.

No DNA evidence was recovered from the three attacks. The victims told investigators their attacker wiped them down after the rape with some sort of disinfectant swabs, the police sources said. Investigators who searched Littlejohn’s residence in Queens from Monday evening into yesterday morning recovered alcohol swabs and plastic ties in his home, the sources said.

The NYPD has also recovered a resume that Littlejohn gave to The Falls that stated he worked for a 'federal fugitive recovery team' as a federal marshal, sources said. Co-workers at The Falls said Littlejohn came to work several times wearing a gun and bulletproof vest, in violation of his parole.

Littlejohn said he let friends use the van in New Jersey but did not recall who those friends were or where they lived, sources said." Emphasis was added by me.
Isn't it interesting, the more we learn about Darryl Littlejohn, the less he sounds like a guy who was trying to get himself together and "relax and take care of his children". He sounds more and more like a psycho who has a major fixation with authority, control/power and how he could use that control over people (specifically women). Posing as a law enforcement officer; wearing police garb; sporting a handgun... all signs of a fixation with law enforcement and/or power.

~ Update: 12:15pm ~

Murray Weiss of The New York Post has done an excellent job of covering this case. His lastest article states what I told Sope-Bocks readers earlier today,
"The cops' focus on Darryl Littlejohn in the brutal sex attacks surfaced after one shaken victim watched the past day's TV footage of investigators searching the bouncer's blue minivan parked in his driveway - and phoned police to tell them it appeared to be the vehicle in which she was raped, sources said.The woman was attacked in Queens late last year, part of an apparent pattern of at least three rapes in which the victims all gave similar descriptions of their attacker. A second rape also occurred in Queens, and the third took place in Nassau County, the sources said.
Investigators yesterday continued combing the hardened criminal's Queens home for clues as they try to build a case against him. Their latest haul included bags marked with blaring orange 'Biohazard' stickers and stuffed with such items as military green pants, a black wool hat and Timberland boots. They also towed away the minivan in Littlejohn's driveway - a dark-blue Dodge Ram 250.
In addition to that van, probers focused on his Ford Windstar, parked two blocks from the house, which matches a description of a vehicle spotted near where St. Guillen's body was dumped. The van was missing a row of seats, and cops yesterday removed a similar row of seats from Littlejohn's house."

WABC 7 adds, "According to published reports, police are now also looking at Littlejohn as a possible suspect in a series of rapes in Queens and Long Island. All three women say their attacker posed as a federal agent. Although Littlejohn was placed in a lineup he was not picked out."

This case is getting deeper and deeper. And although I'm glad to help in solving the case, I HATE it that some of my conjecture and suggestions have been correct -- because that means there is much more to find before they solve all of the crimes this perp has commited. I suspect the police and FBI will soon connect Littlejohn to at least a couple more unsolved rape/murder cases within the New York metro area.

Folks, I'm trying to keep "my game face on" and continue to work on clues, connections and reporting information to the blogosphere. However, inside I'm ANGRY! Why? Primarily because Imette St. Guillen's life could have been spared IF the management and employees of The Falls had been just a little bit diligent in looking out for their patrons. As the NY Daily News puts it, "Police sources said the investigation had been hobbled by the selfish actions of Manhattan barkeep Daniel Dorrian - whose brother Michael owns The Falls, a Lafayette St. pub where St. Guillen was last seen alive. 'He's a man with no conscience whatsoever,' a police source said of Dorrian. Dorrian first told cops St. Guillen left the pub alone around its 4 a.m. closing time. He changed his story over last weekend, telling cops he had ordered Littlejohn to escort a drunken St. Guillen out of the bar, sources said. Dorrian and other employees also finally told cops they heard St. Guillen and Littlejohn arguing after the two left the bar through a secret side exit. 'They heard yelling. More angry yelling, not fear,' a source said. 'No one called out for help or said they were being attacked.'
Think about it -- Imette could have been saved (whether Littlejohn is her killer or not) by someone taking a look outside when they heard the scream right after she left the bar. Just a little bit of responsibility for their fellow human being could have saved this poor, young girl from rape, torture and a horrific death (not to mention all her family/friends have been through). Thankfully, I am not God, nor do I make the decisions of ultimate justice. If I was, Danny and Michael Dorrian would be in a "world of hurt" right now.
OK, back to my "game face"... enough soapbox shouting...

~ Initial post: 9:15am ~
I have learned this morning that police are not only looking for clues that connect Darryl Littlejohn to Imette St. Guillen's murder, but also to other unsolved sexual crimes in the Manhattan/Queens areas. That move makes sense -- as many criminal profilers have said that the torture, rape and murder of St. Guillen is likely NOT the perp's first crime of this nature.
Not tooting my own horn, but the national news has now picked up on the Littlejohn alias to comic book connection I first mentioned on this blog a couple of days ago (then subsequently removed -- only to bring it back yesterday). I wonder if comic book efficionados can help us investigate whether or not there is really anything to be gleaned from the character names and the "personalities" of Darryl Littlejohn. I still believe police should look into the alias connection with porno movies -- as discovered by Steve Huff and shadowraiths.

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