Saturday, March 18, 2006

TOPIC: Darryl Littlejohn - Is he Imette St. Guillen's killer?
A lawyer for the prime suspect in the brutal slaying of a Manhattan graduate student said recent setbacks for the NYPD raised the specter that cops have fingered the wrong man. "The more time that goes by, the more doubt there is that they have the right guy," said lawyer Kevin O'Donnell.1

ABC's Good Morning America recently reported, "The evidence against Littlejohn seems staggering, but there are factors that seem to suggest that Littlejohn is not the killer. Law enforcement sources say not all of the DNA evidence is a match. Semen on the blanket used to wrap St. Guillen does not match Littlejohn's, and samples from the victim's fingernails are also not a match."
So, is Littlejohn part of a pair of rapists and murderers? Is someone else entirely to blame? Or, are investigators assuming too much about non-related evidence. For instance, semen on a blanket that could have been used at a hotel or in the basement of a popular pub, could be from anyone doing pretty much anything. It does not have to be related to Littlejohn or St. Guillen. I admit that the evidence from beneath Imette's fingernails was expected to match her killer. Weird.

On the opposing side is a tiny device (among other things) that can track anyone who owns one to within 1,000 feet. The NY Daily News' article, "No one saw the fiend who dumped Imette St. Guillen's body by the muddy shoulder of a dead-end Brooklyn road. But a tall, blue electronic sentinel stands just around the bend — and sources say it puts prime suspect Darryl Littlejohn at the scene about 2 1/2 hours before St. Guillen's corpse was found. The NYPD traced Littlejohn to that lonely corner of East New York, off the Belt Parkway, by tracing the invisible "pings" that his T-Mobile cell phone sent to the antenna-studded tower, sources said.
The big, blue tower apparently took notice that Littlejohn's cell phone was nearby, even though he wasn't making a call — and it stored that information, which was later retrieved from T-Mobile by cops. 'It's a way to track people that is stronger than relying on witnesses,' a police source said. The Daily News found the tower, about four blocks from where St. Guillen was discovered, and at least a dozen more along the 5.7-mile stretch between the site and Littlejohn's Queens home.
On Sunday, as he revealed blood evidence allegedly tying Littlejohn to the slaying, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said cell phone records helped nail down the suspect's whereabouts. But he was careful not to say they were records of actual calls. 'There is telephone evidence, telephone records, that put the telephone that Mr. Littlejohn had in his possession in the vicinity, the immediate vicinity, of where the body was located — and also the route to that location,' Kelly said."
So, who did it?!? My money is still on Darryl Littlejohn... and maybe some other employee of The Falls bar. Should the police go back and officially question Danny Dorrian? You betcha! I still believe that lowlife knows more than he has told.

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