Thursday, March 23, 2006

TOPIC: Tanya Nicole Kach -- "Abducted lovely" or "Altogether a liar"?
You've probably heard the story "Woman Missing For 10 Years Allegedly Held In House" told by Pittsburgh, PA area news stations and media outlets. As the story goes, a 14 year old girl was supposedly abducted and kept "prisoner" in a home just two miles from where she grew up - for ten years.
After watching several interviews from WTAE-TV4 and KDKA with the now 24 year old woman, I was immediately suspicious. If she was such a prisoner, verbally abused and sexaully assaulted, why then has her hair been freshly (and professionally) tinted? Why are her nails professionally manicured? Unless those things were done in the past TWO days (since she was supposedly freed by police), I sincerely believe the woman is lying. A man who abuses a woman with a tight schedule including a 2:00pm daily curfew would not allow her to have her hair and nails professionally pampered. She also claims to have been kept in the man's upstairs bedroom up until the past ten months.
Furthermore, she claims she didn't know where her parents were. Wasn't she bright enough to pick up a phonebook and open it to her surname? Her father lives two miles from where she claims she was held hostage. Also, she has fairly good vocabulary. If she was kept in the house for all these years, with little to no contact with anyone else, she would not have this type of vocabulary.
Tanya Kach, or Nikki Allen, is - in my opinion - altogether a liar. She sounds more like a jilted lover who is trying to get 15 minutes of fame in the limelight. Read more at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review website... and then decide for yourself.

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