Thursday, March 23, 2006

TOPIC: The case against Darryl Littlejohn...
Darryl Littlejohn pleaded not guilty at his arraignment earlier this afternoon. He was charged with various accounts of sexual assault, murder in the 1st degree and two counts of murder in the second degree (in case the premeditated murder rap doesn't stick). The NY grand jury declined to charge him with rape, since forensic evidence could not definitively pin him to the sexual assault, sources said.
"I'm truly sorry what happened to this young lady, but they have the wrong person," Littlejohn told WCBS/Channel 2 News in a jailhouse interview. "I'm a likely suspect because I have a criminal background and I wasn't supposed to be working there." Littlejohn also stated, "Once I am exonerated, it will be very difficult for me to go anywhere without being recognized. My face, my name, are all over the place." Personally, I don't think Littlejohn has much to worry about. He will likely NEVER walk the streets of this country free again.

The Boston Herald placed an article regarding the case against Darryl Littlejohn on their website earlier today. The paraphrased version is:
"Darryl Littlejohn’s own mother helped build the criminal case that led to his indictment on murder charges, officials say. Littlejohn told detectives that he could not have been the sadistic killer who raped and killed 24-year-old Boston Latin graduate Imette St. Guillen because he was visiting his mother in a nursing home on Feb. 25, the day St. Guillen was brutally murdered. 'Witnesses do not support that alibi,' Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told the Herald today. 'There was no record of him being there. No witnesses were able to place him there.'
His own mother shooting down his alibi is just one small component in the criminal case against Littlejohn, a career criminal, that was detailed by Kelly and Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes at a press conference this morning at the DA’s office. At 2 p.m. today Littlejohn is expected to be formally charged with two counts of murder in the second degree, and one count of murder in the first degree, along with four counts of rape, including rape in the first degree, criminal sexual attack, sex abuse and aggravated rape at Brooklyn Superior Court, Hynes said.
In addition to the DNA allegedly found in a blood smear on plastic ties that bound St. Guillen’s hands behind her back, and carpet threads recovered from the brown packing tape wrapped around St. Guillen’s entire face, detectives also say they discovered 'rabbit and mink hair' matching the collars of two of Littlejohn’s coats with Imette’s body."
The New York Post also has a good article, with some background and timeline information regarding the gruesome circumstances of Imette St. Guillen's rape and murder.

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