Sunday, March 12, 2006

TOPIC: More witnesses in St. Guillen slaying?
A homeless man who was sleeping in a park across from The Falls has told cops he saw [Darryl] Littlejohn drive a blue van up to the bar, go inside and then lead [Imette] St. Guillen out and into the vehicle. That account contradicts Littlejohn's claim to cops that he last saw her at the bar.1
Police are now reportedly questioning a second homeless person, who claims he saw Imette Saint Guillen leave a Soho bar on February 25th, the night she was raped and strangled. According to published reports, both witnesses say they saw Darryl Littlejohn drive Saint Guillen away from the Falls bar, where he worked as a bouncer.2
Although there has been a significant amount of circumstantial evidence implicating Littlejohn, until now, investigators had been stymied in physically linking him to the crime. DNA from the blood found on the plastic ties used to bind Imette St. Guillen as she was raped and murdered matched a DNA sample that Darryl Littlejohn had to submit to authorities as part of his parole agreement two years ago on an armed-robbery rap.
"It's a very important piece of evidence for us," [Police Commissioner] Kelly said. Still, "there is a lot more forensic work to be done in this case," he said. "We have a lot of materials to be examined both by our laboratory and the Medical Examiner's Office."3

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