Thursday, March 09, 2006

TOPIC: "They have their man," News reports say of Darryl Littlejohn...

~ Update: 3:45pm ~
FoxNews is reporting that law enforcement officers are NOT going to charge Darryl Littlejohn with Imette St. Guillen's murder -- for the time being. They are trying to tie him to other criminal activity. They have him on parole/probation violation charges, so as I wrote yesterday -- police and the FBI have time to work on evidence for the rape/murder charges. A Boston Herald article from earlier today states,
"Yesterday a Japanese woman picked Littlejohn from a photo array as the man who, posing as a federal agent, kidnapped her in Queens, raped her, wiped her body with disinfectant swabs and dropped her off late last year, sources told the Herald. Sources say similar disinfectant swabs were seized from Littlejohn’s Queens lair.
Although he is being held on parole violations, NYPD detectives plan to charge Littlejohn today with the rape of the Japanese woman. They also hope to charge him with the rape of a 19-year old woman who was handcuffed and thrown into the back of a blue van near the Van Wyck Expressway in Queens at about 4:30 a.m. Oct. 29.
"The victim (of the second rape) states that she was approached by a (man) dressed in a blue uniform who demanded identification,” according to an NYPD incident report. “The suspect then handcuffed the victim and put her into the back of a two-tone blue van.”
Long Island cops meanwhile are eyeing him in connection with the November rape of an Elmont woman, said Detective Lt. Kevin Smith of the Nassau County police.

~ Update: 12:30pm ~
As I type, NYC police are transferring Darryl Littlejohn to another precinct in order to place him in a line-up. He is being closely investigated in at least three New York metro area rape cases. [You can read more about the details in yesterday's post.]
In the meantime, news reports are surfacing that state forensics experts are saying carpet fibers from Littlejohn's flat in Queens match fibers found on Imette St. Guillen's face (under the tape). This means that the probability is quite high that Imette St. Guillen was physically in Littlejohn's home. In the defense's favor, the fibers could have been transferred from the home on Littlejohn's clothes, then onto St. Guillen when he escorted her from the bar. IMO, this is highly unlikely, but I'm sure such an argument will be made by Littlejohn's attorney.
Police have not yet charged Darryl Littlejohn with Imette St. Guillen's rape and murder primarily because they don't have much more than a lot of circumstantial evidence. They do believe the tan/gray Ford Windstar van is the "dumping vehicle" -- but tests have not yet matched DNA or other evidence. Law enforcement officials are waiting for additional DNA test results to be returned from forensics labs before proceeding with the case.
Even if he is not indicted for St. Guillen's murder, it looks like Darryl Littlejohn will be incarcerated for some sort of crime -- parole violation (curfew, weapons, etc); impersonating a law enforcement officer; sexual assault/rape -- something. His days of being free to roam the streets of New York are likely over. If he is really the lowlife he is made out to be, I am personally very glad he ended up being investigated.

Romans 8:28 tells us that "ALL things work to the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose." I don't know Imette's beliefs, but I do know that many people have been praying for the family, for the city and for the police to catch the scumbag who killed Imette. The good of this can be that some people re-examine how they live their lives; their decisions and their habits. Good could also come from getting a really bad guy off the streets forever. The inner workings of some businesses' shady dealings could be exposed. So many good things *could* come from this. I know that at least part of "the good" will come to fruition. Imette's earthly life was not lost in vain. Thank God for that fact.

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