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TOPIC: Does an ex-con hold the missing pieces to the "Mummy Maniac" puzzle?

~ Update: 9:15pm ~
The police and FBI have time on their side now. Darryl Littlejohn, the prime suspect in the rape and torture death of Imette St. Guillen is sitting in a Rikers Island prison cell. Law enforcement officials have an open invitation to search his employer's business site, his home -- and by now -- his personal vehicle (found 2-3 blocks from his home). He could sit in jail, at their disposal, for up to 90 days before being given a parole hearing regarding his curfew violation (which he admitted to). Police also have a license tag associated with the tan Ford Windstar van (which supposedly belongs to Littlejohn or his mother). There could be additional DMV charges pending. Yep, law enforcement can sit back and let Littlejohn (aka Jonathan Blaze) sweat a bit.
My bet is they have several other "smaller" pieces of evidence, but nothing that says 100% Darryl Littlejohn and Imette St. Guillen were in the same place, at the same time (other than The Falls bar where he worked). Police removed the back seat of his van from the home earlier today. Tests will be run on everything they find on/in that seat.

[ASIDE: I was appalled at the careless way police were loading the minivan's rear bench seat into the patrol cruiser. It could be contaminated with other fibers, etc. ~or~ vital evidence could blow or shake off of the seat as it being hauled down the highway in the trunk of the cruiser. Careless -- and that will cost the police once Littlejohn's defense attorney gets a hold of the news footage. I sincerely hope the key evidence doesn't come from that seat. If it does, they may loose the case on a technicality.] Photo by WABC-7Online

DNA test results are imminent. If the skin fragments we have heard were under Imette's broken fingernails match Littlejohn's DNA, he will definitely be indicted for kidnapping, rape and murder. I'm also guessing his attorney is working on a potential plea bargain deal in the background. Only time will tell what comes of this case... but, then again, time is on the side of law enforcement right now.

~ Update: 8:55pm ~
Regarding Darryl Littlejohn (shown above in a 2003 mugshot using alias Jonathan Blaze), ABCNews is reporting,
"Police said that while several pieces of evidence pointed to Littlejohn, they did not, as of this afternoon, have enough pieces in place to ask the district attorney to charge him with the crime. This has been a frustration to detectives for several days now. Police placed him under surveillance for two days before bringing him in and holding him for questioning. During that time they obtained a DNA sample from an item he left behind while out in public, police sources said.
So late Monday evening, the New York State Department of Parole was notified and early this morning the 41-year-old ex-con was removed from the police station and taken back to jail on a parole violation — his second in a long, violent record of criminal convictions that date back to when he was eighteen."

~ Update: 4:15pm ~
Revised: 8:30pm - Added map links
My theory:
It was closing time -- around 4:00am. Imette got a little upset because she was being asked to leave The Falls, but wasn't able to finish her last drink. She was a bit intoxicated and possibly got a little loud with a waitress. The manager told the bouncer to get her out because the bar was closing. She protested as the bouncer escorted her out the door and someone closed the gate behind them. Since they had been chatting earlier in the evening, she quickly calmed down. He got into his vehicle and they chatted a bit, with her standing on the sidewalk. He offered her a ride home as there may not have been any cabs around. She was at ease, so she agreed -- and that decision sealed her fate.
Littlejohn, a parolee, may have made advances. St. Guillen may have been willing -or- she may have protested. He took her to his home in Queens. Whether she was willing or not, his rage ensued for some reason. Early on, he chopped off her hair as she fought back - scratching and scraping. But, he was going to be in control. He beat her in the face and chest -- and choked her, but not to the point of death. He raped and sodomized her -- all the while growing more and more angry. All those women in his life who had rejected him... His mother... All of that time spent in jail without the company of a female companion... VENGEFUL RAGE! Imette was still trying to scream and struggle, so he shoved a sock down her throat and taped her face up. At some point during the assault, she suffocated and died.
When the reality of what he had done started to set in, he knew he would spend the rest of his life in jail, if caught. So, he planned a strategy -- and mutilated her genitalia in an attempt to destroy "evidence". He used objects to rape and sodomize her bruised, lifeless body. Then, he wrapped her up in a blanket and drove to "the killing fields" of Brooklyn to dump her body. Either someone saw him-or- he had an accomplice. One or the other made the call to police from the Lindenwood Diner at 8:23pm.

BTW, other websites are now picking up on my report of the comic book names... and starting to include it in their coverage. Maybe I'm not crazy after all.

A detective told a FoxNews correspondent that police are "80% certain" that have Imette's killer in custody -- and that man is Darryl Littlejohn. Law enforcement officials told FoxNews they would have already charged Littlejohn if he had the scratches they would expect to find on the killer. This leads me to wonder if Littlejohn had an accomplice OR, if possibly they have the wrong guy (however far-fetched that idea might be). I am more and more convinced that Littlejohn is the killer -- and that someone close to him knows about it.

~ Update: 2:50pm ~
You might think I'm crazy, but I've been googling the aliases (for three days now) that Darryl Littlejohn has used over the years. It seems that Darryl Banks, Johnny Blaze and John Handsome all have connections to comic books. Have I lost my mind?!?
Another alias name, Derek Hansen, was a short story writer. The only reference I've found that makes sense for Damon Wells was a psycho killer who murdered a young brown-haired woman in Santa Clara, CA. in 1984.

~ Update: 2:20pm ~
Investigators looking for forensic evidence in the slaying of Imette St. Guillen scoured the basement flat of parolee Darryl Littlejohn - taking away the rear seat from his personal van. So,why is Littlejohn the focus of the rape and murder investigation? According to Tom Hays of the AP, "...the bar's owner [actually co-owner, John Kekalos of The Falls bar] and his lawyer came forward late last week saying he had ordered the bouncer, a 41-year-old parolee with an extensive criminal record, to toss her [Imette St. Guillen] out when she complained she wasn't being allowed to finish a drink, the official said. The owner said he later overheard 'some sort of arguing and a commotion' as the bouncer took her outside, the official said."3 Another version of the story is that the bouncer escorted the young patron out the side door (through a hallway). Employees heard and argument in the hallway, then a muffled scream.
The bouncer admitted he was talking to St. Guillen, and that he escorted her from the bar. Littlejohn told police Imette told him she was going to be an FBI agent. He reportedly told her that he had been a US Marshal. However, he says he left her on the street and never saw her again.
Darryl Littlejohn showed up for work the next evening -- with a visible scratch on his neck. To my knowledge, he has not given any plausible explanation for the scratch. Three days after her body was found, Littlejohn popped up at work again - this time on his day off - and was intently inquiring about the missing woman, the sources said.4 As a matter of record, Littlejohn's cell phone was recorded by his carrier as being around his home at 5:00pm the day St. Guillen was reported missing. The phone was also recorded as being within a mile of the dumping point around 6:00pm (initially incorrectly reported as 6:00AM). Remember, police were alerted to the presence of St. Guillen's body at 8:23pm that same night.
he search warrant executed on Littlejohn's home yesterday didn't include the van - sans license plates - parked in his Jamaica driveway. "He is a suspect," a detective close to the case said early this morning. "He is our only suspect."2

A NYC blogger, who used to work as an administrative assistant for a New York night club, writes, "I guess I could see how a small bar might not spend the time and resources to do background checks on employees. But The Falls is not a small 'one-off' bar; rather it's part of a chain-of-sorts that includes Dorrian's, Barna and The Falls. To me, this gives The Falls' owners little excuse for not checking out their employees pre-hiring." I have to agree. In the end, Michael "Jack" Dorrian and company will bear some liability in this matter -- whether or not Darryl Littlejohn is the murderer.

~ Update: 11:15am ~
FoxNews is reporting that The Falls co-owner & head chef, Danny Dorrian has changed his story. He originally told police Imette took a piece of paper from her purse, looked at it and then left the bar around 4:00am. Now, he says Imette St. Guillen and Darryl Littlejohn actually argued as she was escorted from The Falls by Littlejohn. Employees are now saying that the manager/owner told Littlejohn to "get her out of the building" because St. Guillen was "so drunk". FoxNews also says the owner (not known if the person is Michael Dorrian or John Kekalos) now states employees heard a muffled scream right after the bar closed the night Imette St. Guillen disappeared. The employees didn't pay much attention to the scream, according to statements attributed to "the owner". [The NY Post is credited with breaking this portion of the story.]

Forty-one year old (born 11/11/64), 5'7" Darryl Littlejohn has a 25-year criminal record, including prior felonies. He was denied parole in 2004 -- with the NY State Parole Board saying he was "a menace to society". However, parole was somehow granted two months later. I have not been able to ascertain how long Littlejohn has been employed by The Falls pub. Incidentally, Littlejohn is currently being held on a parole violation -- his curfew is 9:00pm, but he worked at The Falls until 4:00am each night.
WHAT is going on with this bar and the people who work there? Personally, I don't put much trust in any statements coming from Michael Dorrian, Danny Dorrian, John Kekalos or their employees. They have lied to police more than once already. Unfortunately, this fact could cloud the issue and hinder law enforcement efforts to solve this bizarre murder.

A Falls waitress told Clint Van Zandt of MSNBC (who walked Imette's last steps) that last call comes shortly after 3:30 a.m., “and at 4 a.m. we throw everyone out.Dr. Van Zandt asks other good questions:
"Why would her [Imette's] murderer intentionally dispose of clothing and personal items, seemingly to frustrate efforts to identify her body, yet leave her by the side of a road and under the only street light? Only a few feet beyond where she was found was a slight but weeded incline, leading to an estuary below, and nearby, was tall grass. This would have been an obvious way to conceal her body... Police are still attempting to identify the anonymous caller who somehow had a reason to go down this lonely road and see a bedspread rolled up, lying alongside the road. Was the caller Imette’s killer, and if so, why did he want her body to be found?" 1

~ Update: 9:15am ~
CBS2 (KUTV) reports this morning, "An ex-con who works as a bouncer in New York City may hold key clues to the murder mystery surrounding the death of a graduate student. Police have been holding him now for more than a day but have not made an arrest.
This morning police are still questioning the bouncer who worked a SoHo bar where student Imette St. Guillen was last seen alive. Investigators are calling him a 'a person of interest' and he has not been charged.
Investigators spent at least six hours at the home where the bar employee lives with search warrants for the first floor, the basement and the driveway. ... Crime scene investigators seemed to pay particular attention to the driveway of the man's home. They were looking for different types of samples, blood and hair, and different types of things that they listed on there. There were a number of items on there - like 12 or 13 items." I've also learned that the back seat of Darryl Littlejohn's tan Ford minivan has been removed by forensics investigators. Police sources were careful to say that they are "covering the bases" right now -- and that the van is not necessarily the place where any crime took place.
Eyewitness News Reporter Nina Pineda (WABC 7) adds, "... police sources tell us he [Littlejohn] clammed up after so much questioning. And sources say he has hired a lawyer and the FBI is here [75th Precinct]. "
NOTE: It is VERY important to note that Darryl Littlejohn has NOT been charged in the death of Imette St. Guillen. The news media, the Sope-Bocks blog (along with many others) are speculating and discussing theories. The man is innocent until he (or someone else) confesses or is proven guilty. Let's not have a media trial and conviction. We do not yet know who raped and murdered Imette. All we know is what police sources are telling us -- and what conclusions we can draw from that information.
WABC reports Maureen Saint Guillen, Victim's Mother: "I think the New York Police Department are doing a terriffic job. The comfort comes really from the support I've been receiving from people everywhere. I was amazed by the outpouring of love and caring that people have shown me and I think that right now I'm in a state of shock. Plus I have to tell you that I've kept it totally separate. I haven't read any papers, I haven't watched any news reports. I don't know all details of it and that's the only way I'm functioning right now."

~ Initial post: 12:15am ~
The NY Times is now reporting "According to a law enforcement official, who requested anonymity because the investigation is continuing, a witness has said that the bouncer, identified by his aunt as Darryl Littlejohn, had been asked to show Ms. St. Guillen out of the bar about 4 that morning because it was closing."
We've also been told Ms. Guillen was noticably drunk; and that Littlejohn was asked by management to take her outside.

Photo courtesy of Gothamist Blog

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