Monday, March 27, 2006

TOPIC: Tanya Kach Disappearance Case...
More information is surfacing on the 1996 disappearance (and 2006 re-appearance) of McKeesport, PA. resident Tanya Kach. It seems that Kach was actually a runaway -- not a victim of abduction or captivity. Contrary to her first statements, Kach has now admitted the following: "Kach said she skipped her eighth grade class one day at Cornell Middle School and that [Thomas] Hose kissed her in the stairwell. The two secretly began dating, she said, and Kach agreed to run away from home and live with him at his parents' Soles Street home."1
She and Mr. Hose had a consensual sexual relationship going -- even when she was 14 years old. Now, another person is involved in the legal proceedings related to the case. A hairdresser [see my comments from March 23rd] by the name of Judith Clara Sokol is in jail awaiting her day in court.
Judith Sokol supposedly allowed Kach & Hose to have sex inside her home for about a month after Kach ran away from home. Also, Sokol is accused of cutting and dying Kach's hair in an effort to disguise Kach so local citizens wouldn't recognize her.
There's still more to be told in this case -- GUARANTEED! Tanya Kach is NOT telling the whole truth. I'm still convinced she is lying -- even though the hair and nails clue has been pretty much explained now. BTW, Thomas Hose should be tried for sex crimes against an underage girl. However, I don't think he's the only one at fault here. I believe the judge knows that, too. Why else did he make such a small bail ($10,000) and allow Hose to be on house arrest? Tanya Kach is still hiding something -- and, it's called "the truth".

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