Monday, March 13, 2006

First, my apologies for not posting much over the past few days. I've been somewhat out of the loop on this story. However, I didn't want to simply drop it without any follow-up. Here's the latest from today's news...

TOPIC: Imette St. Guillen murder: An indictment should be handed down by tomorrow...

At right is Darryl Littlejohn's dark blue Dodge Ram 250 van. It is theorized that this is the van in which Littlejohn drove Imette St. Guillen away from The Falls bar. However, sources say witnesses place a tan or gray minivan near the spot where St. Guillen's body was found the next day. Littlejohn (or his mother) also own a tan/gray Ford Windstar minivan. That van is the one from which the back seat was removed from Littlejohn's home. Question -- Did Darryl Littlejohn use BOTH vans in the commission of the crime?
[The picture was taken by WABC-7 on March 7th, the night the van was towed to a police garage to collect DNA evidence in the St. Guillen rape/murder case.]

This afternoon, WABC-7 ( is reporting,
"Prosecutors in Brooklyn believe there is now enough evidence in this case to seek an indictment. The grand jury could begin hearing evidence as early as this afternoon. After two weeks of round-the-clock detective work and painstaking laboratory analysis, police say there is a direct link between the suspect and the crime. Traces of blood from Darryl Littlejohn were found on plastic ties that were used by the killer to bind the hands of Imette Saint Guillen.
Raymond Kelly, Police Commissioner: 'We're talking about the certainty of one in a trillion, so it is a very important piece of evidence for us.' The commissioner revealed that the suspect's cell phone records not only place him at or near where the body was found but essentially trace a direct route to the location.
ABC News has has learned that animal hairs found on the blanket used to wrap the victim have been traced directly to Darryl Littlejohn's cat. The commissioner said there is other evidence that links Littlejohn to other crimes, including ABC News has learned, a DNA connection to at least one unsolved rape case."

As for scumbag liar Dan Dorrian, one of The Falls' owners... The Boston Herald has this to say, "'Dan Dorrian is a dirtbag,” retired NYPD lieutenant Joe Cardinale told me last night. Cardinale is now a private investigator who volunteered to personally safeguard the St. Guillen family when they travel to New York City for Littlejohn’s arraignment. 'Him not talking possibly prevented crucial evidence to be recovered. The fact that he would only talk with a lawyer shows what kind of coward he really is.'" You can imagine the Dorrians should brace themselves for another lawsuit (Jennifer Levin's family sued them in the Preppie Killer case), only this one might be filed from Boston.

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