Friday, September 08, 2006

TOPIC: PC Magazine's Top 99 Undiscovered Websites
I am not a huge fan of PC Magazine, mainly because they tend to review products from which they derive advertising revenue. In this world of spin doctors, I just don't trust a review to be objective -- when the product being reviewed helps pay the bills.
However, a web article recently published by PC Magazine is very helpful. It offers a list of 99 websites that have NOT yet hit the big-time -- but offer advice, products and services that are useful to computer users of ALL skill levels. Some of the categories are:
• Apps - PC & Mobile
• Business
• Computing
• Consumer Electronics & Photography
• Health
• Information, Search & Reference
• Lifestyle, Entertainment & Fun
• News
• Oddities & Gaming
• Shopping & Consumer Issues
• Travel

For the record, here are several of my personal favorites: Concise Freeware; GetJAR; Gmail Tips;; (for the tech geek in me) Akihabara News; (for the photobug in me) Photon Head and SLR Gear; TheFreeDictonary; (for the kids' homework help) WebMath; (for the news junkie in me) 10x10 and PollingReport; and (for the over-analyzer in me) ConsumerSearch. You gotta check out the list -- and the websites -- for yourself. This is, without a doubt, one of the most useful posts The Sope-Bocks has ever offered. Enjoy!

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