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TOPIC: St. Guillen investigation takes a turn towards a "potential suspect"

The focus of the Imette Carmella Saint-Guillen rape/murder case is starting to move towards a bartendar from The Falls bar. The Jamaica, Queens home Darryl Littlejohn is apparently about to be searched by authorities. Earlier today, the police kept sanitation department workers from removing trash outside of Littlejohn's home.

This is going to be a rare Sope-Bocks multi-post day, so stay tuned...

~ Update: 11:15pm ET ~
CBS4 in Boston says, "sources tell our sister station, WCBS in New York, that St. Guillen's killer wore gloves and a condom. There were no fingerprints on the tape and very little bodily fluid." Even so, the crime lab is hoping to make a DNA match. They have skin from beneath Imette's broken fingernails AND some other bodily fluid (although most sources say the police didn't find any semen in or on the body). We'll know for sure early next week.

~ Update: 9:35pm ET ~
218 Lafayette Street, New York City, NY 10012 - What's located in the "crime scene" building?
The Fire Island Wildlife Foundation, Inc. (FIWF) is located on the 2nd floor of 218 Lafayette -- which has reportedly been designated by some sources as "the crime scene". Other say the basement is the actual crime scene. FIWF is owned by John A. Zaccaro, Jr., whose family owns the entire building. (WGA) is another business located on the 2nd floor of the building. WGA is a "not-for-profit organization that is harnessing the power of the Internet to change giving in America." Donna Zaccaro is the president at this non-profit.
P. Zaccaro Real Estate is also located in the same building, though there is no indication of which floor.
The building has also been used for Geraldine Ferraro's former Senate campaigns.
Cap-Sud, Inc., a patio furniture seller, was also located at 218 Lafayette St. From online searches, it looks like Cap-Sud may have moved out of the building.
** It should be noted that the Zaccaros are cooperating with law enforcement in allowing open access to the building. I DO NOT THINK THE ZACCARO FAMILY HAD *ANYTHING* TO DO WITH THIS CRIME. I am NOT dropping names in order to draw hits to this blog. The information above was provided simply because people are asking what businesses are located at what police are calling "the crime scene".

~ Update: 8:15pm ET ~
Several crime blog readers are speculating on a statement made to the media by an unnamed bouncer at The Falls. Here's my take on the following statement (NY Daily News article): "'She just walked out of the bar, stood in front and then we went back inside,' the bouncer said."

Any bouncer worth his pay wouldn't allow a patron to leave without paying. It's clear that St. Guillen had not paid for her drinks when she left the bar to answer her cell phone. The bouncer (Littlejohn or whomever) would likely have followed her outside to see if she was going to take off without paying her tab. When she finished her call, they both went back inside.

I am definitely NOT taking up for the bouncer -- be that person Darryl Littlejohn or the other guy (who was strip searched). I believe Steve Huff is right on the money when he made the connection between the location, pornography, Littlejohn and his apparent aliases. A person involved in extreme porno could be capable of such a crime -- as an extention of his on-screen sado-masochistic fantasies.

Another oddity, that makes my skin crawl...
Jack Dorrian, owner of The Falls, lost his liquor license after the Robert Chambers "Preppie Killer" case. Dorrian claimed (at the time) the lose of his license was in relation to him fronting Robert Chambers bail money.
IOW, the owner of the bar that served liquor to Chambers in excess of legal limits, just before he murdered Jennifer Levin, bails the guy out of jail on a murder rap?!? Do you think this is also the kind of person who would hire a career criminal as a bouncer? Hmmm...

~ Update: 7:45pm ET ~
The New York Post is reporting, "She [Imette St. Guillen] drank more there [The Falls], and soon appeared so inebriated that the owner asked the bouncer to have her leave, sources said. Previously, witnesses, including workers at The Falls had told cops that she left alone, the sources said. But a lawyer for the owner of the bar [Jack Dorrian] called detectives over the weekend and told them he had other information, the sources said. After questioning, police learned that the bouncer left with the young woman and never returned, they said.

One huge question looming over Imette's actions is: WHY did she leave The Pioneer Bar and travel five blocks (past at least three other pubs) to arrive at The Falls just twenty minutes before closing time? Is the piece of paper she supposedly looked at important? Was it contact information for a hook-up? After all, The Falls is listed on the web as a public MatchMakers location used by RetroMatch, a local dating agency.

~ Update: 2:45pm ET ~
I am now convinced that Steve Huff is on to the idea that WILL solve this case. FWIW, Darryl Littlejohn is African-American, which matches ethnic information Mr. Huff mentions below. I have paraphrased his 3:31am ET post from this morning below:
"... when one considers that John Zaccaro’s [Geraldine Ferraro's husband] dealings in the 80’s with producers of pornography (Zaccaro owned property from which he and his wife, Geraldine Ferraro, profited, that was rented or leased by a porn production company.) Two of Darryl Littlejohn’s known aliases—Jonathan Blaze and John Handsome.
A 'Johnny Handsome' is listed as a director for a hardcore porno film titled, 'Harlem Hos.' ... Johnny Blaze (interesting variation on that name also found—Jonny Blaze), appears to also be the name of an african-american bisexual porn actor. Many of the movies advertised online featuring Blaze are New York themed. ... The combination of these porn movies advertising themselves as being New York-based, made in New York, and the appellations used by Littlejohn—both 'John Handsome' and 'Jonathan Blaze' were the most recent aliases listed on Littlejohn’s Department of Corrections records—has to make one wonder. Add in the factor of 218 Lafayette being an address tied in the past to mob-run properties that housed porn operations, and all this is pretty hard to ignore. ...
The connections between porn with primarily african-american casts made in New York, Jon(ny) Blaze and John(ny) Handsome, and Darryl Littlejohn, I have to say, are much more disturbing and striking [than finding a convicted sex offender's name as someone cited for dumping a vehicle on Fountain Ave]. At the least, it might just be more evidence of a hidden sexual self—a proclivity for hardcore porn as a consumer—that wasn’t reflected in Littlejohn’s criminal record in the past."

Darryl Littlejohn's neighbors describe him as a "quiet, muscular man". Police describe him as "a hard guy" who is menacing and "heavily tatooed". In addition to the aliases above, Littlejohn has also been known as Damon Wells and Darryl Banks.

Is there anything to the alias names used by Darryl Littlejohn? Two theories are offered above. I have also located the name Damon Wells -- a psycho-satanist convicted in a Santa Clara County, CA. murder case. If Darryl Littlejohn put any thought into his aliases, why did he pick the names Damon Wells, Darryl Banks, Johnny Blaze and John Handsome? What, if anything, do these names mean to him?

~ Update: 1:45pm ET ~ says of Darryl Littlejohn,
"The bouncer, sources said, works at The Falls bar in New York's Soho neighborhood, and police say he has a criminal record and has been uncooperative with authorities. Witnesses have told police they last saw the bouncer -- who has been convicted of five different crimes ranging from armed robbery to drug possession but nothing sexual in nature -- with St. Guillen. Police say cell phone records have placed him at The Falls at the time St. Guillen disappeared and around East New York -- where her body was found -- two hours later. In addition to the bouncer, police are interested in at least one other employee of The Falls, the New York Daily News reported."

~ Update: 12:40pm ET ~
FoxNews is confirming earlier reports that Darryl Littlejohn's Rochsdale Village, Queens home is under investigation. The Falls' bouncer was reportedly picked up for questioning last night. He is still in police custody -- supposedly at the 75th Precinct. His aunt, Addie Harris, has also been interviewed by the media. She defended Littlejohn, "I don't believe this, they have to give me some kind of evidence," Harris said. "He's already been condemned in the media. I'm hoping [the police] will go out there and do their job."

A note that I want to quote from the Crime Scene Blog gives more insight into the killer -- WHOEVER he is...
"It has not been released if the sexual assault occurred anti-mortem or post-mortem but that too indicates the type of mindset of the perpetrator. Men who are interested in the control aspect of the rape tend to perform the assault before death. Those men whose self esteem is so low that even a weakened and tied up victim is not submissive enough tend to sexually assault the body after they have killed. This also is when the fantasy realization, which drives the crime, is at its zenith."
I wonder if police are investigating Littlejohn's past. The killer is most likely someone who has a great hatred for women. Littlejohn has prior convictions, but does he have a history of acts against women? One major item is a physical search of Littlejohn -- Does he have scratches on his face, neck or body? Imette's fingernails are said to have some skin embedded underneath them. ASIDE: Littlejohn called a Daily News reporter yesterday morning to say he had nothing to do with the horrible crime. He accused cops of harassing him.

In addition to Littlejohn, who has a history of robbery and drug raps, cops have shown intense interest in at least one other man who works at the bar, sources said. Cops asked that man to disrobe for them, to prove he had no scratches on him. He did so and had no marks, the sources added.

Police are currently running DNA tests to try and find a match with the killer who dumped Ms. St. Gullien in New York's Bell Parkway "Killing Fields". In a recent interview on the Nancy Grace show, Dr. Larry Kobilinsky, forensic scientist at John Jay College said, "Most of the time, this kind of evidence under the fingernails, the scraping, does not turn out very good information on the perpetrator. However, the medical examiner`s office in New York City is doing some very, very sophisticated work with low copy number DNA. And, therefore, they very well may be successful." We certainly hope so!

FoxNews' The Lineup has details on the Imette Saint-Guillen Scholarship Fund --
Created in honor of the slain grad student.
If you have the means and inclination, please give to this fund.

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