Sunday, March 05, 2006

TOPIC: Imette's body taken away in a tan van?
New York homicide investigators have impounded a tan minivan believed to be part of the Imette St. Guillen murder case. Police started looking for the van yesterday (at least that's when it became public knowledge). Either overnight or this morning, police located the minivan outside an east New York garage located at the corner of Jerome and New Lots Avenue. It has been moved to a police impound yard -- to be searched in the ongoing investigation into Imette St. Guillen's rape and murder. The Crime Scene Blog has much more, including a picture of the late model tan Ford Windstar van in question.

Questions to ponder -- Imette travelled five blocks from The Pioneer Bar to The Falls. Did she encounter someone along the way and them brush them off? Did that person lay in wait for her outside The Falls? The fake cabbie theory could be correct. However, it's hard to believe Imette would have been acosted by a cabbie outside of the car. That would look odd to anyone who was around the bar -- thereby causing suspicion. *IF* the building that houses The Falls bar *is* the crime scene, then the murderer is someone who had access to that building. The police have not said there was any forceable entry to the building, so it makes sense that the killer was able to get into and out of the building without force.

One other theory to consider -- the employees of The Falls pub. Are they involved? Remember, they are the only witnesses saying that Imette St. Guillen left the bar around 4:00am. Did one or more of them convince her to remain behind after the bar was closed to the public? Was she feeling whoosy and one of them offered her an opportunity to lie down and rest -- upstairs in the building? Was she attracted to one of the bartendar's who offered her a place they could quietly spend time once the bar closed? We do not yet know the answers to these questions. However, they definitely need to be asked -- and answered.

My bet is that Imette never left The Falls bar, as previously reported. My guess is that she was enticed into waiting for an employee to give her a ride... or taken advantage of by a "cool" bartendar promising her "after hours" partying. I'm sticking with my previous profile of the killer. We'll know more tomorrow...

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