Saturday, March 04, 2006

TOPIC: Imette may have been murdered just steps from The Falls...
Imette St. Guillen may have been snatched just as she walked out of The Falls bar onto Lafayette Street last weekend. Investigators are now calling the building that houses the Dorrian-family owned pub "the crime scene". According to some folks, this is a very odd twist in what is already a bizarre case of rape, torture and murder. But I have to ask -- why wasn't this the primary place to investigate in beginning? After all, there are several security cams in the immediate area. NONE of them show Imette St. Guillen after she walked outside The Falls bar. She was wearing a gray coat and white hooded sweater, and that was the last anybody (that we know of) saw of her. It's eerie, but it's kinda like she just disappeared.

Another question -- Should the police look at connections between Imette's killer and the so-called "Preppie Killer"? Or is merely a coincidence that the same people (Dorrian) own the New York bars outside of which two young women have been abducted, raped and murdered? Also, should the police reopen the Sarah Fox murder case? Is there a chance that this is the same serial killer who raped, killed and then arranged flowers around the body of Julliard student Sarah Fox? I'm not sure, but I think ALL avenues of investigation should remain open at this point.

A real development in tracking down the killer(s) is unfolding tonight. It has been announced that police are looking for a tan or light brown van that may have been seen in the area of the dumping grounds where Ms. Guillen body was found. Personally, I think the van was also seen at the Lindenwood Diner or on video the night of Imette's abduction. BUT, for some reason, police are letting those portions be publicly known as yet. [Just my guess.]

We'll know more tomorrow as police are venturing into the building (specifically the basement) of "The Falls" building, which is owned by Geraldine Ferraro's husband. It has been rumored that clothes were found there -- specifically a clear bag with a white garment was removed by police. However, that has not been confirmed as of the time my blog notes were written.

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