Friday, March 03, 2006

TOPIC: Profile of Serial Killer?
Are the police looking at the possibility of a serial killer in the death of Imette St. Guillen? You bet they are. In fact, it seems that this is the emerging theory of what happened to the attractive forensic psychology student. On Wednesday, the NY Daily News & Mich.News named him [them] the "Mummy Maniac". [The name is starting to stick.]
"What we've got here is a sexually sadistic pathological serial killer," criminal profiler Pat Brown tells The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen. "And he is the scariest of them all, the Hollywood type that we see in the movies and don't really think is going to strike in our neighborhood. But he's out there," Brown says. "My guess is he's been out there before and he's escalating in his crimes, which makes him more dangerous," Brown tells Chen. When asked if he would strike again, Brown said, "Absolutely. And the question is when."1
"This amount of violence and drama on the part of the killer tells me he's killed before. This is pretty much a murderer who's trying to create a warped identity," said Sidney Francis, a former NYPD homicide detective who's taught at the NYC police academy. Det. Francis believes the killer may be reveling in all the media attention to the case.

My take on the "profile" of who killed Ms. St. Guillen:
- Male
- 25~40 years old
- Caucasian, Hispanic or Arabic
- Not highly educated, but quite smart
- Most likely lives alone
- Not very social, but amiable enough to get along in society
- Fairly physically strong
- Has some pocket money; Not destitute
- Knows the Brooklyn area well
- Addicted to violent pornography
- Works in the service / delivery industry close to or in The Bowery/Brooklyn
- Specifically, I believe the killer is most likely a moving company employee, a construction contractor or linens delivery person for a motel
- Not his first sex crime. Quite likely not his first murder either

He took souveneirs to preserve his victim -- her chopped off hair, her wallet and her cell phone. I believe he likely disposed of Imette's clothes as none of these items have been found. His blood is likely on her clothes as it was obvious by the condition of Imette's broken fingernails that she fought her attacker(s) very hard before being overcome. Once he completed his task of rape, torture and murder, he called the police to tell them where he his trophy lie.

The 911 Call:
Operator: “Hello, 911.”
Caller: “I think there’s a body over at Fountain and Seaview.”
Operator: “How do you know? What did you see?”
Caller: “It looks like a body. You should send someone to take a look at it.”
This perp is NOT likely someone that Imette knew. I have just learned that the 911 call has been played for St. Guillen's family and close friends. The voice was not recognized by any of them.

I could be way off, but from what I've read... and the things I've seen, I suspect this is the profile of the person who brutally raped, sodomized, beat and suffocated a beautiful young lady this past Saturday. The 911 caller is definitely involved -- one way or another. Huff's Crime Blog has a very interesting post on the identity of the killer(s). Read it and then think about this...
If you know anyone in the Brooklyn or Bowery area who fits this description, you might want to think about having them interviewed by the police.

Folks, I'm almost positive we're dealing with a serial killer or duo. He [they] WILL strike again!

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Magnolia said...

I think whatever uneasiness Claire had...( the reason she called her friend) needs to be delved into.Something had to have triggered that feeling she got,and I realize it's hard to put a finger on something like that.Instinct plays a bigger part in survival than some folks want to believe. I think Claire "knows" something that she might not be consciously aware of yet.
Also, I think this is a one-up-manship of Peter Braunstein.

leanne z said...

interesting stuff, i have been following Huff's Crime Blog, and am glad to have came across yours.. keep up the good work..

Charlie said...

Leanne Z, THANKS for the compliment. Steve Huff has a FANTASTIC blog. Mine can't hol a candle to his, BUT I'm "working" for Imette and her family -- so my only goal to help the police/blogosphere/family solve this horrific crime. My only payment is the satisfaction of trying to help justice be served. THANKS again! Charlie