Thursday, July 29, 2004

TOPIC: Democratic National Convention Rhetoric
I admit that I have not watched the DNC on TV this week. However, I have listened to the highlights on both liberal & conservative radio shows each morning as I commute to work. My conclusion is the same as it was several months ago. The Democrats are full of crap. They have ONE agenda -- and that is to get GWB out of office at all costs. They have NO real platform, NO real direction and NO concrete ideas for making the country better. They simply scream & yell things that mean little to nothing, but sound very inticing.
Actually, it's sickening. Even though I'm a conservative at heart, I believe in the multi-party system of government. I listen to both sides -- my normal news channels are CNN & FOX for TV; NPR and SRN for radio. I truly want to hear both sides of the issues -- both points of view. I just wish that the Dems had something to say with meaning. Unfortunately, all they have offered is empty rhetoric -- even up until the very point when they will name John Kerry as their contender for the Presidency.
The utter incompetence and total lack of party direction was displayed in the selection of John Edwards as a Vice-Presidential running mate. He was picked because he's handsome, articulate and semi-popular in the South. Nevermind that he has ZERO experience. Yes, he's a Senator -- but he's a one term Senator who has spent nearly HALF of his Senate time on the campaign trail. Are the Democrats seriously going to offer this nation a person with less than three years experience in the federal government as the 2nd most powerful man in the world? They have GOT to be joking! The worst part is that most of the Dems and even some of the Reps have not even talked about this in the news. Of course, I don't expect to see a serious critique of Edwards' qualifications on CNN or ABC, but someone should be talking about it.

Edwards is ultra-liberal -- which won't wash with many Dems and very few Reps. He is portrayed as middle of the road, but I have proof he's ultra-liberal because I have corresponded with his office here in NC many times. He is FOR abortion-on-demand. He is FOR homosexual marriage. He is FOR bigger government programs. Even the media's protryal of his life story has been fabricated. Edwards is not some working class stiff from the backwoods of NC. His dad was a millworker, but Edwards made his millions by suing corporations using what some would call sleazy tactics (the phrases "ambulance chaser", "slip-n-fall" & other frivilous ideas come to mind). Gimme a break. ZERO experience / Ultra-liberal / Ambulance chaser.
Is this who YOU want in the White House?

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