Friday, July 30, 2004

TOPIC: Liberal Media Bias
Would you like a good example of liberal media bias? Here's one:
In the past several weeks, your policy on Iraq has generated opposition from the governments of France, Russia, China, Germany, Turkey, the Arab League, and many other countries; opened a rift at NATO and at the UN; and drawn millions of ordinary citizens around the world into the streets in anti-war protests. May I ask what went wrong that so many governments and peoples around the world now not only disagree with you very strongly, but see the U.S. under your leadership as an arrogant power?”– ABC White House correspondent Terry Moran to President Bush at a prime-time press conference, March 6.
Where does Terry MORON get off asking a question like that to the President of the United States? Is there a slant here? DUH! Would he have addressed such a pointed question to former President Clinton? NO WAY! Slick Willie was the dreamboy of the liberal media. They fell all over themselves drooling over him. This is disgusting!

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