Monday, July 26, 2004

TOPIC: Decadent Airwaves
In an age when "the Fruitcake Lady", the "Juggies" and pseudo-reality shows are popular, it's no wonder men and women are confused about how they should act in public -- not to mention in private. Ignorance, promiscuity and lack of common sense abound -- and it all centers around the media [TV, movies, & the news].
Folks, we are in BIG trouble, but too many of us are too far gone to realize it. We are constantly barraged with sexual images, with violent images -- from liberal ideologists who cram their lack of belief in anything down our throats. Don't believe me? Strike up a conversation with your local anarachist. They don't believe in anything, but they have no idea why. The hate all estblishment or rules, yet they are ruled by the liberal establishment and the true "opiate of the masses" -- television.
When is it going to stop!?! The cycle is vicious and its killing American culture. Are we now too ignorant, as a society, to take back the airwaves? I hope not... but I fear we're too busy being "entertained" to care.

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