Tuesday, May 04, 2004

TOPIC: National Public Radio
NPR (National Public Radio) should be renamed NDPR (National Democratic Party Radio) or maybe even NLR (National Liberal Radio). The almost Nazi-esk way the propoganda,... um, I mean "news", is reported is simply disgusting. The slant is so far left, I'm sometimes afraid I'll drive off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean while I'm listening -- and I live in North Carolina!
You ask, "So, why do you listen?" To which I answer, "Two reasons. First, I live in a very rural area. NDPR is the only radio news I can get on my hour drive to & from work. Second, I need a good laugh to start and finish my workday -- and NDPR provides lots of laughs on shows like 'All [Leftist] Things Considered'. The preaching of the liberalist religion (aka liberal Dems' POV) is humorous, for the most part because it's so totally ridiculous to any rational, thinking person."

For instance, liberals blame President Bush for the loss of jobs in the US. The non-thinking person agrees because, let's face it, many folks are without jobs these days. However, the rational, thinking person laughs at such a ridiculous accusation because they know that Bill Clinton sucked jobs out of the US like Monica... [um, this is a family establishment; let's keep it clean]. Anyway, NAFTA -- need I say more? Championed by liberals -- one of which is campaigning across the North saying he will return jobs to America. If HE hadn't been instrumental in sending those jobs OUT of America, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now.
Lastly, thinking people realize the truth -- that corporate scandals, "accounting irregularities", and 9-11 (with ALL of its assorted wounds on Americiana) have hurt the jobs market in this country. To blame the sitting President for job losses is S-T-U-P-I-D, but that's what the talking heads on NLR (no, I think NDPR is more fitting) do from sun-up to sundown. Remember, THINK FOR YOURSELF!