Wednesday, May 05, 2004

TOPIC: US Soldiers Mistreatment of Iraqi Prisoners
The soldiers who mistreated the Iraqi prisoners should have their rear ends kicked all the way back to the States. There is NO excuse for what they did -- and saying they were told to extract information is NOT a good reason. COMMON SENSE should have told them what they were doing was WRONG. This event is another that just goes to show the low level of morality of among the citizens of this country. OH, and remember you read this here first: There WILL BE faked pictures that will surface of other soldiers "committing atrocities" against "insurgents", etc. Photoshop and digital media is too easy to use for it not to happen -- and there are PLENTY of people who will try it before the situation is resolved.

Political note to Dems: You're beating a dead horse and trying to stir up trouble that doesn't need to be stirred right now. Oh, and your definitely blaming the wrong guy (hint: his desk is in the Oval Office). He is not to blame. EACH, INDIVIDUAL who committed the crimes IS the responsible party, not the President, Donald Rumsfeld or any general.