Tuesday, May 04, 2004

TOPIC: John Kerry (aka Johnny Integrity)
A couple more things about Johnny Integrity (aka John Kerry)...
#1 - Man, did I miss the news on this one -- John Kerry voted to throw his war metals over a fence during war protest; then he forgot to go home & get them; then he did go get them, but he only threw the ribbons over the fence; then he couldn't get home to get the metals because he didn't have time; then he threw someone else's metals over the fence; then he... AW CRAP! John Kerry has lied so many times on this issue that NO ONE knows what he did or didn't throw -- except for the fact that we ALL know he's thrown A LOT of hooey "over the fence" in our direction... and it STINKS!

#2 - NEXT... Johnny Integrity says he's a Catholic -- living and breathing; believing it and living it. He says he personally believes that abortion is wrong, BUT, but, bUt... he doesn't see any problem with a woman who makes that choice; it's her decision. OK, so let me get this straight. He believes that murder is wrong under the Catholic faith!?! He believes that abortion is wrong as part of his faith and personal convictions!?! Yet, he believes it is fine for a woman to hire a doctor to murder her unborn child in the womb. And he calls that "choice". Hmmmm... at least this point of view fits the rest of his character, along with the integrity of his comments -- or lack thereof.