Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Bright Side of President Obama

Conceding defeat of conservative values in lieu of extreme liberalism is not an easy thing to do. But, it's clear this morning that Democrats and liberals (assuming there is a difference) have been given the majority of power across the political spectrum. So, let's try to look for a bright side...
  1. A black man has become president of the United States of America. Just 50 years ago, the black man was still being subjected to clear-cut discrimination in many areas of life.
  2. There will be kids in the White House. We haven't, as a country, had multiple young children in the Rose Garden since the Kennedy presidency.
  3. The President and Congress cannot blame each other for partisan politics. Democrats have a clear majority in the House of Representatives, the Senate -- and now a Democratic President.
On a lighter, more humorous note, it would have been awesome having a hot looking First Lady, a hot "First Daughter" and a hotter Vice President. Oh well, it's early and the day talking heads haven't gotten started yet this morning.

I'm sure there are bright sides to an Obama presidency -- though I could come up with only three so far. I'll truthfully try to think of more. Your "bright side" comments are welcome -- but let's keep it apolitical. 

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