Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stealing the Minds of America: Compelling Truths for Black America

[This is one of THE most important posts The Sope-Bocks has ever published.]

While listening to a radio talk show yesterday evening, I was blessed to hear a proud black woman speak on the coming election and the two major political parties in America. This morning, I visited her website in an attempt to find out more. Here is an excerpt from her opening salvo on the site:
I was ignorant and proud. Ignorant of what the political parties really embraced and too proud to set aside my preconceived ideas to listen. Yet when I began to research the facts for myself, I was shocked to discover that what I thought I knew was all a lie. In reality, I had aligned myself with the very party that historically, had determined to eliminate African Americans from the entire political process. This is a must read book for all truth-seekers who vote! –Janice L. Ponds

Janice L. Ponds is writing about the Democratic Party. Remember, she is black or as the politically correct would say, African-American. Janice and her husband have researched and published a book entitled, Stealing the Minds of America. The subtitle is: A Must for All Truth-Seekers Who Vote. I plan to order the book -- then read it from cover to cover.

After listening to Janice Ponds last night, I would encourage everyone -- especially the black community to read the book. But, only if they are truth seekers. Those who want to blindly (and ignorantly) follow the black community's mandate to vote Democratic will not want to read the book. It's for truth seekers ONLY.

In the event, The Sope-Bocks readers might want to know more about the truth, here are a few questions asked and answered in Ponds' book:

Do you know what political party…

  1. Was initially created as anti-slavery leaders broke away to establish a new political group to abolish slavery?
  2. Allowed black Americans to participate in the political process subsequent to slavery; resulting in hundreds of black men who were former slaves, becoming congressmen and prominent political leaders?
  3. Spearheaded the Dred Scott decision of 1857, delivered by a party-specific Supreme Court declaring blacks were not persons or citizens, but instead property with no rights?
  4. Repealed all civil rights laws in 1876 and instituted Jim Crow” laws to deprive blacks of their voting and civil rights?
  5. Did not have a single one of its 56 Congressional members vote for the 15th amendment which supported granting explicit voting rights to black Americans?
  6. Formed the Ku Klux Klan in an effort to prevent African-American leaders from being elected to political office after slavery was abolished; and terrorized both black and white Americans who had a specific party affiliation?
  7. Had its key leaders vote against a bill called the Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004; which would protect unborn children from assault and murder?
Here are the answers:
  1. Republican
  2. Republican
  3. Democratic
  4. Democratic
  5. Democratic
  6. Democratic
  7. Democratic
This information was somewhat of a surprise to me. I knew that Republicans and Christian leaders in Congress were at the forefront of abolishing slavery, but was NOT aware that the Democratic Party had pushed so hard to keep blacks from having civil and voting rights.

Furthermore, Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, came up with the idea of her organization as a means of wiping out the black race. Now, Presidential candidate Barack Obama is in bed with Planned Parenthood -- and supports ALL abortion (including late term abortion). So much for looking out for your fellow man, huh?!? Black so-called "civil rights leaders" need to get their head out of the sand and get with the reality of the party they so vehemently support.

Ponds' website, Thinking for Yourself, also has five powerful and thought-provoking excerpts from the book. Take the time to review the truth contained therein: Excerpt 1, Excerpt 2, Excerpts 3 and 4, and Excerpt 5.

Janice Ponds' book, Stealing the Minds of America, is past due. It was needed before the 1992 elections -- and is needed more than ever in 2008. I challenge the black community to start thinking for yourself!


jason said...

im not a Democrat, but save for the abortion one, those bullet notes are from a long ago time. they ara a cheap shot. someone who isnt as lazy as i am can probably research numerous occasions where republicans have surpressed the advancement of equality.

Anonymous said...

i agree with jason,even apostle paul persecuted the church but later became a christian. i believe times have changed.we must pray for our goverment that we may live in piece 1 tim 2:1-3.

Brother's keeper said...

totally in agreement with the two posts...and I want to add, that we should all STOP the smear and fighting between Democrats and Republicans...we are all Americans...we are inter-connected in this country and this world...united we stand and divided we fall...Janice congratulations on your writing and the understanding you've come to and the maturity that will continue to evolve in your ministry. May we work hard to strengthen ourselves, look after one another and love unconditionally. Let us turn away from games and thoughts that divide us and look for common ground to unite us. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

ditto to the previous comments... and why is the author falling in the trap of party loyalty...shouldn't believers be wise enough, especially if you've gone to school and learned critical thinking skills, to rise above the fluff...we are the light on the hill, not the flicker in the valley.

justthefacts said...

Our thoughts, opinions and writings about the author and her conclusions don't change reality. Take a close look at the factual, recorded voting records to see that much of what she reveals about the parties continues through today.