Friday, September 26, 2008

SBA List President: 'Obama is Lying About Record on Born Alive Infant Protection Act'

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Today, in response to a new Ohio ad by the Barack Obama campaign addressing Obama's position with regard to opposing the Born Alive Infant Protection Act the Susan B. Anthony List offered comment and facts on Obama's record: "If only 'change' was all about how Barack Obama could change his past votes. He knows his extreme record on abortion doesn't resonate with values voters in battleground states, and sadly it is too late to change his votes. So now he's truly lying - bordering upon the pathological -- with this new television ad. The only favorable interpretation of this ad would be that he is suffering from some sort of amnesia," said Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser.

"However, that seems unlikely. His inhuman vote on the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act is too memorable and will repel values voters across the country. American voters are savvy - they can and will see through Barack Obama's cynical attempt to play the politics of personal gain when unborn lives are on the line. Obama built a straw man out of the public's condemnation of his vote. No one claimed he wants to leave every single newborn infant to die - just the most vulnerable ones - those almost full term girls and boys whose abortion was unsuccessful," said Dannenfelser.

Documents recently obtained by the National Right to Life Committee reveal a discrepancy between the facts and Barack Obama's rhetoric about the Born- Alive Infant Protection Act: - Barack Obama opposed the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act as an Illinois State Senator. He spoke against the bill, calling it an "unnecessary burden" for women and voted against it three times. Despite that opposition, he has since declared support for the federal version of the same legislation that aims to protect newborn babies who survive abortions.
- After NARAL pulled its opposition to the legislation, Obama continued to oppose it.
- Obama has publicly stated he opposed the legislation due to its lack of a "neutrality clause" - language expressing that the bill had no bearing on the legal status of unborn children with regard to abortion.
- Official legislative documents show that Obama in fact presided over a committee hearing where "neutrality clause" language - identical to the federal language - was added to the Illinois version of the Born- Alive Infant Protection Act.
- After voting in support of the "neutrality clause," Obama then joined fellow Democrats to oppose the bill, killing it by a vote of 6-4, even after the addition of the "neutrality clause."
- The bill Obama killed is nearly identical to the federal version of the Born- Alive Infant Protection Act signed by President Bush in 2002.

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jason said...

i think Obama is a sham. he is incredibly popular because he has the support of millions of black americans who never bothered to vote. subtract them from the equation, and we have Hillary as the Dem nominee and the President.
i hope Obama is called out for his voting AGAINST the Born Alive...Act after supporting the neutrality clause.