Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Missing Young Men - Are They Connected To The Smiley Face Gang?

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The following list of young men missing from the Midwest is not complete, but it offers The Sope-Bocks' readers an opportunity to research the names along with me. This post will be updated as I learn more -- and you send your feedback. If I can find their locations, I plan to map the locations and post the map here.

Dr. Lee Gilbertson - The timeline of the [40 studied] drownings move in a consistent pattern. "East, west, east, west, east, west, north, south -- east, west, east, west, east, west, north, south. Now we start to see patterns that can't be explained."
Eric Blair
Jared Dion
Adam Falcon
- Missing 11/13/04
- Found 11/18/04
- Location: Grasse River
Ryan Getz
Josh Guimond
- Still missing
Ryan Knatcher
- Missing
Patrick Kycia, 19
- Missing 6/9/05
- Found 9/27/05
- Location: Red River, Minnesota
Glen Leadley
Keith Noble
Michael Noll
Chris Olberding
- Found 10/6/04
- Location: Ohio River
Scot Radel
- Found 3/1/06
- Location: Mississippi River
Brian Shaffer, Med school student
- Missing 4/2/06
Joshua Snell
- Missing
- Found 4 days later
- Location: Chippewa River
Wade Steffey
Joshua Szostak
Brian Welzien
NOTE: I am NOT sure these guys are victims of the Smiley Face Gang.

Sources: Various blogs, Ramblings from the Reservation Blog

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