Saturday, April 07, 2007

TOPIC: Lawlessness & Discrimination Reign in Washington, D.C.
Students violently attack White Advisor Karl Rove with no arrests made. Meanwhile peaceful Christians are threatened with arrest and ordered to stop praying on a Capitol Hill public sidewalk during a Stations of the Cross Celebration last week.
"Law enforcement officials are now responding to events bases on the political beliefs and viewpoint of demonstrators rather than their actions," states Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition.
The Christian Defense Coalition has written a letter to the Library of Congress seeking a public apology and clarification concerning the unconstitutional disruption of public prayer. The Coalition is being representing by the American Center for Law and Justice and will seek further federal legal action if the matter cannot be resolved. See the letter online here.
Rev. Mahoney, comments,
"There is now a new standard in Washington, D.C. concerning public demonstrations and political gatherings. If you are involved in an anti-war protest, you can violently attack White House officials with no arrests. You can spray- paint the United States Capitol with no arrests or consequences. You can disrupt news conferences with no arrests. And, you can take over congressional offices with no arrests. Meanwhile, if you peacefully chose to exercise your First Amendment rights by praying in the public square you are ordered to stop, are harassed and threatened with arrest."
This kind of discrimination is both unconstitutional and dangerous and brings us back to a tragic time when people were arrested simply because of their skin color."Is there any person out there who believes, that Christians or conservatives would not have been immediately arrested if they had violently attacked Speaker Pelosi or spray painted the United States Capitol Building? Could you imagine the response of law enforcement officers if pro-life demonstrators had shouted down a news conference by Senator Hillary Clinton?"

The Sope-Bocks: The ACLU, as in the American Civil Liberties Union, has been curiously silent regarding the violation against these Americans, who were exercising their First Amendment rights on a public sidewalk. Ironic, isn't it -- a group that touts itself for being the vanguard of American civil liberties doesn't rush to protect the civil liberties of certain Americans. Thus, my reason for renaming the ACLU the "Anti-Christian Liberties Union"

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