Friday, April 06, 2007

TOPIC: Are Conservatives and Christians Capable of Being Funny?
Some folks may think not. Those of us who are conservative and/or Christians know that we can be humorous -- and remain within the confines of good taste. We don't need the antics of Ricky Bobby, Napolean Dynamite or any of the other mindless drivel that invades our senses in the name of being funny.
Without tooting the clown horn too loudly, here's a list of some interesting comics and cartoons -- created and illustrated by conservative Christian artists:
After Eden (Dan Lietha)
Church Mice (Karl Zorowski)
The Back Pew (Jeff Larsen) - MY Favorite!
ReverendFun (Richard Germain)
ToonFever (Tim Walburg)
Faith Kartoons (not extremely funny, but good if you know your Bible)
EZG Toons (Erin Gillespie)

As stated previously, The Sope-Bocks will feature these artists and their toons over the next few weeks -- in an effort to create a "wider dimension" for the blog. In fact, cartoons have been added to some older posts.

BTW, I personally know and can vouch for Karl Zorowski, creator of "Church Mice". He's a great guy, with an awesome family -- and a heart for God.

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