Tuesday, August 22, 2006

TOPIC: Karr's Probable Defense Attorney Already On The Offense
This morning, it seemed pretty clear that Patience Van Zandt, the attorney who represented John Mark Karr in 2001, will be his attorney in the JonBenet Ramsey murder trial -- *if* there is a trial. She may be flanked by partner Jamie Harmon, but that is not very clear at this point. They advertise...
"With the representation of Harmon & Associates sexual assault lawyer, you will feel secure, knowing that you are in good hands. Our sexual assault defense attorneys have successfully defended many clients and have been able to reduce, dismiss, and alter the charges against them. We handle sex crime and other criminal defense cases throughout the Northern California."
Isn't that sweet? NEVER MIND WHETHER YOU'RE GUILTY OR NOT! One short bio of Van Zandt says, "She is a mother, and understands the difficulties faced by kids today, and the need to vigorously represent and protect them!" I wonder how other victims like JonBenet can be protected when Van Zandt heads down the following slippery slope of justice...
Ms. Harmon and Ms. Van Zandt were interviewed on the Today Show this morning -- and Van Zandt is already trying to worm out of the confession Karr made in front of television cameras. While her tactic is offensive to me, I understand that she is trying to "defend" her client. But, saying that he never made a confession?!? ARGH!
Asked about comments Karr earlier made to reporters about the murder, Van Zandt told NBC's "Today" show: "I don't believe he's made confessions. I think that he's made statements," she said. "Although I can't, unfortunately, flesh out thoughts behind them at this point, I am absolutely confident that what Mr. Karr meant will become clear." What a lowlife bottom-feeding scumbag of the law profession!
When someone says "I was with [personX] when they died... It was an accident... I was trying to kidnap [personX], but ended up strangling [personX]," they*ARE* confessing to a crime, PERIOD. In this case, John Karr was asked if he was innocent of the crime. Karr replied: “No. These statements are on video and audio tape! How can Van Zandt say Karr didn't confess?!?
Ms. Van Zandt's obligation (or that of whomever defends him) is NOT to get John Mark Karr out of a conviction, but to make sure he gets a FAIR TRIAL. Nothing more and nothing less. *IF* he is guilt of killing JonBenet Ramsey -- and HE says he is -- then his attorney's job is NOT to get him acquitted, but to make sure he fairly represented and offered fair treatment under the law. In NO WAY is the mandate to work towards acquittal of a confessed murderer!
Let's see where this case goes.
"There always will be lawyers willing to set aside their other work and personal time to represent a high-profile defendant with publicity as their only compensation", said Larry Pozner, past president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.
BTW, if you're one to call these low-life individuals and let them know how you feel -- it's time to contact Patience Van Zandt NOW = (408) 597-6985 or (408) 286-5000 = before she starts getting paid tax payer dollars.

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