Tuesday, August 22, 2006

TOPIC: Karr Will NOT Fight Extradition
John Mark Karr has just heard the charges that face him in Colorado. A public defender said that Mr. Karr has signed a waiver of extradition -- and will not fight being taken to Colorado to face those charges. I watched the hearing on TV just now. Curiously, Patience Van Zandt, nor Jamie Harmon, represented Karr. He was represented by Haydah Takasugi, a deputy public defender. One or the other of the Harmon Legal team may have been in the courtroom, but neither was "at the table" for Karr. John Mark Karr, who answered softly as the judge asked him about the charges and extradition waiver, seemed calm, yet aware of what was going on around him.
As for Van Zandt and/or Harmon, maybe they are off suing companies over mesothelioma, trying auto accident cases or wrongful death suits. Where does one find a lawyer like Van Zandt? Just look in the Yellow Pages -- or maybe she'll come running to you *if* you're part of the mass media mayhem. Let the trial circus begin!

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