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TOPIC: John Mark Karr - Profile
Here is a succinct profile of John Mark Karr, gathered from media outlets and my own research thus far.
Full Name: John Mark Karr
Born: November 12, 1964
Father: Wexford Karr
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Nate Karr, brother
Married: 1984 - Quientana Shotts (13yo)
1989 - Lara Knutson (16yo)
Divorced: 1985 - Shotts
2002 - Knutson (after being arrested on child pornography charges)
Children: Three reported (Lara had twin girls who died at birth in September 1, 1989)
Primary Education: High school in Atlanta, GA area
College: Bevill State Community College (Alabama), Regents College; Albany, NY (aka Excelsior College - distance learning) and University of North Alabama (did not graduate)
Residence: Lived in Alabama from 1989 until 2000
Also lived in Conyers, GA (near Atlanta at the same time the Ramseys lived in Dunwoody, GA)
Moved to Petaluma, CA in early 2000
Left Petaluma for parts unknown around October, 2001 (Presumed to have traveled back and forth to Europe, Central America and Asia quite a bit over the past five years)
Work History: Convent of the Sacred Heart Elementary School- San Francisco - 4wks in 2000
Sonoma County Schools / Wilson Elementary School (substitute teacher) - 12/2000 ~ 04/2001
Lost teaching credential (2003) after being arrested for possession of kiddie porn on April 13, 2001.
John Mark Karr's resumes list quite a few jobs, but only parts of that information has been confirmed.
His last job was at the Bangkok Christian College in Bangkok - June, 2006.
Resume #1, posted 6/22/05, is on
The other was one a non-English site for the GnB English Institute,

[If you can't use the links, I have the entire text of both pages saved for future reference.]
The GnB resume says Karr was in Asia from 2001-02 and lists additional teaching work from 2004-05 in Honduras. It also says Karr taught English to executives in Costa Rica. The posting also says Karr worked as a private teacher and caregiver in Germany and the Netherlands, apparently for three families with young children from 2002-03. The posting doesn't name the German cities where he worked but later mentions Munich and Stuttgart as places he had visited.
Prosecutors in both of those cities said Thursday that they had no record of any investigation involving Karr. The posting also boasts of travels to many other cities, including London; Paris; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Zurich, Switzerland; Milan, Italy; Osaka, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Sydney, Australia; Singapore; Taipei, Taiwan; and Istanbul, Turkey.
In addition to teaching, the resume says Karr can play several unspecified musical instruments, that he writes poetry, has acting ability and maintained an overall 3.8 GPA while at college. From 1981-96, the resume says Karr ran a private rental business and restored Victorian mansions.


Truthfully, not much more is known about John Mark Karr. There is A LOT of speculation -- even on my part -- about him. However, we don't have many more established facts. Here are some that have been brought to light...
-- John Karr wrote about the murder of JonBenet Ramsey during his college years (he was in his early 30's at the time). One professor reportedly encouraged him to dig deeper and write a book.
His ex-wife, Lara, says he was infactuated with the murder cases of Polly Klass and JonBenet Ramsey.
-- Wexford Karr, John's 85 year old father, said he has not heard from his son in five years -- and feared John was dead. He also mentioned obsessive behavior over the JonBenet case.
-- A former adminstrator/employer noted that John Karr was not a very good teacher.
-- A former coworker in the school system noted "oddities" in John Karr's relations with female students -- while he was student-teaching at her facility.
-- John Karr's resumes and the PowerWurks postings (not definitively linked to this John Karr) all state that he is the father of three children. No one in the media has mentioned anything about the children. Are two the deceased twins I mentioned in an earlier post? If not, where are his children? At least one of them should be a teenager by now.

Some questions that need to be answered -- irregardless of John Karr's confession:
-- Why would Karr have been in Boulder, CO during Christmas of 1996?
-- If he knew the Ramsey family, what is their connection? (Tutor, friend, what?)
-- If they were acquaintances, why was his name never made public before now?
-- What exactly is in the letters and email John Mark Karr sent to Patsy Ramsey and Michael Tracey? (We know Tracey read details that were not public, but what else is there?)
-- There has been an abscure reference to an unnamed cold case that John Mark Karr may be associated with in Santa Rosa Couty, CA. What are the details of that case?

[More will be added to this post as the research continues...]

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there is a listing for a jm karr on a website think it was called rate my teacher or somethinglike that, may want to check it out, I have also been searching for background