Monday, April 10, 2006

TOPIC: Moronics
I'm convinced there should be an area of study called "Moronics". It could include the inner workings of moron brains, the idiotic logic of their media ramblings and the peer group in which they function. We could start with far left-wing reporters, many liberal college professors and most of the rich & famous in Hollywood.
We'd would need to make sure we include the economics professor from UC Berkley who, on NPR radio yesterday, told us that the US economy is NOT in good condition. BUT, if the economy is in good condition, it's not due to anything current administration has done over the past 6+ years. What a total moron!
Anyway, the study of moronics should be funded out of the salaries of moronic college professors, moronic mass media news commentators (can't stomach the idea of calling them "reporters") and moronic drivers' estates (pre- or post-mortem is fine by me). Maybe, with much study, we could ascertain what makes these morons tick; why they think like they do (or don't actually think at all) and how it is they function in the real world (when they are so totally clueless about reality). What do YOU think?

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