Friday, April 07, 2006

TOPIC: 72% Of Teen Girls Who Have Had Sex Wish They Hadn't
It may startle you -- it did me. BUT, in a recent poll, 63 percent of teens who have had sexual intercourse said they wish they had waited. More than one-half of teen boys (55 percent) and nearly three of four teen girls (72 percent) surveyed said they wish they had waited longer to have sex. Source: National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
Psychological Self-Help posted some good data showing sexual mores over the past three decades. It's website, Premarital Sex -- The Situation, was just one of the pages I found while searching for info on this topic. It's a good read!
Another source says "Teenagers and young adults account for nearly half the cases of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States though they make up just a quarter of the sexually active population, according to the first extensive national estimate of STDs among young Americans." Thankfully, a UNC study tells the truth -- abstinence is "the surest way to avoid STDs".
The Center for 4th & 5th R's seems to be a good place to read more about this topic. Morality does matter. Remember teens -- Everyone is NOT "doing it"!

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