Thursday, January 26, 2006

TOPIC: Who does Kanye West think he is!?!
Have you seen the new cover for Rolling Stone magazine? It depicts ultra-vile rapper Kanye West as Jesus Christ, just before the crucifixion. West is shown complete with thorny crown, bloody face and raggish robe.

Do Rolling Stone and Kanye West think they can blaspheme like this without any consequences? I've always said that rap (aka hip-hop) was predominantly a violent, irreverant, vulgar form of music. Kanye West and his sort of ilk (Tupac, Jay Z, etc) are the bottom of a barrel covered in four-letter words, degrading images and violent rhetoric. They claim to provide a sounding board for today's youth. Instead, they rebel against everything except their over-inflated egos and monotinous boom-tones.
Kanye West is the epitomy of an anti-Christ. To depict himself as our Savior is blasphemous! I pray that God will deal with his heart, soul and that of the Rolling Stone editors. Personally, I would love to kick him in the teeth for dirtying the image of Christ in that way. However, God is much more merciful than me, with his type. I am thankful for that.

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