Friday, January 27, 2006

TOPIC: Bluetooth And A Black Eye
As you know, I recently upgraded to a Motorola V710 phone. In doing so, I gained Bluetooth capabilities. Here's an anecdotal story on one of my first "Bluetooth conversations"...
One evening, my oldest daughter called to say she needed graph paper for a school project. So, when I got off work, I set out to find a pad of graph paper for the tween's project. While looking around the stores, I used my newly purchased Motorola H300 Bluetooth earpiece to call home. We had a couple of conversations along the way. The "black eye" part of the story goes like this...
Just before walking into one store, I hit the button on the earpiece and said "Redial". My phone replied, "Dialing". As the doors to the store open, I am confronted by a long line of people waiting at the checkout. At the end of the line is a 6'4" black guy looking rather annoyed at having to wait. Just then my wife answers the phone. Without thinking about my surroundings, and while looking straight at this guy (with him looking back at me), I smiled and said, "Hey sweetheart. How's it going?"
The guy's eyebrows furled as he began to look like he was going to smash me into a small ball. I realized what was going on and frantically pointed to my earpiece saying, "Sorry, I'm on the phone. I'm on the phone." The tension in his face started to go away -- and I quickly made my way to another area of the store.
Moral of the story -- Be careful what you say while using your wireless cellphone. It could become a dangerous situation. :-)

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