Wednesday, January 11, 2006

TOPIC: Motorola V710
Yea, I know... it's not a normal topic for the Sope-Bocks. But, things have been kinda heavy around here lately... so, I decided to lighten up a bit.
My lovely wife needed a new phone. She likes small, simple phones, so I purchased an LG for her. While at the Alltel store (we'll talk about horrid customer service another day), I decided to go ahead and upgrade my V265 to a V710. I really wanted the MP3 capability, Bluetooth and the larger display.
After fooling around with software downloads, firmware patches, SEEM edits, cables and a new 256Mb transflash card, I finally have a phone that has my entire Outlook calendar, my phonelist, dozens of full-length MP3 files, my favorite ringtones and easy-to-use Bluetooth.
One caveat, don't buy a V710 or E815 or any other phone "capable" of MP3, ringtones, Bluetooth, etc. without checking with the provider first. It seems that Verizon, Alltel and others disable some of the phone's capabilities in order to extort money from end users (via services like Brew). You can hack your phone, but you might void the warranty. Big whup when they still charge you $50.00 to replace a phone.
Enjoy and use your phone to the fullest. They are a cool tool -- but not a toy. Drive responsibly and be courteous to those around you. IOW, we don't care, nor do we want to hear, you and your mom argue on the phone. Go outside! :-)

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