Monday, January 09, 2006

TOPIC: Judge Samuel Alito's Confirmation Hearings
I've been listening to the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee, Judge Samuel Alito, most of the afternoon. How typical of the Senate....
The Republicans tout Judge Alito's accomplishments and record of upholding the Constitution. I happen to agree with them, for the most part. My points of disagreement are on privacy rights and personal prejudice regarding Constitutional issues. OTOH, I believe Judge Alito will uphold the Constitution -- as it was written, NOT as liberal justices have determined to interpret it.
"On the other side of the aisle", the Democrats bash Judge Alito for wanting to take a woman's reproductive rights (politically correct way of saying - a woman's so-called "right" to kill her unborn child)... and for being (what amounts to) not upholding the same judicial philosophy of Sandra Day O'Connor... or the political agenda that liberals embrace. I vehemently disagree with them as murder is murder and the Constitution does not uphold the right to murder an unborn child. As a point of agreement with the Dems, I do agree that Judge Alito should explain his membership in an organization that lobbied against inclusion of minorities. However, I have no problem with them excluding women, *if* the club was strictly a men's organization.
As we move through this week, it will be interesting to see what happens... and hear from Judge Samuel K. Alito himself.

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