Wednesday, September 01, 2004

TOPIC: Headline: President Bush Says "We Can't Win The Way On Terror!"
Did you hear Matt Lauer's interview with President Bush? Remember just a few weeks ago when I told you about the liberal slant of Today, Lauer and Couric? Well, Lauer and the rest of the liberal media extrapolated something from Mr. Bush's answer to a question on winning the war on terrorism -- something the President didn't didn't say. Lauer and the other talking heads then proceeded to broadcast their ignorance all over the country. Even ambulance-chaser John Edwards took his own cheap shot on the matter.
Since many folks didn't hear the exchange for themselves, let me give you the paraphrased version. Lauer asked the President if we could win the war on terrorism. The President said he didn't think it is a war that can be won (in the traditional sense of winning wars). He went on to talk about what we were doing to beat back terrorism, keep our country safe and promote a democratic world. Lauer and others twisted Mr. Bush's words to report that the President said we cannot win the war on terrorism.
Folks, it is VERY clear what the President meant. The war, as any 8th grader knows, is not a "war" in the traditional sense -- with geography, a certain number of countries and formal militias involved. The war on terrorism is being fought against ideas, individual maniacs and radical extremists groups. It is not a war where geography matters, where a government is solely at odds or where a formal structure of military exists. These are givens -- and the nightly news anchors know this. Yet, they decided to blast the President as being weak and not even believing in his own policies.
Sorry libs -- look in the mirror or across the aisle. This side is NOT two-faced, afraid or backing down from our convictions. We know the truth and the truth will set many men free.

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