Monday, August 23, 2004

TOPIC: My Wife's Birthday Present (Part II)
Well, the big day came and went... Guess what I bought my lovely bride of 13 years!?! From the children; a 14k gold bar w/ a bezel-set peridot -- for her charm bracelet. From yours truly... drum roll, please... a sterling silver bracelet, AND... you guessed it -- a bagger for the lawn mower. Darn it! She really wanted the bagger. I even tried to get the kids to probe her for more ideas. She wouldn't tell me or the kids ANYTHING else -- just a bagger for the lawn mower.
The compromise deal we struck is -- she agreed to tell her friends and coworkers ONLY of the jewelry, cards, cake and balloons -- but NEVER tell them she got a bagger for her birthday.
[! HUMOR !]

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