Monday, May 10, 2004

TOPIC: Political Correctness
I could write a thesis length paper on this one, but I won't... Let me just some up my current random thoughts by saying, "I HATE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS." It is SOOO stupid! To wit, I used to work for BB&T bank here in NC. They used to call the folks who hire employees the Personnel Department. Then, the title was changed to Human Resources. Now, it is Human Systems. What the heck is a human system? How dumb can it get?!? "Fat" is now horizontally challenged. "Blind" is sight impaired. "Blacks" are now African-American. Gimme a break! FWIW, I'm chubby and bald -- so call me whatever you like. I'm not "PC" -- nor a subscriber to the language.

Folks, if we spent more time dealing with issues that matter -- and people (the variable that matters most), we wouldn't need to worry about politcal correctness. Instead, we all whine about being offended and victimized and YUCK! Americans need to grow up! "PC" is a blight on the backside of society. It keeps us from offering that human touch sometimes -- especially when we need it the most.

Fight "PC" by refusing to talk the talk or walk the walk. Be an individual and enjoy your right to responsible free speech.

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